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  1. Unchecking the mouse pointer tail selection in the mouse properties solved my issue! Back to absorbing bullets now.
  2. I am having the exact same issue, apparently this is a common problem. 'Looking for a successful fix. Just bought an annual renewal subscription, not happy at the moment
  3. Gentlemen, (and Ladies, I certainly recall), this is Jhay, a longtime Wolf who has been inactive for several years. I have just resubscribed and would like to rejoin y'all (I'm from South Carolina). I'm getting massive updates as I write this, so I know the game has changed. May I be allowed back into your squad? Even though I was usually the one hiding under a bush or behind a tree in mortal fear? I promise I will try to do better.... What version of TeamSpeak are you using and do I need permission or a password to join? I am looking forward to rejoining the community if you will have me.