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  1. the same thing has happened to me. and I have a 2 week old computer. I too was having smooth gameplay, no problems at all until this new patch came out. I need help with this problem. My pc crashed because of this problem and the improper way I had to reboot my pc.
  2. I downloaded the new patch yesterday. Now when I logg into the game my pc freezes during the "connecting to network". I tried that little test program that was posted on one of the sticky's all my ports passed. Test passed. I'm running windows xp. It actually wiped out my windows. I couldn't get into windows at all. I had to reinstall everything! Lost everything! After almost a 1 year layoff. I came back with a brand spanking new pc, was doing fine playing this game and then this patch comes out. I'm pulling my hair out. Somebody help or I'm going to have to retire from this game AGAIN!!
  3. I have changed nothing. i just got my pc last week. Dell pc.
  4. here is what i get when i enter the virtual battlefield(practice world or live world):
  5. when i enter the game, i get these annoying reflections on my screen. any suggestions?
  6. I'm back after a long layoff. I just reinstalled the game to my pc and now i am having problems with reflections(it sort of looks like transparent snowflakes???) once i enter the game world. is it a "settings" problem? if it is, what settings should i adjust? any kind of suggestions would help. thanks
  7. i canceled my subscription. over a week of not being able to play. ive had enough. they lost a 1.5 year veteran. darn shame. maybe i'll come back when things get better.
  8. ok.......... I've tried everything to get into the battlefield. Ive tried all the suggestions in this forum. Nothing works. I even went to the "abort" file and this is what i got: File version: 1, 19, 1, 255 Date and time: 7/8/2005 8:38:56 WWIIOL aborted via improper means I got that after stalling at the Authenticating stage on the task bar. I do an ctrl alt delete and it tells me "not responding" then it ctd's. I'm at my wits end. My subscription is about to renew and I'm debating whether to cancel it. Why should I pay if i can't play? And it seems like nobody is working on this problem. I've been playing this game for well over a year and a half. I've never had this problem. Never!
  9. ok i ran those test. everything ok. still freezing at "authenticating". my fuse is lit. im very close to canceling my subscription. 1.5 years of playing this game and its looking like its ruined with this new patch.
  10. im also getting a freeze durring "authenticating". ive not been playing this game now since saturday when i logged into it one time. this is getting frustrating. and by the way, i dont know too much about pc's so most of this tech talk is going way over my head.
  11. same here. "authenticating" progress bar, and then it crashes. I filled a ticket out a few days ago and got a reply that they were working on it. then today i dl the patch that was supposed to fix it. i'm getting frustrated a bit. paying for something i can't use. i had no problems whatsoever before this new patch.