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  1. I looked for I on key mapper and changed it to ` and now it works. Thanks all.
  2. When I'm running around in game.
  3. Some reason i'm unable to see name tag on fellow players ,could someone give me the location in the keymapper? tks
  4. Did everything but doesn't work,miss something? Says subscription not active but 30 welcome back is activated.
  5. Hello. This is the same controller I have used in the past. I have rebooted also but won't read when I try to change my joystick setup. Any ideas?
  6. Updated my AMD driver and it fixed the problem.
  7. I get the same thing.
  8. I also am Vista and have had problems last week. I dumped a program today and amazingly I loged in and was able to play. I don't know if this was the reason I got on or not.
  9. I have the same C:Programa error.
  10. For some reason on the last 2 patch upgrades I was unable to download the patch. I had to dump the program and reinstall it with fresh download from the main site. Now for some reason I cant even do that and I'm getting this error:C:\PROGRA~1\CRS\BATTLE~1\ww2.exe Any ideas what this is or how to get around it. Ive dumped the program two times now but I still cant get past this new error. HELP!!!! I'm redoing my computer in the next week so no biggy as I will be starting fresh,although I would like to get past this recent error.
  11. TOT X -Totenkopf squad due to game restrictions..Been around since the game began.Cheak us out my sig is the web site
  12. Our original axis squad is looking for new members. Squad video: Web site:TOT Hope to see you in game
  13. Das Leib-Husaren regiment NR.1 squad is now open for recruitment. Our squad is one of the original squads of WW2online "SS Totenkopf" although our name was changed for restriction purposes.We have many veterans open to help newcomers,and also have many Battleground Europe Headquarters Staff and 1 ex RAT. We are in need of some fresh recruits for 2007 campaign so stop by and say hi or check out our newest squad video in Red Boar Tavern www.1tot.com Merry Christmas and a happy new year. S! C.O. Das Leib-Husaren Regiment NR.1 vagg
  14. Our squad is as old as this game itself. Alot of our players are hard core veteran axis players,and have decided to do a recruitment run. If interested check out our web site at: www.1tot.com Remember,our symbol is the Death head. S!