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  1. When: is the HE update going to be released? is the new vehicles going to be released? is the new supply system going to be in place? Anticipation is quickly turning into frustration. I thought then CRS approach was to have smaller, more frequent updates.....
  2. When?
  3. Good decisions IMHO, but it sounds like implementaion is at least a year away, given the trajectory of the HE audit and new vehicles are taking to get into the game. Any update as gos when those will get into the game?
  4. Tried it for my iPhone, but when I put my username and password in I go to e screen that looks like a new user screen. I expected to view my currrent status, not enrollment options.
  5. Fix: Make the UI intuitive to use. It's a major kluge right now: tough to navigate between mission and brigades, and NOT spawning at a FMS. Feature: Buildings that have interiors and roof, and much, much better (i.e., more deconstructed) the 'old' building looked terrible, they were much better for game play.
  6. So I clicked on a lot of threads and it takes 2-7 seconds for the thread to appear, depending on the folder with OT being the worst. I assume it is tied to the size of the folder. Just seems like a long time to wait in this world of instant internet.
  7. I suggest that bushes be added behind the FMS so a newly spawned person can’t be seen. This way the camper has a harder time seeing someone spawn in, hides the flag to help disguise the FMS, and helps the FMS blend in with the surroundings. Not a complete solution but an easy fix that should help.
  8. Any way to filter those for viewing as in the old forums?
  9. Starting to get above the 'acceptably annoying' level. Anything the Rats can do to speed 'em up?
  10. Welcome back!
  11. If you PM me I will give you a tow if I am on.
  12. I bet there is another 150 or so non-Steam players in addition.
  13. When you die the the name of the person that killed you is in the upper right quadrant of the despawn screen, Also, you can look at CRS (Combat Records and Stats) to see the details of your mission, including who killed you and other information, after the database updates, which is like 10 min or so.
  14. That lists: axis/allied, TZ, # of members, squad night times, specialty (e.g.; amour, para, mixed) etc... Would be useful when looking for a new squad.