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  1. This should help to limit spawn camping. One of my favorite things to do ,but bad forthe game.
  2. I think this will add a lot to game play, both offense and defense. Preparing for an attack or defense will be a battle changer. I hope they are in place before the summer. And I hope the the 'old' bunkers are in place before that!
  3. A compass would be critical if this was a team oriented game.....
  4. Just curious, Doc, what self determined treatment did you do that appearently worked?
  5. Great idea! 1) Can it load faster? 2) Definitely needs to be smoother 3) Yes, include army and navy footage 4) Up the contrast a bit.
  6. Nice! Will they go in piecemeal with upcoming patches or all at once?
  7. I know. You guys are very dedicated and it is much appreciated.
  8. I hope ‘almost’ << ‘soon’, lol.
  9. Hopefully this helps the game! I really hope any incessant threads of ‘I need more free stuff!’ are closed when they get out of hand (or started, lol).
  10. Nice!
  11. I am in for some kit fill-out love.
  12. Bump for all to wedge open the wallets and give a buck or two!
  13. You should explain exactly how to contact you (email address, etc...) until the process is automated.
  14. Thats crazy close! When did the distance become so small? I thought it was like 400m.