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  1. Lol. I think they are only working on p1 atm.
  2. Terrible idea. Revealed in 3 minutes, camped in 4.
  3. Is there a scout car pack? Pan, Vickers/DAC and 232 would be way more interesting and would sell better than the current light armour pack, IMO
  4. CPs should be RPOs (Rat Placed Objects).
  5. I see. Well, if it’s not too hard, it would be awesome. Especially in big cities.
  6. Couldn’t you designate a room as a capture area and make that a ‘CP’, much like the capture room in an AB bunker?
  7. The Rats should put CP’s in random city buildings now that they have rooms. Put the CPs in different building, different rooms, different floors. Huge tactical variation in trying to capture these. Create a new depot as part of the the city ‘blocks’. That would be awesome for gameplay!!! That alone would probably bring a ton of people back. No more rinse, repeat on CP captures!
  8. I am most excited about the new bunkers and city blocks! Rooftop access, balconies, alleyways, with lots of clutter nooks and crannies. Gameplay will be awesome! Now the rats just need to give us a reason to go there more: like put these new buildings by CPs and other strategic points first.
  9. It may be, or not, depending if I beat life expectancy, lol!
  10. I agree with this suggestion.
  11. I agree with this suggestion.
  12. The game IS going in the right direction. You may not think so by your lengthy posts, but many think it is. The new Rats are really doing a fantastic job! They listen, consider, respond and course correct way better than the old team. They have talked about their vision: they are working on 1.36 and a graphics upgrade and a release of 2.0 (in case you have not followed the forums for the 6-12 months). It takes a lot of time and resources which they have precious little of. So they are going in the right direction. Constantly criticizing them will do no good and will do harm. The Rats are people who want the players to like their work. They generally work for peanuts for a lot longer than 40 hours a week, and many are unpaid volunteers. Think about working hard and long (months, years) on something under difficult circumstances (as we all have at some time or another), and then think how you would feel getting criticized over and over. Who wants to continue with that? So a little love from the community would go a long way.
  13. I like killing the enemy and actually seeing that happen. VDM for all units are key to my staifaction. Nothing better than seeing a tank brew or an airplane explode in air in a ball of flames. Which is eactly why I dont like that ATGs and AAAs don't have a VDM, and why I don't like blind killing via dropping bombs without being able to see the targets and, most of the time,mortars. I enjoy blowing up bridges and fire bases. I also enjoy, to a limted extent, bombing factories.