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  1. Hello mighty Allied, I'm Looking to Create a new squad I know I know just another Squad.. I have been around this game and played in lots of squads I'm wanting to create a relaxed, active and fun environment for all involved. The squad Name will Be SONS OF ANARCHY. Short name S.O.A needing 3 more to create squad. Please feel free to Pm me if you have any questions,comments or concerns or reply on thread. Thanks, SGTBLUNT
  2. Bump! Need more First Class Killers!
  3. ohh wow my bad XOOM sorry dude. I'm not even going to lie I forgot all about it and went out with the wife and kids to the park.. Sorry dude
  4. Yeah we can see what happens. I will also post in SAMCRO forums as well
  5. Sorry for post AAR on last two rotations been really busy in RL and work.. SAMCRO AAR We are now up to 540 members I would say Little over 250 plus are active from what I can see. We are still working with trainer tools and trade a noob program. Will be doing some house cleaning on roster to really get an understanding if how many we now have active on a regular basis. I think things are heading in the right direction getting a lot more activity from green tags as well getting them on ts. Sorry for delayed AAR on last two rotations. Will make sure to get a more indepth and on track report after next rotation. !S Sgtblunt SAMCRO CO
  6. Bump!
  7. Preach on BROTHA!!!!!!!!
  8. SAMCRO AAR for 3/330/12-4/3/12 SAMCRO was at 87 members went up to 257 out of that we made contact with about 12 new players buy using the new trainer tools and as well we where able trade a noob with Allied and that count was about 6, And we new have 6 new players in the squad using TS and squad chat still going through the list now..
  9. Thank you Oswald!
  10. Well then your looking to hook up with the 23rd.. I'm sure it wont take long for one to contact you..
  11. All good stuff here.. We have used the .tr tools very well and have opened a new line of conversation with AHC and Allied squad CO's about getting the Players that want to play allied to those to help and the those who want to play axis we taking them in and getting them going. Great work to all let's keep it up!
  12. It has been great fun working with unhockey,ow and a couple others. Its like trading baseball cards . Best part is we are finally getting these in contact with leaders on their sides they want to play with and enhancing their gaming exp.