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  1. What is S.L.?
  2. Get a grip, already! I am really happy to play a campaign rather than genetic intermission, which gets old really fast. Cheers!
  3. I think this needs to be rolled out before 1.36. It can be modded when 1.36 comes out. More work, but the sooner the better with STEAM pop trailing off next to nothing as this will likely increase the appeal of the game to new players.
  4. This was tried before. It was a disaster!
  5. I ask, because 1) being part of a mass attack formation is always a thrill (i.e., a ton of fun!), and 2) ambushing/attacking mass formation is great fun, too! One of the wildest missions I ever had had was towing a bofors to an airfield one town behind the front line and shooting down a bunch of stukas that were just taking off to attack a large armor column. It was a wild two minutes blasting planes out of the sky - until I died. it was a lot of fun. When mass attack formations went away, so did a fun and exciting aspect of the game. I hope that the new town based supply would reenable that gameplay once again.
  6. Will this be possible again with town based supply?
  7. I always look at $/hour of fun. Theater movies are like $5-10/hr, building a model is $2-4/hour, reading a book and watching cable is like $1/hour, a $1200 computer is <$0.5/hour (4 years using 2 hours/day, which is pretty conservative), etc... WWII Online is $15/month and I probably average 2 hrs/day, so that is like $0.50/hr. That is pretty cheap compared to other entertainment, and a hell of a lot of fun. Things always cost money, no matter what you do. It is you choice where you want to spend your money. It is also your choice what you haggle/complain about. Cheers!
  8. New pricing plan: Premium for $0.50/hour, and free after paying for 30 hrs/month.
  9. What timezone and what are the squad nights?
  10. I don’t think friendlies should be killed, but they should be disoriented quiet a bit, depending how far they are from the explosion. But that won’t work because most people wouldn’t care and do it it anyway.
  11. It was removed to stop griefing.
  12. No problem to switch sides. I generally start on one side and then switch if my side is winning. Balance is the most important feature of this game, and I try to do my part.
  13. Awesome!!!! I really am looking forward to the old bunker bring back in the game. I hope you you put more destroyed building in that allow infantry to be harder to see; lots of things to hide behind and variegated colors to make them harder to see.
  14. This is not a fully developed idea, but perhaps a unique approach to side balance: To address pop imbalance, anyone spawning into the side with a spawn delay would get a “credit” and then would be locked into that side for 24 hours. Once you accumulated enough credits, you get a reward, like a free month of play (say 100 credits), upgrade from free to basic or from basic to premiumfor a month (say 50 credits), special icons/skins/, etc.. The downside is a significant rework of the accounting system and implementation of side lock. From a revenue point of view the free play/upgrades would need to balanced against better gameplay and the resulting increase in subscriptions.