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  1. Suggest that "soon" be replaced by "pretty soon".
  2. Two problems I have had : After playing for a way my screen often gets noticeably grayer and the game does not respond at all. I have to quit through windows task manager. This has been going on for about a year Second is that I got an immediate CTD today for the first time in a few years. Again after playing for some time. Specs: Windows 8.1 AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor, 4000 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) 8 Gb Ram 1066 MHz ASUS M5A99x EVO MB NVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  3. Sometimes, after I hit the button to despawn, my screen shout goes slightly gray and the timer never comes up. I have to kill the process and relogin. Seems to be happening more frequently over last couple of weeks. Happens about 15% of the time with all units; almost always if I collide with another plane and die. Thoughts on what his problem is.
  4. Is there random dispersion on the grenade throw or is it perfect every time?
  5. WTF is this? A small blank window with this name pops up after I hit play.
  6. I have a G-Force 7800, a Radeon HD 5870, and 2x GeForce 9800 GTXs. They all have been uswe for at least a couple of years but they worked just fine. Let me know if you are interested.
  7. Love the game and have been playing for 8+ years but I am about ready to jump of the bridge because of numerous bugs make it hard to play BE right now. Everytime i click the "Play' button when after the login screen I get a miniscule window in the upper left corner that I can not enlarge. When I click to close, the window enlarges and is titled "Battleground Europe Launcher". It says the launcher is not responding and asks if I want to wait or close the program. I select 'wai't and about two-thirds the time, after a couple of minutes or more, I get another window with the "t0" error message. I click on that and I get a timeout error window (I assume because I had to wait so long for a reponse in the first place) and I have to start the process all over again. Very frustrating!!! So there are two login bugs that were not there previuosly. The "t0" bug started about two months ago and the launcher bug started about two weeks ago. I posted several times on the t0 bug with no real response except to wait and maybe it will be fixed 'soon'. The second bug I have posted with no joy either. I have reloaded the BE program, restored my cpmputer to times before the bug ocurred with no joy. It is extremely frustrating trying to play. Can someone look into these issues and get some fixes in place? For all my time playing never had log in issues until a few months ago. It's a real deal killer. Thanks.
  8. Happens about 20% of the time.
  9. Can's climb up river bank from river. Partial clipping occurs. Tried everything. Andenne south river bank about a 100m east of the docks.
  10. About one time a playing session, after I am killed, the despawn timer box does not appear no matter how long I wait...... Have to kill game and relog in. Sheeeshhhh..... These bugs are really getting old.
  11. Can't even log in!!!!!! Keep getting the subject error. Hope it is fixed soon so my day off isn't screwed!
  12. Rats, whats the word? Expected up time?
  13. After I hit play I get a pop up box that says: T0 Error ip port 27015, state 20001 I hit enter and the game plays fine. Whats up?
  14. Went away for a few days, now everytime. Annoying. Rats, please fix!
  15. Boresight looked ok to. Tested as close, nedium and far ranges. I can not see round in flight. No smole trail.
  16. ...comes up in the chat-box and then I need to restart. Happens every third mission or so. Any ideas?
  17. No problems for me in the last few days.
  18. Will do. Changes to server implemented?
  19. OK, that would be good, vecause uit started happening to me a lot a few days ago and it's a pain. When is beta coming out?
  20. Longer load times OK but about 25% of the time I have a CTD. That needs to be fixed!
  21. Ditto except for memory error. Have Nvidia card.
  22. Have had any problems CTD'ing yesterday, but this morning I had a CTD when trying to log into a mission. Also have noticed it takes a long time to load a mission when switching brigades.
  23. Next patch? I thought they were trying to fix it now. If this fix has to wait to next patch, then they have seen my last payment.