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  1. Mas 40?! Total production was only about 50. What happens when the first 50 french with this rifle die?
  2. S!. Hope to see you ingame.
  3. Darg, The following link has links to the 'Read Me' fopr major patches. 1.32 was relreased in 2010 so you might start there to get an ideade of what has changed. To me one huge chnage are the Rats themselves. Thing are looking way uo with the new crew. Welcome back!!
  4. CRS would probably lose 20% of it's income if you eliminated extra accounts, and maybe a few persent of accounts because of spying, if that.
  5. This!!!! It would make rooftop battles very fun and unpredictable.
  6. I only use my second account for towing. If there are only two of us playing the point is moot.
  7. I am so happy there will be roof access again! It increases the variety of gameplay, which is a very good thing. City fighting should be very different from fighting in the country. Plus roof access for fighting, observing, ... is more realistic. Now if they would just massively increase the city destroyed states....!!!
  8. At least you found someone to tow you. Rare is the day that someone will give me a tow even when they spawn a truck for some other purpose. That is why I paid for a second account after the game population crashed years ago. In addition I am helping other players who want a tow when I spawn a truck and helping CRS stay in business. BTW I exclusively play the losing side. Two acccounts helps even out the game play, making it more fun for all. That's unfair?
  9. I agree with everything you said. In addition I see it as unfair that some people have a better computers and lower ping than I do, so CRS should make the same computer and internet connection to all. This game is indeed realistic; my dad used sneak up on lone panzers during the Battle of the Bulge and place charges on them to blow them up. That of course is after he pushed an atg from a walled army base, found a good spot in the fields and killed the occasional tank going to town from the german fire base.
  10. What gay reference I missed it.
  11. Two accounts are good for the game. I have used them to good effect for years.
  12. Nice. Thanks. I oversaw development of an ISS experiment that had about 120K lines: it took a lot of effort over several years. You guys must be drinking from a firehose!
  13. Just curious: what language is the code written in? how many lines of cose, approximately?
  14. Suggest that "soon" be replaced by "pretty soon".
  15. I have a G-Force 7800, a Radeon HD 5870, and 2x GeForce 9800 GTXs. They all have been uswe for at least a couple of years but they worked just fine. Let me know if you are interested.
  16. Turn water shaders/ effects off.
  17. Love the game and have been playing for 8+ years but I am about ready to jump of the bridge because of numerous bugs make it hard to play BE right now. Everytime i click the "Play' button when after the login screen I get a miniscule window in the upper left corner that I can not enlarge. When I click to close, the window enlarges and is titled "Battleground Europe Launcher". It says the launcher is not responding and asks if I want to wait or close the program. I select 'wai't and about two-thirds the time, after a couple of minutes or more, I get another window with the "t0" error message. I click on that and I get a timeout error window (I assume because I had to wait so long for a reponse in the first place) and I have to start the process all over again. Very frustrating!!! So there are two login bugs that were not there previuosly. The "t0" bug started about two months ago and the launcher bug started about two weeks ago. I posted several times on the t0 bug with no real response except to wait and maybe it will be fixed 'soon'. The second bug I have posted with no joy either. I have reloaded the BE program, restored my cpmputer to times before the bug ocurred with no joy. It is extremely frustrating trying to play. Can someone look into these issues and get some fixes in place? For all my time playing never had log in issues until a few months ago. It's a real deal killer. Thanks.
  18. Whhat makes me mad is that paid a year in advance for a game I can not play due to poor programming/servers and no customer response. Not a good business model for CRS.
  19. Tried seven times in a row to log into game overa 20 minute span. No joy! HELP!!!!