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  1. Should track number of kills within 5 meters of FMS, LOL.
  2. Thanks OHM. I made changes and will see how it goes.
  3. With respect to the ballistics audit, you mentioned you discovered some significant items that need to be addressed. What are those items that you have found so far?
  4. sounds like remote camping to me, lol.
  5. know one no's that, OHM.
  6. I use: Primary Weapon = 1 Secondary Weapon = 2 Elevator Trim + = 3 Elevator Trim - = 5 Position 1 = 6 Position 2 = 4 Throttle tab = Throttle
  7. alt-tabbing works pretty well. the biggest issue is controlling the sound. you need to disable sound from one instance otherwise it can get confusing.
  8. How do I get rid of that annoying discord pop up box everytime someone chats, even when I am not playing the game!???
  9. The few times when there were massive battles the biggest issue with vis limits for me were playing AAA. The planes would suddenly appear and then disappear giving no time to train the AAA gun effectively. This was a real problem and I think the enemy aircraft took full advantage of it. This was a real gamer play killer. With massive battles the Rats will need to be cognizant of the unit type and adjust which enemy units will be prioritized as so to avoid this situation.
  10. Upgrade the GPU.
  11. The only way to do that would be to build an FMS, assuming the mission does not already have one and you are within the target range limit, despawn the truck, spawn as infantry at the FMS and then join your mates.
  12. Logitech extreme 3D pro. Pretty good and inexpensive.
  13. Works for me. Now I am going to look at twitter @realXOOM.
  14. They also need to change the lighting inside building: interiors should be very dark when being viewed from the outside. Right now they are way too bright and it is very easy to see infantry in a window. That is very unrealistic.
  15. Howe about a closeup of the card? I am interested in getting a pack.
  16. Can you see the live stream if you don't have a Facebook account? ?
  17. 1) They discovered some part of the code that is sale-able for a whole lot of money...... or, 2) Some major gaming house is using their proprietary code and are going to settle for a large amount of cash to avoid a lawsuit (which would need to be funded by another Indego campaign, lol).
  18. If you want to make the user experience better, here are some small UI fixes to make the game better. 1. Keep the order of the units in the spawns lists fixed in the UI. They change based on something (I don't know what) and I am always hunting around of the unit I want. If they always appeared in the same order it would be easier and quicker to spawn. 2. On the UI, place the FMS 'checkbox' somewhere that is more obvious. I don't know how many times I have spawned into a MS/FMS when I wanted to spawn into the AB/CP instead. Annoying. 3. On the UI, place the mission orders on the first page so they are easy to find/read. I played this game for 13 years and just found out they can be read before spawning in, lol.
  19. Yes, I also had this happen. Game seems to work fine.
  20. Wow! Thanks for the quick update! One question: can ammo boxes be displayed on the map like FMS's are? They are tough to find and thus limit their usefulness. Maybe put this in for the next update?
  21. I agree with this. Not a high priority but helpful to immersion and gameplay.
  22. But you can't see the orders until you spawn in and immediately die. How about something beforehand?
  23. This thread is worthless without pics. Just sayin'........