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  1. still sucking bad
  2. I suck so bad...
  3. yeah.. tried m1 couple times.. sights are just pos...
  4. pak36 sights are crap as they are now, they are next to useless in its most effective anti tank range especially vs moving targets. Still I see and hear many defending the uber zoom because its uber sniper weapon against enemy atgs at longer ranges.
  5. You are cured!
  6. Quality beta testing as always
  7. Planes that got better bombs are, hurri2c, bell, he111, stuka and 110fb so no better bombs for allies for couple weeks still.
  8. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=324343&page=5
  9. Finally got some testing done, d0c7 spawned panzers and I bombed. Each tank was taken out with single bomb. 3 runs, 3 burned panzers. Tiger, IVG and stugg. Earlier d0c7 took out 4g in similar fashion. So I think its safe to say that bombs work.