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  1. Precision bombing and teamwork. Lots of fun!
  2. The time has come for another Dambuster Strategic Bombing Operation! We welcome any allied pilot who wants to make a difference in the strategic war as a Bomber or Fighter. This will be an exciting multi pronged attack on the heart of the Axis war machine - be prepared for a few surprises. Axis defenders - be ready. Be organised. Warm up your engines for the fight of the campaign. We welcome any resistance that cares to show, and salute your bravery if you do. Come along and be ready to fight! To register your interest, and ask any questions, drop by the Dambuster forums at http://alamo-scouts.com/617/phpBB2/index.php
  3. Keep an eye open for an upcoming operation!
  4. Bump for RDP bombing.
  5. You betcha. Watch the movie of the mission here:
  6. Bump for the Sneaky Air Service.
  7. Bump for our axis cousins! Happy bombing lads!
  8. Thank you sir! Always good to hear from our cousins from across the other side of the map!
  9. We also bomb for war. Truth be told, we bomb for fun. Bump
  10. It's always fun and educational to be around the good lads in the SAS... Bump
  11. Bump for the sneaky ones...
  12. Awesome interviews TZ! And that Tiger model looks brilliant. I can believe the amount of time you put into it, it shows in the massive attention to detail. Can I have one too please?
  13. Did he end up in New Guinea at all? I know that a number of Australian divisions were withdrawn from North Africa to New Guinea around 1942 or so... Churchill wanted the Australian divisions to stay where they could defend the British empire (Singapore, India, Palestine, Egypt etc.) but Prime Minister John Curtin would have none of that, and brought a number of divisions back to where they could defend Australia from the Japanese (who came pretty bloody close to invading us. Without the hardened troops from North Africa reinforcing the militia troops on the Kokoda track, we could very well have been invaded).