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  1. I'll try to play Allied this upcoming campaign. I'm not a 24/7 player by any means, been pretty busy lately, but at this point everything counts I guess.
  2. Looks good on paper. Let's give it a shot. The gun-turret tank availability in infantry flags is what's going to make many battles more diverse.
  3. Chiming in as a Mac user. GPU is obviously the bottleneck. Integrated graphics tend to suck. Apple doesn’t love Nvidia anymore so to play the game you need to have either older Mac with Nvidia GPU - not too old though for obvious reasons - or a new one (guess all the Radeons and Vegas will do a very good job with decent CPU which is usually there). That’s the short answer. Of course you can try to run the game with lower settings on Intel’s integrated graphics. It’s a lil bit more tricky tho as many chipsets are simply not powerful enough to handle the game in more demanding scenarios (high pop frontline, urban fights). However I feel pretty comfortable with i7 and Iris Pro. 140-160 FPS in the open, 50-60 during bigger fights, not dropping below 35-40 in Brux. Playable. Graphics/resolution not maxed out but still enjoyable and good looking on MBP 15’ screen. As BMBM said, modern hardware surpassed the game requirements and Macs can handle it well too. Just not the low-watt, Intel HD graphics-equipped Macbooks, Airs, Pros 13s, low-end iMacs etc.
  4. I say the FTP rifle and DLCs on Steam plus organic starter/premium/hero is an interesting combo and it should work. I mean I’d definitely find a sub that suits me in terms of content to value ratio. That being said WWIIO requires a lot of investment which is not paying bucks. It needs patience, commitment, will to learn and chew through the UI, game mechanics. And you have to be a kind of nerd to enjoy it while the game looks like a time machine in terms of graphics. Take all of that into consideration and it turns out it’s a wonderful, deep game attractive to a playerbase with an age average way above other online shooters. The community is great, I think younger players are just not accustomed to what WWIIO has to offer, to its strenghts and they are taken aback by the technical/mechanical/visual side of it. Also they need guidance to understand that even with a rifle they can do pretty well and rolling Tigers is not a guarantee win. IMO this and graphics is why other games do better business- and pop-wise. Yes, WWIIO will change, evolve tech-wise but I believe its main strenghts are already here and CRS need to preserve them. As I said, it takes time to fall in love with the game and vets should really help all those greentags feeling lost, smoking themselves or shooting tanks trying to ambush ETs. Hell, it’s good to see that! New blood. And I’m not that much of a vet either.
  5. Congrats, no medal is enough.
  6. I get your point, just saying what the previous thread came to. Had my own three cents thrown in there so I’m not going to repeat myself in this one. Cheers.
  7. Guys, we were having this discusion like yesterday, there were ideas etc. and the thread got locked - the bottom line was until 1.36 there is no time an there are no resources to implement a hotfix of any kind. Hopefully many players including HC guys will come back for a new campaign. We live with what we have till 1.36.
  8. I don’t think it is all going away, its role will get reduced. But that’s not the point. The point is auto-OIC or similar system when no HC is online is, at the moment at least, a better solution than joining HC. And yeah, 1.36 is coming, town-based supply etc., implementing new system would take time and assets, but we’re talking present state of things here, looking for some hotfixes. To be honest I think the most immediate solution will come naturally as hopefully more HC will log in after lost campaign is over.
  9. Hi, BLKHWK. Speaking of joining as reserve HC role, to me it doesn’t look like a valid solution, at least on Axis side. From my perspective there are no present/willing officers to take role of a trainer and even start HC training process in two weeks time since application has been accepted. Either there’s no need for HC cadet training or there’s no effort. Obviously the process takes time but it looks like there’s absolutely no hurry, even amidst forum threads like this one. Di11on wrote similar post so I’m sure I’m talking current tendency, not a singularity. So I think there should be a mechanism built into the game itself and promoting highest ranking players to OIC role when HC is not present. Maybe GMs could flag players of highest non-HC rank as auto-OIC-capable. That would rule out the possibility that someone irresponsible takes control and ruins the game (or switches sides to do just that). Limited pool of auto-OIC-powers players would also hold them accountable, limiting „no HC on” situations.