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  1. We don't want to know about your sexual exploits in the 101st shadow, lol
  2. We dont do excuses mate, we win or we lose.
  3. Any word on it yet, 91st keen to win again
  4. Activley recruiting team players.
  5. I would like to on behalf of all at the 91st to thank the 13th for an amazing effort last night on the squad challenge final. It was a well co-ordinated fight that made us concentrate hard on how to defeat such worthy opponents. It was a pleasure fighting against you guys and we look forward to battling against you in future challenges. There was honour in your defeat and I would like you to move on knowing that you gave us the battle of the squad challenge this year. !S to all.
  6. I'm with Shadow on this. We have trucks already assigned to us, use them for resupply. If you are injured, tough!
  7. The squad challenge for me is a chance to see how well your squad performs within a pre determined plan using only the equipment that is laid down by jammyman. It is not meant to be" your equipment is better than ours". We have 2 rounds, 1 round on each side, so it is up to the commander to set out a plan for both sides working to the abilities of his squad. Like jammyman has said before, manpower isn't everything as was proven on some of the matches last year, just a well thought out plan.
  8. What usually happens mate is the commander can only choose to be a persona that is laid down in the rollout. So for instance instead of having only 3 LMG men you could have 4 because the commander chooses to be one. He can only be an infantry persona though not armoured or an extra atg.
  9. You not talking about when you landed the JU on the road again are you, that was AST wasn't it?
  10. We have plenty of pieces to go round mate
  11. JAMMY just to confirm that you have to have an infantry persona in any bunker when the hour timer reaches zero, not as soon as an infantry persona gets in a bunker the round is over.
  12. You know the answer JAMMY
  13. It's not like that mate, it's more of a " come on if you think your hard enough" chant to be honest
  14. Just out of interest if you got a gold or even Platinum account what would happen if the game folded a year down the line, do you get money re-funded or is it the chance you take?