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  1. RobSwede signing in! Start date: 2001 (just a week) and then for real 2003. Played almost non-stop every day until 2010. Side: Axis - 31st WC Allied - 169th War Dogs Good memories: Driving your tank for 3,5 real life hours with Dvdoc and the crew only to get obliterated within 5 minutes in a ambush upon arriving at the front. Or how me and nikita (also in the 31st) used to compete who was wwiionlines Top 1 AA gunner. We fought over that spot for over a year ... there were an allied AA gunner who used to snag that top spot from us from time to time. Many fond memories ...
  2. Heh, of course its not limited to 15 feets ... I was going to post that my headsets signal reaches upto 45 feet, both chatting on skype and listening to music or watching a movie. Here is how they look like:
  3. Really nice photos dawnp. Thats a treasure you got there, and don't get rid of them (selling or trading) as they're a part of your familys history.
  4. A lil old thread but I'd like to give my input. Using Creatives HS-1200 cordless headset and its a real nice one. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/241497/creative-hs1200.html Had it since March and no complaints other than that the charge cable might be a bit too short. The batteries hold ~8 hours of charge so this issue really isnt a big deal but if you use the headset as often as I do then you'll run into having to have them plugged into the charger while using them. It works but the combined lenght is somewhere around 5-6 feet of cable and for me thats a bit too short (never liked having my computer on the table next to the monitor). Ingame sounds are accurate and clear, bass is acceptable. I read reviews of people having range troubles but for me it works even when I leave my house up to ~15 feet.
  5. ... until you "register with the server" that is, hehe.
  6. Well, when you get in you cant do or go anywhere ... quite pointless!
  7. Ok, you need to tell us what equipment you need to move!!!
  8. My ISP hasn't changed any routing up until Cogent when I play this game and in the past I had like 1 CTHL per quarter. Today I struggle with half a dozen CTHLs a week, minimum. Usually they come in droves on the same day and totally random.
  9. Fine sofar, a bit faster loading as well.
  10. Ty, will try this and see what happens when I recieve a report as ML.
  11. Vista 32bit, 4GB Ram, 1950Pro GC. Never ever gotten a Smartheap Error until today. The only thing changing since last I played and today is a Defender definition file update. Rolled a pak38 to a town, got a report and opened my map and before it was properly displayed I got a Smartheap Error Window - Out Of Mem message. Started BE again and rolled out another pak38, enganged several enemies and played for 45 minutes. Then ML got assigned to me and a report came in. Opened the map and exactly the same error as above ... even the map was rendered in the same incomplete way. Wise from the error before I checked my mem usage for wwiiol and it was at 849Mb before opening the map. After I opened the map and game locked up I checked memory and it was at 1200Mb usage for wwiiol. This most certainly is a OS related error since wwiiol hasnt updated what I know of and Ive been able to roll pak38s and open the map before, even if I had the puter running for days on end with all sorts of applications open at the same time (I've had IE, PSP10 and WMP open without any problems in the past at the same time as wwiiol).
  12. Got 3 CTHLs in a row today which is unusual (most annoying was that I had to sit through 3 50s spawn delays ...). Followed the above advice and its running better than ever (knocks on wood 3 times!)
  13. I'm using a little program called RivaTuner where I can set the gamma. It works for all other games but not wwiiol. However, I found the trick on how to make it work (yet this needs to be done everytime you start up wwiiol). In RivaTuner right underneath where it says what vidcard you got there is a line showing which GPU and amount of memory. Click on the button after the word 'Customize'. Then click on the symbol with a rainbow effect on it. From there it is selfexplanatory. The gamma will change to your desired choice but as soon as wwiiol is fired up it'll resort back to its dark look. Thats when you Alt-Tab out of wwiiol and open RivaTuner. Click all the way to the gamma screen and you'll see how all gets brighter again. Click ok and make sure to close RivaTuner and have no other programs is open (so that when you Alt-Tab you'll still be in wwiiol). Then when back in wwiiol, Alt-Tab once and you'll find that whatever gamma setting you set for your desktop will be present ingame too. At least this works for me with a ATi1950Pro, could be different for SLi users.
  14. My promised update: The card was indeed bad. Got the PSU and it didn't rectify the situation the slightest so I went and bought a ATi1950Pro vidcard and installed it (Driver Cleaner routine before) and it is running smoothly and no anomalies whatsoever. The support at XFX has been rock solid, now I'm hoping my retailers RMA procedure will be of the same caliber (been promised a refund if card is found to be faulty).
  15. Hey Gnarf, I spoke with that online store the other day and they recomended the Sapphire 1950Pro 512MB as it is the same price with the same clockspeeds but double the amount of memory. I specifically asked for the best of the 1950Pro cards and he didn't hesitate to point me to that one. I'm actually off to pick it up right now. I recently had some troubles with a 7900GS card and RMA'd it, going to get a refund from my retailer.