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  1. Multiple instance has definitely has worked for the past several years. The only trick is the sound; you will probably need to mute one instance (e.g truck) otherwise it can get confusing. It is fun to have both instance flying bombers to a distant target, lol. Offset them in time by a few minutes and cruise on autopilot when not actually bombing. It also makes blowing FB's a lot quicker if they are undefended.
  2. Yeah, that's right. I had two hero accounts for a while and would often play three instances at once, and I have only a middling level computer. Works well.
  3. You need to make the link to the Hero subscription easier to get to. When I go to the website, click on the Subscriptions/All Subscriptions tab (, there are three options available: FTP, Starter and Premium; but there is no Hero option. It seems to me there should be a Hero option on this page with all the other options. In order to sign up as a Hero, you have to go back to the Subscriptions tab on the Home Page and click the Hero Builder tab. This then takes you to a forum page ( You then have to find the link at the bottom of the post to go to the Account page, then log in to your account, view All Premium Subscriptions, then click on Support WWIOnline as a Hero box. Seems very convoluted to me, and maybe to others, especially anyone unfamiliar with the site or with patience. Just my opinion.
  4. LOL. One is easy, but doesn't seem so at the time! Two keeps you much busier because as parents you are basically outnumbered. The third is not so much a time sink but is the expensive one as you need to get a minivan. All worth it, though!
  5. I really liked roof access in cities. Added a whole new dimension to the game and made for a better gameplay experience. Roof to ground sniping and roof to roof sniping were some of the best parts of the game, along with the occasional aircraft strafing of said snipers.
  6. Rather than a gun shield, I would like to see some additional berm PPOs that could be built by an engineer or placed by a truck. There should be three berm options: a tall, medium, and low height with three sides, all with no top. The 88 and any other unit could utilize the berm for protection thus it would avoid be 'side specific' and cries of 'imbalance'. I think this could be implemented faster than a new vehicle model, so that would be an advantage too.
  7. Much faster loads times. Easier to distinguish new text from other stuff. Yes, too bright. On the right track, however. Tweak the color and it will be good.
  8. I agree. I don't browse the new forums, or post, as much anymore, which is a bit of a bummer! Generally the mew forums are more of a chore to navigate, which is why I think I am here less. Lots of new capability that I really don't use. Some things that I think would improve the new forums - Visually way too much grey on grey on grey making it difficult to quickly focus on the new text. Quoted text is in dark grey over lighter grey and sig box background is grey. Oh, and left side box is grey also. All these shades of grey makes figuring out what is new text a chore. Need a better color scheme to allow new, quoted and background text to be quickly and easily distinguished. - Too much useless space on each page making for lots and lots of scrolling. - don't need the huge 'Welcome' banner - don't need 8-10 lines of search parameters displayed at top of page - thread title blocks are huge with lots of useless space - even the space between text lines is too much - Forums are still a bit slow that I sometimes wonders if my internet is down! - I like the single button click for 'Unread Content' but for other searches it takes several clickes/menus to get too. Would be much better to have single button clicks for other common searches.
  9. Thanks for the added detail. Some time ago (many years, lol) I thought the previous Rat team did something similar but it caused a host of unintended issues and was eventually removed. For example, when the old predictor code was active you could change direction quickly and frequently while moving causing the predictor code to predict wrong. To other players it looked like the player that was zig-zagging instantaneously displaced from one point to another as the 'real'position was updated from the incorrect predicted position. This made it almost impossible to shoot someone because they were not where the predictor code said they would be. Have you looked into the problems in the previous incarnation of the code to avoid this type of issue?
  10. I am glad you are working on the predictor code; it is extremely important to enjoying the game. Can you provide a more detailed technical explanation on what is the issue with the code, how it is being addressed, and what the likely outcome is that we can expect?
  11. Need to have some type of air transportable FRU added to the game. Perhaps FRU's could be set by transport planes in addition to trucks.
  12. bump
  13. That is not nerfing. Bombs were usually armed after release. Times varied but American bombs generally took 3-5 seconds to arm. Not sure about other countries but expect similitude performance. This prevent the bombs from exploding as the were being carried or on release. For this gMe suggest a 3 second delay on all bombs. This is realistic and prevent kamikazies.
  14. From a player perspective, anything beyond about three well populated AO's really doesn't matter. On previous occasions when there was a large population in a battle, player visibility limits became very noticeable and quite annoying. I hope the Rats are thinking about how to make this work.
  15. Actually it is the square root of two faster.
  16. Not sure what the capacity is with the recent hardware upgrade, but previously it was between 5000 and 10000 I recall. I think the rats said the new servers would increase capacity 3-4 times. These would be very heady numbers and would push the system hard. Unfortunately it can't really be load tested until the numbers log on. I sure hope it works as expected. One problem for sure would hitting the visible player limit. Mostly a problem for longer range engagements such as AAA and ATG.
  17. Fire bases should really be farmhouses and barns or a few sheds out in the country side that are capturable.
  18. In the Xoom chat, the idea of having fixed town brigades and a HQ controlled set of brigades was pretty much nixed. An alternate option would to allow HQ to speed up one town's resupply timer. That would be equivalent to rushing supplies into a town.
  19. Over IM a took a plane and flew to the far SW of the map and found some very cool mountainous terrain. Here are some pics. The cloud layer is at 3000 m FYI.
  20. I have not noticed it getting worse.
  21. I ambushed a Sherman A2 driving past me from dead 6 o'clock and hit him square in the rear at 200m. What happened? He turns about to engage me, and his turret rotates toward me at the same time, so his 1 and 3 are still alive at least. Took two more almost 90 deg hits to take him out. What should have happened? The AP shell should have gone through the front and killed everyone in the process. The Sherman shown has been hit by a 88 which penertrated the front gone completely through and existed out the back.
  22. Your first mistake......