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    today the game does not work. I put the password, it loads normally but when the red bar reaches the end of the journey it remains there without being able to do anything.

    Furthermore the mouse cannot be seen.

    sorry my english (google translate!)




  2. ok but....

    why dont happened viceversa? french and english inf with their submachine fire and i die...always!   meanwhile i must fire and fire and fire,  is lag for all or only for italian player :) ?

    sometimes i think... software house is american and favors allied units?  i hope no!

    thanks at all

  3. hi at all

    i m new player, i installed game and ,dtart it and select  tutorial.

    and here the problem... after select germany infantry  i cant to do anything but lower right button is gray.

    If i reselect infantry   show the little windows " my account is ...... " , after close the game and open browser to url not exist.  help me pls..I WANT TO PLAY!!!

    sorry my english!