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  1. Funny that i still get it
  2. i must say that Flea's movie is the best ww2 online movie i have ever seen
  3. I am having a little problem with the game, it quits on after a few mins when i have logged. Also i am getting very low Fps. When i mean low i mean low (0-5 Fps). Anyone else getting this problem? The Fps should be higher cuz i am running it on my imac 2GHz.
  4. Your problem could be as a lot of peoples are is the u need Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later 2 run the game. What version of OS X are u running?
  5. not mine. all my manuals work at all
  6. the answer 2 your question is yes u need 10.3.9 or 10.4 2 run the game
  7. I just found out that the playgate app isn't working aswell. It wont let me log into the game or chage my prefs.
  8. It all looks fine until u try and press ok when nothing happens so what u put in isn't saved. Is anyone else getting this?
  9. S! fundin i use TS on Virtual PC. Firstly 2 get the best results on virtual PC u should really turn most things down such as CPU usage. The only thing that i have turned up it the RAM but not that high i have got it around about 190 MB. 2 get the headset work firstly virtual PC must recognize it. u must turn it on manual with the USB settings. Sometimes it doesn't work on both platforms such as ww2 online will come out of the computer speakers and TS will come out of the headset or vise versa.
  10. I use TS and im on a mac. All i use it Virtual PC. It works fine. But the devs 4 TS are trying 2 put mac players off using TS. If they did it 4 Linux why can't they do it 4 the mac? Even apple gave them some macs 2 help them work 2 a mac version. They know that the mac community wants TS just look at the TS forum
  11. Can anyone tell me how 2 do that?