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  1. Come back to the game and for some reason my rudder pedals are not showing up on the settings. Tried detecting them with no luck. Someone point me in the right direction.
  2. Thanks for looking gophur
  3. It's not often that I fly over there but if do I will. It was in the bloody tampon phase and a lot of weird stuff was happening anyway.
  4. that goes for the 110fb also
  5. Flew from virty-en-Artois twice in a stuka to Aimens. Both times as I reached the NE side of Aimens around the same area I crashed straight to desktop. May want to check it out.
  6. Wont let you load the game it says" Timed out performing network selection"
  7. Cheers mate, that's all! Stand at ease!
  8. When is the patch coming in that if the armour is going more than 6mph I think it was, you cannot place a satchel.
  9. When is the BS going to be fixed were an ATR can run up to a Tiger in 6th gear and blow the top off him with a satchel????
  10. It seems to happen less when you completely come out of the brigades to the brigade select screen then reselect another brigade.
  11. Sometimes as you go to spawn in as the selected unit from a mission it goes to the load in screen as you are waiting to load in, thens locks and crashes to desktop
  12. I liked the old compass we had at the beginning which was on a gyro effect. It showed which way was north and so forth and also told you if your gun platform was level.
  13. DOC you should have been a politician bud because you can never get a straight short answer from them either