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  1. I understand that. I am wondering what changed with the last patch. Before that, my ping in the game was always near 60. Now it's 30ish. Did you move the servers closer to Cleveland ol?
  2. Ping shows 1/2 my normal rate. What gives? Seems pretty odd.
  3. Does this mean you have a fix or you are still looking for one?
  4. Complainers are going to complain no doubt, but some of the early looks and discussions (from like a year or so ago) in the forums are definitely better than what we have now.
  5. I would 'hope' that you 'will' address it with the new UI. Else I will likely be dead before the UI is updated a second time.
  6. Love your sig. 'M'
  7. Thanks for the update. Go clean out Home Depot for bug killer!
  8. Awesome!!! Drool!!!!! When??????
  9. Great news, Doc!!!! I suggest you get some help to regain your strength:
  10. Harder to see, but you live a lot longer. Good trade IMO.
  11. So do we uninstall everything before the update or not? What do we do with the cfml files we want to save and use?
  12. Great job! Suggestion: In the future, can you make the installer capable of retaining the ‘old’ cfml file as an option? It is a bit of a pain to save and add that file with every new install. Thanks.
  13. Great news!