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  1. still sucking bad
  2. I suck so bad...
  3. You are cured!
  4. uh just did some flying in crowded area and tried to do some CAS.. it was impossible, so much stutters and blinking enemy units in and out of sights ..that there was no point, felt like unsubbing that instant. I just hate how game prioritizes objects.. I could see tons of friendlies all the time same time pz I am diving at keeps disappearing and appearing from sights and when dropping bomb I can only hope it materializes again before my bomb hits or its always miss.
  5. duh, car broke down, so.. taht little I had reserved for PC is about to be gone anybody have some "old" dual core stashed away with memory on mother board?
  6. so.. dual channel is more worth the buck?
  7. How long till its out?
  8. Nordea 123950-141812 I have good samsung 22" wide flat I also have pretty good 2.1 soundsetup, as I have no option to instal 5.1.
  9. to do some decent CAS job? What does my PC require most, memory, vidcard, processor? My vidcard is gf8800gt... rest of my PC is pure shat. Can I build anything good aroudn that or should I upgrade it also?
  10. ftp just shows empty folder... I unistalled the game as i faced some tech difficulties, like freezing when playing ground.
  11. DIdnt want to go trough and got dropped out in game.
  12. yeah, I had hardware set.. but it didnt matter if it was on or software, was the suck. I have had real fun 1st time since 1.27 came with CAS over towns
  13. I was using integrated motherboard soundcard... put in my aubigny from my 2nd PC and update drivers... got rid of the most harmfull stutters.. still some but not those evil total lockups anymore.