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  1. Just make it so you can only have brigades in a town equal to the number of Army Bases and no brigade movements into a contested town. Maybe add a limited spawn list to all other towns or towns 2 links back.
  2. I don't know if I'm missing something but I can not view the last campaigns stats, they appear to have been wiped not even 24 hours after it ended. I never even got to look at them. I would suggest a way to keep each campaigns stats separated and searchable in the future. At the very least keep them up longer.
  3. I wouldn't purge any names that have a significant number of sorties no matter how long they have been inactive. We could end up losing old players that want to re-sub only to find they lost their rank and stats. When I started in 2004 my name was taken. Later I found out it had been registered on the first day and had never been active in game so I asked bloo if I could have it and it was done.
  4. I just want crs to audit the flak30 and see if it is performing correctly. As someone who has used the flak30 a lot since 2004 it seems to be much less effective. I have been pounding laffies over and over again with he lately and not getting kills although they despawn. I know ap would be better but I save those for armored cars and light tanks.
  5. I've liked the idea of this kind of point system for a long time. I didn't read every bit of it but I would include a timer. If you log out and come back a few hours later you have your max "unearned" points and can spawn your favorite units. However, I don't think it will work. Unfortunately, you have a lot of players that only play to spawn the top tier units when and where they want. Hard to tell someone they can't spawn a tiger/sherman etc. because they had a couple of bad sorties or were trying to break a camp. There's also the situation where your are trying to clear smg/lmgs out of a cp and have to spawn autos again and again. It would definitely make the game more interesting but I bet it would drive some people away. The effect of unit miss use will only get worse with town based supply. Resupply will be critical and I'd like to see two units in spawn list for each unit resupplied. Back line towns would still have to regenerate supply on a timer but front line towns could get supply. Of course we still don't know how CRS is designing the supply and brigade systems.
  6. Blame the allies, they kept fighting hard to the end.
  7. Can't afford hero account but I signed up my second account for 3 months premium to help.
  8. I've never used the death skulls. I have had them turned off and I know more about what's going on on the battlefield than most players just by listening and paying attention. Before marks we had to communicate, now no one does. It used to be that players in ambush positions could live a long time if no one communicated. Now easy mode means every enemy is located once someone bothers to mark them. So I guess I don't even see the point of having the death skulls, just makes the game look like an arcade game.
  9. It's a muzzle flash bug that happens when auto weapons are fired, but not necessarily near you so you might not hear them or realize it's an mg firing in the distance.
  10. How about a no mans land river battle? No brigades in any river towns at any time. Assign every other town to a side then fight over them. Keep track of how long each side owns a town then after 24 hrs declare a winner by combined time for all towns or for each town and add them up. Unlimited supply or brigades, whatever. All cps hot all the time. Bridges bombable or maybe not?
  11. When crs is able to modify the landscape I hope they will remodel all the berms and berms w/bushes to be more atg friendly as well as the emplacements. But not too important right now with all they are trying to do.
  12. Keep up the good work. I had some extra funds in my business account so donated $100 this time. S!
  13. Constant whining gets everyone down, snowballs into conspiracy theories, and makes some log out. One ***** now and then, okay I get it, but some people want to tear down the game when they don't get their way, ie. win. It's blame crs, blame cheaters, blame anything and anyone but yourselves. How bout putting that energy into positive comments and organizing resistance even when outnumbered.
  14. Well, after a day or two of pretty stable gaming it's back to crashing within a minute or two of playing. I guess I will load other games and see if it happens. Three
  15. Thanks zeke it was the usb port. I saw it listed as an hid in win7 and thought it had installed but it didn't. Shows up on the list now. Video is stable so far, keeping fingers crossed. Three