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  1. Your first mistake......
  2. I would like to hear it too.
  3. With respect to sound modeling, the game could use some upgrades. Although the game seems to follow an inverse square law (I think) for sound intensity, frequency attenuation of the atmosphere and a minimum detectable level of sound. For example on a typical summer day, attenuation at 1000 Hz is about 5 dB/km, at 4000 Hz it is about 30 dB/km, and at 8000 Hz is is about 105 Hz/km. Hence the loss in high frequencies when sound travels over distance. When that sound level drops to a certain level, like 40 to 50dB or so, the sound should fade into the background and not be distinguishable. How would this be implemented? I think it only matters for ground vehicle (tanks, trucks, etc). A relatively simple frequency spectrum would have to be developed for each truck and then the calculation of how the intensity level changes with distance would have to be coded. No small task I am sure but it would add a significant amount of realism to the game sounds.
  4. My vote: Truck only
  5. I think the current system with a UI that would allow players, both in squad and those not in squads, to facilitate teamwork (e.g., forming fire teams, mini-objectives, fire team comms, etc.) would really enhance gameplay. As for every squad attacking where they want, that has been demonstrated to be subject to abuse and to low pop. If there was a massive player base it would be much more viable. Unfortunately that does not exist yet. My advice for the Rats is to concentrate on improving gameplay as opposed to adding more toys, and UI upgrade to allow fire teams to form and operate would be a big step in that direction.
  6. lol. must be a troll.
  7. S! Welcome back! Hope to see you in game.
  8. One of the best special events that I remember was shotrt but awesome. It was Pearl Harbor where about a 100 german stukas and such attacked a whole lotta ships. It was really fun for the 45 minutes it lasted.
  9. The ReadMe link on the download page is for, not 1.35.
  10. Spock did.
  11. The only hiccup was in infantry movement. I could not go directly from a sprint to a stop by pressing the 'walk in reverse' key. I can do this in 1.34. In 1.35 Beta I had to go from sprint to walk before I could stop by hitting the reverse key. I hope this gets addressed so movement functionalilty is the same as 1.34.
  12. The worst part about RA was the lack of players. Otherwise it was pretty fun.
  13. Xoom, any bones you can throw to us about 1.35 status?
  14. I spend a bunch on this game in terms of subscriptions, fundraisers etc but the value is high none the less. It works out to about $1/hr. Not much for how much fun I have and a lot less than other addictions!
  15. Well, I am 9-3 for the first full night of the tourny.
  16. Would like the Rats take on what is their preferred subscription: Hero or Gold Builder?
  17. March for WWIIOnline is 50% over by tinight, lets make it to 50% of the goal! Need about $1000 to maker that goal. Go for it!!!!
  18. What is the vehicle dev plan? Fill out American kit? Update flat low res atg/aaa crewmembers to the 21st century? New tier dev?
  19. Never knew about the side lock timer as I usually play the inderpop side. lol.
  20. SD is limited to 30 sec. If you are seening more than that something is wrong.
  21. Give them and inch..... LOL. Why would they do that and lose money? Hero accounts are supposed to be to support CRS above an beyound a normal account.
  22. I think the rats call the tier changes but it seems to be 10 days to two weeks usually. WB!
  23. Monday's patch?
  24. Truck sound range should all be equalized to around 4-500 meters as opposed to the current cutoff range of 8-900 meeters. This would enhance gameplay by allowing a bit more stealth in truck movement and, I think, better mimic the ability to hear sounds with natural attentuation and background noise. Heavy movers sound range should be increase be reduces to 6-700 metters.