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  1. I've tried the new exe which chooses the 66... server and I've flown about hour and a half without CTHLs, can't assure everything's ok now, but looks promising. S!
  3. 1. Do you have a CTHL (Connection To Host Lost) or a CTD (Crash To Desktop)? CTHL 2. Which type of CTHL do you have? A. A 'freeze' after about 45 seconds and then the CTHL dialog? 3. Did you have these CTHLs before 1.23.4? I haven't played since april IIRC, but they are still new to me 4. What is your internet connection type (dial-up, dsl, cable, fiber)? ADSL 5. What are your download and upload speeds (if known)? 6Mb/512Kb 6. What is your CPU? AMD Athlon 2600+(2,1GHz) 7. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent place in the game world? No, Remagen, Thionville... 8. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent situation? No 9. Does it happen on the Training server? (the training server logs extra information on our side that KFS1 and Martini can look out) Yes, happened to me 4 times yesterday with a rifle in Remagen in less than an hour 10. It is consistently reproducable (we're looking most for ones that are)? Not sure, can try it if you need to... 11. Are you available between 3 PM and 6 PM US Central time to help our team test? (This would be done remotely) I think I am, but I'm not sure if that's 6 or 7 hours less than Spain 12. Is there anything else about the CTHL that seems relevant? Well, having TeamSpeak closed didn't seem to affect