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  1. This. Or come up with a really good idea and ask for a capital letter, and you may get one. That is how I got my second one. I actually had a third one, too, but lost it! :/ I won't go into the reason why, and it was totally my fault, but let's just say a hangover had something to do with it! I still want that third capital letter, but opportunities are few, and the Rats need to be benevolent!!!
  2. A new computer could be written of as a business expense.
  3. Don't but Alienware for this game, it would be a waste of money. I have an I5-7600 3.8 Ghz, 16 Mb of DDR4 2400 memory, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 graphics card - a moderate performing build - and game runs great. FPS in heavy ground battles are rearely below 50 FPS and when flying rarely below 80 FPS. You could build the entire rig for less than $1K, much less than an Alienware rig.
  4. I loved rooftop sniper wars! That was fun!
  5. I have been playing since 2004, and have basically been a lonewolf the whole. I joined 5 or 6 squads over that time but never stayed in too long. Mostly they have been a bust because few if any are on when I play and inclusion doesn't seem to be a priority. Weird. The best was the 32nd wrecking crew way back around 2008 or so.
  6. When a bomb explodes, place a ppo crater where it hit anything but a build or bridge, something that would look like like a 360 deg fox hole. The bigger the bomb, the bigger the ppo crater. Bombs would have to be STO's though, I think. It would be awesome!
  7. HE Audit with overpressure.....
  8. Roof battles were very fun, and added a great dimension to game play. I really liked the destroyed state of the building as it was hard to be seen. The new buildings are nice eye candy but are a distinct notch down for game play. It would be great to see an upgrade to the building to make cities fun to play in again.
  9. Overpressure effects?
  10. I suggest, next time, that the squad of 18 build a few atg pits in the area of the FMS so the FMS is not so obvious from the air. The's one reason they were designed as they are. I agree that the axis 20mm aaa needs an major overhaul. It is ridiculously difficult to sight and hit stuff, due in large part to the lack of 2 x zoom and the rising barrel as you fire. The Rats could design the FMS with walls/roof of different 'armor' thickness, with the roof being several time more bomb resistant that the walls. That way 4 satchels on the walls would still work and the roof could resist a bomb or to to make it more survivable. I think taking away the ability of air to destroy an FMS should not implemented at all. I also the think the FMS should be designed with more bushes around the perimeter to hide the spawn point better and help protect it from camping, and I would love to see engineer's have bush PPO' to simulate using vegetation to hide stuff.
  11. IM is ok when it is organized; this one isn’t. Three days is very long, IMO, to be stuck in WWIIOnline la-la land.
  12. Clouds are a non-factor since they were raised to 2000 meters.
  13. Now that Steam has been rolled out and the interest of the community has been more or less gauged, I was wondering what changes will have a high priority in order to increase Steam player retention? Anything different from the overall plan you laid out to the community recently?
  14. I noticed this when i almost ran into one with an atg, lol
  15. Awesome!!! Thanks Rats! A couple of things to remember: - If you have unique keymapping to drive vehicles, you will need to update your keymapper. SPAA fall in the AAA/ATG category. - You have to undeploy the AA gun to move the vehicle.
  16. If they are that easy to kill, then the re should be at least 50 units in the spawn list starting tier 0.
  17. Any useful recommendations from Steam? Or any ideas by the Rats to address some of these concerns to unlock more players?
  18. Steam charts show about 40-60 players on at any given time. Peaked at 400 or so after release.
  19. The game aspect of this is awesome, and really look forward to the introduction of the new vehicles. I agree with the above posts. The German version need shields on the bofor, and the British version needs the box. Visually it would be much better looking and functional, especially when the new HE comes out. These will be sitting ducks.
  20. Thanks. I know the rats are working hard and there are a lot of irons in the fire, which is great! But it keeps me wondering what to expect next.
  21. Are those still available subscription options? If so, how can you sign up?
  22. I support resupply by ab's and cp's. In the ab the full tanks should resupply the fuel. If destroyed , no more fuel. This is generally not a big deal. There should be permanent ammo resupply boxes on the first floor of each barrack and on the top floor of the bunker. In the cp their should be a permanent ammo resupply box on the top floor. The ab/cp resupply only work if you have a flag in the town. I also support the ability of ht's to tow damaged vehicles back to the ab vehicle spawn for repair - 1 to 5 minutes depending on level of damage.
  23. Is there a link to the Rat's responses to these questions?
  24. When: is the HE update going to be released? is the new vehicles going to be released? is the new supply system going to be in place? Anticipation is quickly turning into frustration. I thought then CRS approach was to have smaller, more frequent updates.....