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  1. The Stuka tank-buster is a pig to fly compared the Hurri. The Stuka stick is very heavy and it maneuvers much slower than the regular Stuka.
  2. LOL! Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
  3. The rolling distances for truck is very unrealistic and very gamey. Based on and, the following distances are fairly realistic: For a truck traveling 50 km/h on level road the stopping distance with no brakes is 490m; on level medium hard soil it is 164m. Note that is is much, much shorter than what is currently in game. The Rats really need to update the truck physics to be more realistic and stop the gamey tactic of rolling long distances cross country.
  4. In the upper left there is a Zero, lol.
  5. I am sick and tired of hunting up and down the spawn list looking for a particular unit. Rats - fix the spawn list order somehow: list units alphabetically, list units by frequency, list units anyway you want in a consistent manner; I don't care how, but just stop the units from jumping around randomly!!!! ty.
  6. Yes. I am going to look at my speaker setup in windows to see if I can fix it there.
  7. When I fly aircraft, the sound coming from my vehicle is rotated 90 deg to the right. So if I turn right, the engine sound is the loudest, if I turn left the engine sound is the quietest. External sounds are not rotated. Any idea if this is a problem with my set up or is it a bug? I have had this happen for at least two years, over which I have reinstalled the game multiple times and did a full upgrade on my computer. Any suggestions to fix?
  8. It turns out that the problem is with my speakers, no my headset. Must be something on my end.
  9. Being an LTAP, I think the air game would be improved by: 1. More variety of axis aircraft, especially planes that have bombs. LTAPS like bombing because your not up against aces who shoot you down in thirty seconds after encountering them. 2. More stuff to bomb, for obvious reasons. 3. A high performance axis bomber like the JU88. 111’s are certain sucicide and difficult to aim bombs with. Stukas are fun but have a limited number of bombs and are slow. 4. I liked the lower cloud altitude (1000 m) because it was easier to hide from aaa after bombing and evade enemy fighters. 2000m is too high. 1500m would be better. 5. Increase ground unit visibility from altitude. It is much more fun seeing what you are trying to bomb rather than dropping a load in the blind and waiting to despawn to if you hit anything.
  10. Create a rule that a forward airfield can not be placed closer than 15km from an enemy town and no further than 15km from a friendly town. Not sure if 15km is the right distance, but that sort of rule set should keep airfield on the friendly side of the front line.
  11. Man you are always harping about not getting free stuff.......
  12. WRT sandbag walls, I think they should be destroyable by direct hits with aircraft bombs. This would be fairly realistic and reasonable gameplay. It would be awesome to have a ‘destroyed state’ of a sandbag wall that would be a pile of scattered sandags one or two tall. It would add to realism and provide some additional infantry cover/firing positions. That would take additional rat work, though.
  13. Totally disagree. Modifying current building and objects to create better gameplay is a great way get changes implemented quickly. Next should be a high sandbag wall PPO and implement 'overlapping' (colliding) sandbag walls. Place those around a bunker with the new radio room setup and you have something that is really defendable. I also think with the soon-to-be-implemented HE model there needs to be a way for troops to get to the bunker without being totally exposed across the ab. Need some sandbag 'berms' around the edge of the ab to provide more cover to avoid overly easy camping. Another solution would be to create limited spawning directly into the first floor of the bunker: make it like a cp only with less troops. Say 15 rifles, 5 smg, 2 lmg and 2 rifle grenadiers.
  14. Not sure if there was another or not. Started in 2004 as tavroh and then switched to granit in 2010 or so. Mostly a lonewolf but have tried a few squads over the years.
  15. Old as in 2004 join date. WB!
  16. Lol. There is so much new content it will take months to try and become proficient in the new toys....
  17. Good idea, but, knowing this crowd, they would all be spawned by guys......
  18. Please add a country flag to the mission list so we know the weapon set. Sometimes there are multiple missions from different countries from A to B, and I may want to spawn a Sherman instead of a Churchill. A flag for each mission would let me know quickly.
  19. We don't need more troops with a few weapons. The rats really need to focus on changes that will improve game play to make the game more interesting and realistic: like town supply, a new UI, new PPO's, return of the old bunkers, redesign of the cp, access to rooftops, much better destroyed buildings, etc. And they need to fix bugs and features that are physically unrealistic. New troops will be 30 sec of eye-candy and that is it.
  20. Use atg and aaa guns, and cap depots. That is probably the easiest way to get points. If you die, you lose half the points you earned. So if you get some kills, rtb and respawn, if you can, to maximize the points you can get.
  21. I haven’t noticed it in twin engine aircraft, but I can check. Trucks also, but I think not all. I will do a check on all the vehicles when I am back from traveling this week and provide s more comprehensive assessment on the problem vehicles.
  22. CRS could charge players to have a bounty put on someone, lol. Within limits, of course!
  23. What is S.L.?
  24. Get a grip, already! I am really happy to play a campaign rather than genetic intermission, which gets old really fast. Cheers!