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  1. Having just come back to the game in the last month after taking a break (day 1 player), I can tell you I've seen more greentags than I've seen at any point since shortly after release. I know that's not scientific, but there definitely has been a spike in new players.
  2. I'm 53 years young and played off/on since day one. At my age, I'm more patient than most of the playerbase and in this case, I have to agree that with a lot of younger players getting out of school and even older players whose businesses shut down during the holidays, an intermission this long was probably uncalled for.
  3. I have the Tobii eye tracker 4C. I was talking to one of the admins on Tobii's discord and she said to ask the Rats to contact them to include Eye tracker support in WW2online. I have no idea how much work it would entail, but I have a feeling it wouldn't be much since our game already includes the mouse look function. I would think it would be rather easy to have them tie onto that. If you've never tried eye tracking, it is SOOOOO much better than Track fact, the eye tracking includes both eye tracking and head tracking so you can use your eyes for small looks and turn your head for bigger looks. After much messing around, I bought a program called facetracknoir (like $3), which with a free addon pack emulates Track IR with the Tobii eye tracking hardware (among other things it does, like use your windows camera to emulate Track IR. Worked like a charm, although had a few issues getting WW2 to recognize the x-axis. Solved by using the "absolute" setting under tracker algorithm to get WW2 to read it, then set it back to the default Freelook 360 setting (you'll see why as absolute moves so fast it will literally make you dizzy). Also had to check the "invert yaw axis" box so it didn't look left when I looked right. Also increased the deadzone in Freelook 360 to 15% from center and sensitivity to 30 degrees/second. I know this sounds complicated, but it was really pretty easy. In summation, for $3 I was able to use my eye tracker like Track IR. Having owned Track IR for years, the one think I never liked about it was my neck would get sore moving my head around and any background lighting could sometimes throw it off. No such issue with Eye tracking. Of course, it works best why flying or in a vehicle, but you can also use it for infantry play. Takes a bit of getting used to cause you have to remember to look back or you'll be running one way and looking another.
  4. Regarding AB camping, take if from someone who has played since Day one and taken long breaks (just returning from one now), with the advent of man-portable AT weapons, it is MUCH harder to camp an AB with tanks than it used to be prior to depot spawning. Of course, having just returned, I'm not sure if man-portable AT weapons are available at early tiers.
  5. Suggestion: Why not make town garrison supply reflect what one would have expected to see in a real, garrisoned town...troops on R/R or having an OOB with less than the newest weapons. As to how that translates into this game, make the garrison OOB heavy on rifles/machine guns/lower tier anti-armor/air and armor. Then for the flags, I would have them operate like armored brigades and/or crack troops, armed with the higher tier weapons, but on a more limited basis in terms of total numbers. This way, the HC element of the game could still have a substantial impact on map movement, pushing these "elite" troops into the fray when needed (or even pulling them back when they're being spent needlessly), while still allowing the player base the ability to attack/defend with at least town supply.
  6. Got a 126 error last night that now dumps straight to desktop, with a windowed error message. That's a new one so I guess the server changes are at least doing that .
  7. Did exactly what you suggested for settings. My heavy, in town FPS went from 20-30 to consistent 35 or better...unbelieveable. Should sticky this post.
  8. That's a new one on me, anyone have that one?
  9. May/may not be of interest to the Rats. Had 3 20003 errors (never had a single one until last night after patching to 1.34.5) inside of 3 min in game. Decided to a) restart my DSL and restart my computer. Played the rest of the night without an error.
  10. Same...never had it until 1.34.5... now all the time.
  11. Netcode 2 is disabled according to GOPHUR so everyone has this problem.
  12. Question: since patch testing has tended to group us all up in VERY confined spaces, I won't how much of the low FPS, at least on the ground, are due to simply more players in a tight area?
  13. 8 days a week, I loooooooooooove you.
  14. Walking through vehicles in a new, 1.34 bug. Please don't let that keep you from subbing as I'm sure they're working on a fix.
  15. Turned mine down to 50%, left everything on high, FPS in a big, city fight went from 15-20 to 25-35. Question for CRS: what changed in 1.34 to account for FPS dropping this much without a change in LOD slider? Thanks!