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  1. dell 9300 with 1.7 pentium M and geforce6800 handles the game well. And would handle it REALLY well if I took better care of it. (Defragged harddrive, kept all drivers up to date, stopped downloading porn) new 9400s with dual core and 7800 probably KICK ***.
  2. same sentiment here. plus I know I won't be able to reconfigure all my cmfl files to what they are now without a huge huge headache. they should have an "advanced" button on the keymapper to turn on all the editing features. When I'm in a new program that I don't know and go into an advanced screen and I don't understand what I see I back right the heck up and don't touch a thing. ...the idea behind removing those features was to make the game for user friendly? lol man.. text editing will turn into a nightmare for me. funny thing, my laptop is able to play.
  3. same problem here. I have an ati 9800 though. I will reinstall video drivers and report back edit: NOPE