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  1. Heya. I don't know if I count as Veteran. I played for a long time until some break. I occasionally logon now. 16th here.
  2. You can't believe the trickery Apple does on boot camp (even with snow Leopard) which I witnessed. Installing OLD nvidia driver, OLD realtek driver, not enabling AHCI (thus NCQ) by not doing couple of byte changes in MBR (which Windows demands). If you test/play game on Windows, make sure you do update drivers your way while MBR trick is real complex and won't work with Nvidia chipset. I speak about 20MB/sec MAX on a decent SATA2 chipset/new hard disk. So, Mac Mini ends up in "bottom 10%" on I suspect they are horrified that their customers may switch to dark side because it performs, no other explanation than that. ps: As you know, realtek is a soft audio chip and has high end specs (24bit/96khz) so if there is a bug in old driver, it will choke the OS/game whenever it makes some sound.
  3. If you speak about 9400&8xxx series, they are really good compared to my Nvidia 6600 (!!!). I really think, they should stand by (as they got good amount of RAM) before putting machines to ebay and at last resort, they can buy a CHEAP, basic edition Windows (you guys don't have Vista Starter Edition I guess) to run game. It won't be NVidia to blame, it will be Apple to blame in that case and there is really no reason to give up a working device while software (boot camp) solution exists. BTW while on it: Apple for some mysterious reason installs OLD nvidia drivers to Windows via bootcamp, even the Snow Leopard DVD. All boot camp users should check this page with IE (ActiveX) and get the WHQL certified driver offered. It is also a nice idea to get "directx end user runtime" since there is something really going on with the Vista/7 pre-installed directx. It is kinda, non complete.
  4. 9400M should have no problems I think. Ahwulf: It is "semi integrated" card, it is nothing like Intel GMA junk. For example, it can even do GPU Video Decoding acceleration with Flash 10.1 beta on Windows. I got the setup here and I can say it does have hardware capabilities to run 1.31 as long as user has 2GB+ memory (which doubles the GPU memory). I speak from "windows side", with Vista SP2. Card does draw 1.31 stuff fine, even does the tricks (like waves). Ahwulf, before you give these people some heart attack Can you get this stuff: and tell them to get it, and look for whatever GL extensions they need? What do we really need anyway? *g*
  5. I haven't seen it in my worst test possible, on Mac Mini latest gen (NVidia GPU) running Windows 7 64bit consumer beta without Apple bootcamp drivers. It didn't have gigantic memory either, just 2 GB - 256 MB (for GPU). I guess it is something like Vietnam for testing a Windows application Even SATA chipset was running software mode lol. One wonders if it is not the OS or System, a driver causing it? Like that recent iPhone not syncing with certain Intel chipset.
  6. That would drop my playing to 1 hour maximum a day, in awkward time since it is not CRS, it is Apple which I am sick of and their lame games to make Developers drop functional systems. I may build my own el cheapo PC in worst condition. Issue is, I don't want to move to Intel from Quad G5 just because Uncle Steve's engineers did some trivial tricks to prevent developers from supporting PPC machines. I noticed some alerting reports, especially one I particularly take serious, Cocoa Tech, the Cocoa/OS X native frameworks master guys has to split Path Finder to 2 different versions since unlike Apple claimed, the code doesn't build fine for PPC/10.5 when 10.6 used. So, that is how Path Finder 5.5 ships and 5.4 kept for Leopard (10.5). Issue is, CRS or other companies will be blamed when they have to drop PPC/10.5/4 support, not Apple... Usual story since 1984 you know...
  7. Doesn't game use "xdelta" while doing patching or they switched to diff in new versions? I also wonder if you guys use "normal user" and elevate to Administrator when game is patched? It should create no problems as they are using Apple's recommended method of installing/updating but it somehow does.
  8. I really don't think Apple engineers code Rosetta in a way that it will bother the OS while not under use. When Apple does put something as "optional", it means they think most of users won't need it. It doesn't mean it will slow down system or create another problem. I remember people making big deal about Classic support because of same wrong understanding so I thought I better remind. Rosetta is interfacing with actual hardware accelerator chip and it should be loaded on demand, not in memory like Windows loading whatever dll it sees. I have installed SL to 3 Intel macs and I have chosen to include both X11 and Rosetta along with Printer Drivers (all) since we don't all live in some Utopia where you have broadband Internet wherever you go I have checked startup items and launchd "load on startup" stuff (including System), they are all on demand. There won't be any difference unless you actually run a PowerPC application.
  9. Ahwulf, you know what I mean and don't misunderstand it please. There is absolutely no need to drop G5 just because it isn't trendy, CRS isn't converting Windows code to Mac anyway, there is native, compilable, OS X Framework used binary unlike EA games which are actually Windows games they have balls to sell for higher price just because they have .app in name. You could be sick of 5-7 FPS but, some people could be getting 30-40 FPS under right OS, right video card. Or perhaps, guy likes strategic portion of game. Please, don't drop PPC support. You could be happy adopting latest, greatest but some of us invested serious money on Macs and we can't/wont upgrade to Intel unless the tools we use demands them. Interestingly, couple of tools we use at movie editing doesn't even have native Intel binary yet. Just because Snow Leopard comes with Cocoa finder, I am not upgrading to it. What if CRS makes mistake of dropping PPC support (entirely!) as soon as tomorrow? Oh well, I would buy a damn PC and install Vista/7 whatever to it. I am too tired to be pushed like some sheep by Apple and others. PPC users are a bit touchy these days and there is no point of making them further anxious. CRS&You aren't some trendy amateur idiots like VLC guys who couldn't figure out how to gracefully fallback to other options or couldn't manage to re-compile their code for Apple Gcc 4.0 instead of lvm gcc 4.2. Dropping 10.4 support? I will be hurt but it is MY fault, I just couldn't manage to make Apple idiots understand what kind of thing halving openGL performance after a OS upgrade is. Dropping PowerPC support while XCode/frameworks support it? Wait a second. Is it that new sound engine you suggest? Apologies but I can't take a game framework serious if it is x86 only. If game goes Intel only, I am moving to directsound very likely. Tired of these games Apple and others playing.
  10. As for this moment, unless there is a different ftp server for mac users (unlikely), our .dmg files doesn't exist yet. I mean at this very exact moment and second, it can change anytime.
  11. Games way more simpler than WW2 online doesn't support Intel integrated stuff too. Just a note. In fact it broke my Mac Mini Intel plans (It has a GMA which doesn't even have hardware T/L) Did Intel victims test the game on Windows? It (Windows) has better support for Intel GMA stuff (no promises).
  12. Yes, generally joystick is never watched (on OS X too) since they can be never trusted so if something wants to decide if user is idle or not, it watches mouse and keyboard. While driving a tank or flying, many times you don't use both so let the idle defrag begin
  13. Let me remind that only drivers and OS itself can cause BSOD, not any Application like game. For example, a buggy network driver can cause BSOD not while browsing but doing a heavy job like bittorrent. It is same for games triggering BSOD issues in drivers. Are you running stable drivers there? WHQL certified?
  14. For only files and no "optimisation", built in Windows defragmenter will do the job fine. It is written by same people who wrote Diskeeper. Speaking for the game, once the gigantic data files are in order, you don't need more to get performance. In fact, if a high end defragmenter decides your system is idle while you drive a tank and it starts background defragmentation. you will be in trouble.
  15. You can use Leopard's live partition (online, no data loss) function in Disk Utility to set a 10-12 GB partition, install Tiger (10.4.x) to it and run game from there if you want. If it is the only reason you don't upgrade to 10.5... As you probably know, OS X doesn't really care where the Application is so you may even run your ww2 online from 10.4 using the 10.5 installed binary. It is not like Windows, that is the only forgiving thing about Leopard's problems.