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  1. Limit radar to 4-5 squares from the nearest freindly cities and above 100m.
  2. It pretty easy to kill slow lumbering planes, lol, as opposed to fast bombers with adamanite wings.
  3. Salute! See you in battle!
  4. The fact that the factory AI AAA was not firing. I flew factory defense for about 40 minutes during a couple of attacks and no AAA was firing. On chat several people said the AI AAA was not working. Seemed to be the case from my POV.
  5. Is the factory AI AAA problem fixed?
  6. Everyone's busy with RDP raids now that it means something, lol.
  7. It’s in the eye of the beholder. IMO, some of the best ground action on the fringes of the map are with naval infantry. It would be good to have DLC players participate in that part of the game, for multiple reasons.
  8. How about a Navy pack: Fairmiles and transports, plus some naval infantry units? Give the navy game some love.
  9. Beneath their name in the forums. How are they assigned and what do (some of) them mean? I see: Free Play Account Junior Member Member Senior Member Advance Member WWII Online Builder (Hero), (Gold), (Silver), (Platinum) Monthly Hero Builder Herring Lover Affiliate Smells like gibbon balls Legend Modzilla HTDE? Back Door Bandit Cat Herder Retired Rat Ex-Cornered Rat JackPine Savage Imperialist Red Coat Blah Blah Blah
  10. Awesome! Thx XOOM . Not a bug, per se, but an opportunity for you to consider. That white box with messages when you log in is a great idea and a really good way to communicate with players. The problem is, is that is often stale and is not used to discuss what is going on in the game in the short term. For instance, when the game is down for some reason it is often difficult to find out why and for how long. You usually have to go on the forums and hopefully someone who knows posted about the problem. It would be really useful to put a message on that login screen to let players know what’s going on with the game without the player having to search the forums or just wait/walk away. It would also be good to talk about when IM is active (how many times do people see a chat message ‘is this intermission?’?, when the game is down for maintenance, the estimated time until the game is up again, etc. For veterans not knowing what is going on is just a nuisance, for for new players I think it causes confusion and gives a poor impression of the game. The messages don’t have to be long, and they could be precanned for the most part, but they need to be timely. You could even have a underpop/overpop message to let people know what side needs players. Anyway, more work, I know, but food for thought.
  11. Can you tell which couple of issues are in the plan to fix?
  12. Any update on the status of implementing the inf fix for HE?
  13. WTFIJGKBCRSNMSIAGTRQ = What the frack?, I just got killed by something because CRS nerfed my side. I am going to rage quit!
  14. The Sherman was a war winner from a strategic POV, but tactically is was poor to mediocre, and the tankers paid the price.
  15. When in doubt, try a side shot to the lower back hull. This is usually a weak spot in most tanks and will most likely destroy the engine or more. If that shot is not available, go the 90 deg shot to the side of the hull or the driver slit. The last desperate move is to aim for the main gun, but it is a low percentage shot, especially on smaller tanks. Also, remember that tanks used are best in ambush or in an overpower situation. He who shoots first usually wins. And being hull down behind a berm or wall helps a bunch.