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  1. you must right click on WW2ol's exe file and open properties Select the Compatability tab and Check the "run in compatability mode" Box and Select Vista SP3 from the Drop Down menu ... also make Sure you set it to "run as administator" at the bottom. apply/close and then Start the game as Normal ... That Should Work this is the only fix Im aware of as it pertains to not getting game to run in Windows 7
  2. Oh one other thing i forgot to post. Not Sure if this has anything to do with it or not 1 of 3 things happens when i restart the game Least frequently. Game Starts and runs fine .. until next CTD Middle of the road Frequently.. Side lockout spawn delay of approx. 10 seconds more frequently.. all sides with red lock so I close and restart game
  3. 1) What is your Operation System?Vista Home Prem. 2) What is your CPU? INtel Centrino Duo Core 2.0mhz 3) How much system RAM do you have? 3 gigs 4) What is your Graphics/Video Card? Mobile Intel 965 express chipset family 4a) How much video RAM does it have? 358megs 4b) Are the Drivers up to date? Yes 5) Does this happen Online AND Offline? Does Not Happen Offline 6) Does it happen for all unit types? Yes Happens With all units * Infantry: * Armor/Trucks: * Aircraft: * Ships: 7) Does it happen at all locations? All the Locations Ive Been The CTD happens anywhere from instantly to an hour or so all Drivers are Up to Date, followed the instructions for setting Up the game with Vista, even tried what I could out of this post nothing has fixed it ... any ideas?
  4. While Resetting your Modem May have had Something to do with Improving the Connection ... I have some Bad news .. It isnt a Permanent Fix. I Have Cox Cable.. and have Had similar issues with CTHL's Sometimes i get CTHL'd on Start up Sometimes I can play for several hours w/o a Problem. After a Little research and A suggestion from someone in game. This is what i discovered. first and for Most It's not a Problem with the game ... it's a Problem with Packet Loss Let me guess ... Your playing fine for a few then suddenly Your Ping starts to go south Like a Duck in Winter and your packet loss Climbs into the thousand % range. when i Check My connection againt the Ip's Provided in the Netcheck Utility that comes with the game .. every ounce of packet loss Comes within the last 3 or 4 hops... all relating to cogent paths which tells me that Its Not a technical Problem with the game itself But with the ISP As Previously Mention Cogent and Sprint are in a Bit of a boxing Match atm Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon . wish these Children would grow Up....LOL
  5. rejoined 7 days ago ... First 3 Days .. went beautiful... able to play for hours at a time without a Hitch ... My FPS is Low but I Know why and i accept that for Now However .. and All of the Sudden the Last 4 Days .. I Cannot Stay In game for more 30 minutes at a time... Log in to game fine .. get into mission and within 30 minutes of Spawning My Ping and Packet Loss goes through the roof.. and I CTHL.. I have tried everything IN Bloos CTHL post plus everything that is Listed in this thread ... If anyone Has any Suggestions .. I'd appreciate the help ... it could Be Something Im doing wrong or not doing not sure.
  6. I have 2 vid cards on my machine. each one runs a Monitor. 1 geforce 7300 512 meg card runs the Main 19" lcd display that Ill call D1 and an old voodoo 4500 32 meg card on a Crt Display Ill call D2. Heres My issue: I run the Game on D1 but I want to keep D2 running for things like watching TS, checking AI maps, and the like. this used to work. but Now with the game open on D1 the mouse wont "lock" to D1 and So when i move my mouse to far one way , aka to turn and fire at ei to my right , the mouse travels over to d2 and when i click to fire it selects D2 And i have to re-click on d1 to get mouse control back to the game. It used to work where the only way the Mouse would work out of Game was an Alt-Tab. Am i forgetting to do something?
  7. I want to run my Dual Monitor Setup. I have A 19" LCD on a Nvidia G4rce 7300 512meg vid card and a 19" CRT on a Voodoo 4500 32 Meg card (old card but works Well.) The Sysytem can handle it. My Problem is a Cant get My mouse to Stay on Display 1 while in game ... DIsplay 2 is to my right and and everytime I Move the Mouse that idrection while ingame the mouse travels over to that Display and If I go to fire at Something it selects Display 2 and acts Like an alt -Tab. I cant remember if there wwas something Specific I set or what Any Ideas?