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  1. And on the same side.
  2. Want to learn how to fly bombers and have fun ? This squad is a game ICON . Join it today and discover how many Nuts fly Bombers in the US. BRING BACK BEN! BRING BACK BEN! S!
  3. 10 years old ! Want to have fun with the option of dedicated gaming between your drinking ? Or just want to heap crap on kiwis? This is the one for you !
  4. Im suddenly getting a 96% packet loss every 20 minutes since 1.30.Game cthl's and im at a loss.I have defragged and run adaware spybot and malware to scan, I am getting frustrated here, can you help . What do you need to assist?
  5. For some reason i am now experiencing constant CTHL when i despawn at an Army base mission. Other cps do not seem to affect it.Common amongst them is it is usually nearly 1 hour of game time has expired when it happens. I despawn and Wham -black screen and back to desk top. Is anyone else getting this?
  6. I have added my old cfml folders to the above folder and also the ..crs/battleground /data folder and still my mouse wont work for me on tanks and atgs. Any other thoughts?
  7. Where can i find them now? I want my mouse aim for tanks/ets/aaa/boats back and cant find how.
  8. How about some Blen Ts throw in for the attacking side.
  9. Make it the french production and make sure there is no skirting - Then we can see how radar will work.
  10. I hear the 31wc is now allied - is this true?
  11. Robino, Many are not flying now due to the Blackout bug, Try 4wing for RAF m8
  12. up for more fighter pilots