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  1. Is the Steam Release Candidate what we are playing right now, or are there new updates/features?
  3. Paddy! Welcome back!
  4. Typical line of high quality (and it better be!) code costs $30 to $40. I would bet that the change would require at least a couple of hundred lines of code to implement. Easy $6K. Then double the estimate because software cost estimates are always off be at least a factor of two.
  5. LOL. What you forgot to say is that these subscriptions should be less expensive than the the regular ones, the real reason you are suggesting this. So the Rats are going to go through all that work, spend thousands or tens of thousands to code, test and implement, and to risk issues that screw up the subscription process, so you can save a few bucks?
  6. What's the timeline for Steam? It's now summer, so is it less than three months to go?
  7. LOL, this is the only on-line game that I play. I really don't care whether there are HC or not. What I do care about are good, balanced battles and good game play. The game nose-dived in the past, and may still yet in the future, when these are lacking. Some type of game balancing feature is needed or the whole game could die. Look at the last 3-4 maps: mostly blowouts. Not much fun. Seems to be that way 140 is going too. As for the current HC system, it does not work well, or at all with low pop. Town based supply is the best solution I see. Hope CRS can implement quickly.
  8. Why the reset?
  9. I did but no one was there. :/
  10. I think the point for planes should be increased by a factor of two or three. It is painfully slow.
  11. Nice!
  12. XOOM has mucho skills......!
  13. The center of the map would be more overplayed than it is now. I wish the Rats would vary the frontline at the beginning of the map so we would have more variety in playing unused or little used portions of the map.
  14. Personally I think their are too many American brigs in Tier 3.
  15. Xoom; really appreciate the awesome Rat Chat and the work the Rat team is doing. The game is really moving forward. I know 1.36 delay is a disappointment to you all and but thanks for the great comms and info.
  16. I, too, am waiting for the removal of the brigade system. I think it will significantly enhance gameplay to go back to the town based supply and thus keep more players around. But even worse is to implement a poorly designed buggy system. We been down that road several times and it not one to go down again. A couple of questions: will 1.36 be implemented before full steam release (as opposed to early release)? And if we are stuck with brigade placement, can the rats augment HQ someway to fill in during the worst of time?
  17. Awesome footage. I think Scots work will pay huge dividends for realistic ammo damage.
  18. I was reading a book on the LW and it said that detailed gun camera analysis during the war showed that it to an average of 20 20mm hits to bring down an allied heavy bomber and an average of 3 20mm hits, or 1 30mm hit, to bring down an allied fighter. Great info, first I have seen like this. Unfortunately there was no accompanying reference.
  19. What's wrong with getting the game to run?
  20. Motormouth better log on.....
  21. They can't update the bunker until they can update terrain, appearently, and that is very post steam. I was bummed when I found that out.
  22. The new HE model will make tanks devastating to infantry. It could be a slaughter with the new high frag count models.
  23. The only thing that makes sense to control is the physics of the weapons and making them as realistic as possible. That should make their use as realistic as possible. Gaming weapons so the 'are used like they are supposed to be used' is a very slippery slope. Some game mechanics/game-play is already unrealistic from the get go, but it has to be to make it enjoyable.
  24. I think a key point is being missed in this discussion. The 'issues' people brought up with certain weapons are indicators of general modeling problems related to such things weight, inertia, stress (g-loading), friction, etc. The real solution to fix the basic modeling problem across the board for all weapon types, similar to what is being done for HE; e.g., all infantry weapons are give the correct mass and inertia effects, wing stress level are calculated for all airplanes, etc. Then differences in weapon performance will be more real regardless of how players try to use them. This is what I think everyone is looking for and what the Rats are trying to do. Players have to be patient as these global modeling issues are resolved, because it tough to do based on the current code and the funding, and is going to take a while. But I trust the Rats are going down that path and that is exactly what is needed, and they are doing a hell of a job so far! So strap in, pay a subscription if you like to play this game, and go cap/kill something!
  25. New payment plan: $0.50/hour.