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  1. First time in a while. Frustrating!
  2. WTF? Rats, you should get some serious help fixing all these server problems fast as they are ruining the game and my patience.
  3. Couldn't do baseline because test server offline, but saw a definite increase in FPS of 20% to 50% over what I usellly get (20s to 60s+). Best part that I was getting a stutter often with the 1.34 patch (very annoying) and I so not seem to have it anymore Great post!
  4. 1) I am getting video stutters all the time now, especially near cities. They are just momentary but very noiceable when moving. I never had them before 1.34. 2) I sonetimes (too often) CTD when I switch brigades. Never happened to me before last couple of 1.34.xx patches. AMD Phenom IIx4 955 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 9800+ RealTek Audio Window7 Home Premium 8 GB RAM
  5. When I am in a vehicle. Infanttry sound sirection is OK. Definite bug for me. Checked all audio settings. Seem OK. Using mother board sound. Any suggestions??
  6. Internal sound card. Seems tp be for vehicles and guns only.
  7. from 30+ in heaviest battles to low single digits. Went back to previous (270.61) release and all is well.
  8. Yes. They absolutely destroyed my FPS. Have dual 9800 GTX's.
  9. Killed a transport (English I think) on the southern line in the first wave with a string of 50kg bombs. Not sure who it was.
  10. Sign me up for a stuka
  11. Loaded W7, downlaoded game and installed no problem.Start game, log in no problem. As soon as I hit 'play', screen flashes and the program quits to desktop. Any idea of what is wrong and how to fix?
  12. This was the problem. Thanks for the fix!
  13. - Partitioned disk - Installed W7 - Loaded fresh WWII install (did not delete game on vista partition) - Set compatibility on the 4 .exe program in CRS folder - Started WWIIOl as usual with PW and UN. Select campaign - Then screen goes black like usual and hard disk goes nuts as usual - Then load screen does not come up instead desktop comes up and game stops. What's wrong???
  14. Updates nvidea driver from 1.9x to current. chedcked extension limit. it was off. rebooted to W7. Same problem. Although I now think this is video related as I CTD when it goes to game mode (tan screen). Ideas???
  15. tried this. no luck
  16. OK. Turned off compatibility and restarted. Same result. Help!
  17. Do I need to restart after I change it back?
  18. This x 2
  19. All stukas? No BlenT's? How about 6 allied fighters and some me109s?