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  1. Running ei over in a truck or afv.
  2. Wow, you must be an ex-WWIIOL'er with a major axe to grind......
  3. sloped - not slopped, lol.
  4. The game needs an official and nuetral game recorder who can keep a short running log of key game development discussions for us thast do not camp out in the forums or attend rat chats. For example, a bunch of the axis players seem up-in-arms (no pun intended) about the FRU change. No one will say why even when I ask. I see it in the forums and then in game chat. What's the beef? Is it usual whining or is there some real and substantial issue? No way to find out. We need an unbiased player who keeps up on this type of stuff to put out some cliff notes for the rest of us. Someone, make it so.....
  5. I also think that transport planes in para brigades should be able to set FRUs after they land and stop moving. Would provides a good niche role for the paras, not be overwhelming, and would allow England to be in play more easily.
  6. Thanks for the Christmas patch! Buy a pie on me.
  7. I got lots of extra computer parts: motherboard, cpu, drives, graphic cards, power supply, etc., as me and my two sons have three home builts that we upgrade every year or two. It's older stuff but should run the game fairly well. I take a quick inventory and ship any parts if that would be helpful. PM me if intertested.
  8. it's 12:56. 2 min to go!
  9. Near the end of the battle I towed a 3 inch atg from the north allied fb and interdicted several axis AFVs. Was a good battle.
  10. Rough count is from the photoes is about 110 infantry, 23 air and 2 navy. I am sure I missed some. Tremendous turnout! Great community!
  11. S!, to my brother in arms and football. With the utmost respect from a long time player and die-hard Wolverine fan. Take care. Granit
  12. Sort of; you just don't have the right assets.....
  13. I'm here to stay with two accounts. Best game ever! Looking forward to the game moving forward again and I am really ecstatic by the dedication of the RATS2.0 team.
  14. During intermission CRS should increase CP capture timers by 5x.
  15. It's a great age. Enjoy!
  16. I like that idea a lot! Adds variety and realism to the game. suggest it be made available for other ai types also (atg, AAA). Should be able to duck for cover.
  17. That may come out Monday???
  18. Mas 40?! Total production was only about 50. What happens when the first 50 french with this rifle die?