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  1. With the advent of 1.35 there is a new bug in the infantry control commands. If you are in autowalk, then sprint, and then go back to autowalk, you can not stop by pressing the 'reverse walk' key. You have to press the 'forward walk' key before you can stop using the 'reverse walk' key. This does not make any sense.
  2. Rats, any plans to look at/fix this??
  3. Over IM a took a plane and flew to the far SW of the map and found some very cool mountainous terrain. Here are some pics. The cloud layer is at 3000 m FYI.
  4. "Cartridge S.A. Ball .303 inch Mark VIIF" was approved in August 1916 and the nitro-cellulose version "Cartridge S.A. Ball .303 inch Mark VIIF.z" in September 1917. Both were shown in LoC Paragraph 19945 dated February 1918. The case was the normal Berdan primed ball case with 0.6 grains of cap composition and the headstamp included the code "F" or "FZ". A green primer annulus was approved in 1918 but the Mark VIIF was no longer being manufactured by then. The bullet was made from solid copper rod, bored out to receive a steel core weighing 65 to 70 grains. Total bullet weight was 155 grains and it was secured in the case by coning. Propellant was 40 grains of Cordite MDT 5-2 with one wad or 40 grains of nitro-cellulose. Velocity was about 2,450 fps. For proof, 60% of bullets had to penetrate a 8mm plate at 175 yards and 80% had to penetrate a 7mm plate at 300 yards. The Mark VIIF was considered semi-armour piercing and in 1928 "F" became the code in general use to denote this class of ammunition, irrespective of calibre. "Cartridge S.A. Ball .303 inch NC Mark VIIW.z" was approved to design RL 26918 in November 1917 and shown in LoC Paragraph 21354 dated November 1918. A Cordite version, "Cartridge S.A. Ball .303 inch Mark VIIW" was approved later. In 1927 the title was changed to "Cartridge S.A. Armour Piercing .303 inch W Mark I" (or "W Mark Iz") and the original design was superseded by DD/L/3879 in 1928 and DD/L/5906 for RAF "Red Label" ammunition. The case was the normal Berdan primed ball case with 0.6 grains of cap composition and the headstamp included the code "VIIW" or "VIIWZ" until the end of 1927 and occassionally afterwards. Often in WWI the nitro-cellulose loaded rounds did not include the "Z" in the headstamp. A green primer annulus was approved in April 1918 and some production had the caps secured by burring. From 1928 the headstamp included the code "WI" or "WIZ". The bullet had an envelope of cupro-nickel clad steel or gilding metal clad steel with a steel core in a lead sheath. It had one cannelure and weighed 174 grains, the core weighing 93 grains. the portion within the case was coated with beeswax or the case neck varnished. Propellant was 37 grains of Cordite MDT 5-2 with one wad or 43 grains of nitro-cellulose. Velocity was about 2,500 fps at a pressure of about 20.5 tsi.. For proof, 70% of bullets had to penetrate a 10mm plate at 100 yards range.
  5. I have a similar problem. If I auto walk and then sprint, I no longer can stop by tapping the 'reverse' key'. I have to get out of autowalk first and then hit the 'reverse' key to stop, which is an extra key movement and I am always getting killed playing inf any because of this. Please return the infantry movement controls to v1.34 logic/rules.
  6. Your first mistake......
  7. I would like to hear it too.
  8. I think the current system with a UI that would allow players, both in squad and those not in squads, to facilitate teamwork (e.g., forming fire teams, mini-objectives, fire team comms, etc.) would really enhance gameplay. As for every squad attacking where they want, that has been demonstrated to be subject to abuse and to low pop. If there was a massive player base it would be much more viable. Unfortunately that does not exist yet. My advice for the Rats is to concentrate on improving gameplay as opposed to adding more toys, and UI upgrade to allow fire teams to form and operate would be a big step in that direction.
  9. S! Welcome back! Hope to see you in game.
  10. One of the best special events that I remember was shotrt but awesome. It was Pearl Harbor where about a 100 german stukas and such attacked a whole lotta ships. It was really fun for the 45 minutes it lasted.
  11. My previous thread somehow got deleted after being hijacked, so here is another, and hopefully better, explanation of the problem I am having. Ever since I remember (at least 5 years), when playing infantry I have been able to stop immediately after sprinting by pressing the 'backward' key momentarily. In 1.35 I can not do this. After sprinting I have to press 'forward' and then I can stop by pressing 'backward' momentarily. This extra key stroke really makes infantry movement clunky. Does anyone else have this problem? I play on a PC.
  12. This works when i use the keyboard! Now can I key map this combination into a single button? When I try on keymapper it shows 'w, left shift' but does not seem to work the same as when pressing both buttons on the keyboard. Am I key mapping it wrong?
  13. Mostly correct. I do have to hold down the sprint key to sprint. I used to be able to let up on the sprint key and then momentarily hit the backwards key to stop. Now after I let go of the sprint key i have to hit the forwad key to enable the backwards key to work.
  14. The ReadMe link on the download page is for, not 1.35.
  15. Spock did.
  16. The only hiccup was in infantry movement. I could not go directly from a sprint to a stop by pressing the 'walk in reverse' key. I can do this in 1.34. In 1.35 Beta I had to go from sprint to walk before I could stop by hitting the reverse key. I hope this gets addressed so movement functionalilty is the same as 1.34.
  17. Is that why my frame rate is so much higher with this beta?
  18. The worst part about RA was the lack of players. Otherwise it was pretty fun.
  19. Needed to refresh the mapping for infantry movement. I have mapped 8 infantry movement keys to my joystick. When I tried to play 1.35 not all the keymappings worked. After playing around for a while, I ende up having to to remap all the primary and secondary buttons to get full functionality. Also, last night after loading 1.35 and playing for about 5 min I CTD'd. I tried to restart but the log in screen said the all servers where offline. This morning they were still offline but threads in the forums mentioned playing during the time my log in screen said the servers were down. I re-downloaded & reinstalled 1.35 and the game ran fine. My FPS is much improved, anywhere from 30-200%. Have not tried vehicles yet.
  20. Xoom, any bones you can throw to us about 1.35 status?
  21. I spend a bunch on this game in terms of subscriptions, fundraisers etc but the value is high none the less. It works out to about $1/hr. Not much for how much fun I have and a lot less than other addictions!
  22. Well, I am 9-3 for the first full night of the tourny.
  23. Would like the Rats take on what is their preferred subscription: Hero or Gold Builder?
  24. March for WWIIOnline is 50% over by tinight, lets make it to 50% of the goal! Need about $1000 to maker that goal. Go for it!!!!