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  1. I have a GFX 7600GT and get stuff similar to that at times. It started with 1.27. I have tried downgrading the drivers to no avail. My temp spikes from a normal 5 5deg C to about 70-75 deg C when I play this game. Could that be the problem?
  2. Need to get a sound card. Any suggestions for about 50USD? Thanks!
  3. When I stop moving it. Happens this game only after I switched to a G5 mouse. Reloaded drivers and installed fresh copy of game. No luck Any suggestions?
  4. Did not happen before on the map screen. Sort of tough to click on something when I am trying to select a unit.
  5. Installed a G5 and now the cursor disappears when I stop moving it. Happens only in this game. Any thoughts?
  6. Just installed a G5 mouse. It seems to work OK except in this game. I can see it when it moves but once I stop it disappears, like it gets put in the background. Need help. Any suggestions?
  7. No, it is not. Funny thing though. I originally had this mouse connected up to my computer with no problems. Upgraded to a Logitech G7 wireless with no problems. Gave the G7 to my son, reconnected the G5, updated the drivers and now have this 'disappearing' problem with wwiionline.
  8. Had a Dell but the power supply blew after 2 years. Complete loss. Built my own and I am much happier - better machine for the $.
  9. I think they can not get a US distributor until the game LOOKS better. They need more performance and new game engines. So they are likely waiting until after unity II and Terrain II (or whatever).
  10. I seem to be getting better fps since new patch. Anyone seeing this?
  11. want to reinstall, but cant find config files in playnet folder. are they hidden? whats the name so i can search? thx
  12. Getting them all the time since last week. I never had them before or just very rarely. Have not changed anything on my computer. It's unplayable now it happens so often. Using ping plotter I noticed many 200ms+ spikes at when connected to CRS server issues?
  13. I recently built a new box: AMD 4000+ 2 Gig DDR Ram 7600GT PCIe 160 GB 7200 HD ASUS motherboard Used an old sound card, keyboard, mouse and monitor. I get anywhere from 20-50 FPS on the ground, 30-110 FPS in the air. All very smooth. Other games work great. Not top of the line, and could use a new sound card, but all quite playable for WWII Online and very reasonably priced. I don't think the game will be more of a CPU hog than it is now for at least a couple of years or more. Total cost (after rebate) ~ $800US
  14. Did you try a system restore?
  15. I noticed with last patch that tracers are displaced from the end of the barrel now. It looks like they originate about 20 meters to the side and behind the vehicle. Never saw that before in three years of playing. Anyone else have the bug? Happens w/ and w/o SSE2, Netcode on & off.
  16. Just started playing on a new AMD 4000+, 1 gig (soon to be 2 gig but 1 new stick failed after a few days) and 7600gt, and am having a strange bug. SOMETIMES the trees have long green cones extending from them ending in a point several hundred meters away. It was there when I have SSE2 checked but when I uncheck it I have not seen this, although I have not played for a long time in this config, so it might be a coincidence. Does this bug sound familiar to anyone? If so how can I fix it? I like the SSE2 because I see a 15+ FPS increase. Thx.
  17. Well the cpu is overclocked 3% and the graphics card is not overclocked. Temps on both are less than 50 deg C.
  18. Yes and yes. Latest nvidia drivers.
  19. Every time I start the game my machine reboots after I get to the start screen (the screen with the poll of the day). Never happened before. Any suggestions appreciated!!!!!
  20. Just built a new computer (ASUS a8n MB, AMD 4000, XFX 7600 GT, 2 GB RAM) and it all work fine but I can't connect to the internet. I loaded all the drivers including that came with the MB including the ethernet driver. I plug in my ethernet cable into to the MB and it says (after a while) that I have a 100 Mb connection (via that little icon in the lower right hand corner), but IE says I am not connected. Any suggestions? I tried reloading the drivers but to no avail.
  21. NM. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it seems to be working...
  22. Put together my first computer and I have a problem. When I turn the power on the cpu and cooling fans come on for a fraction of a second and then stops. It seems as if there is some interrupting the power. I checked all the wiring and it looks OK. The one question I had here is with respect to the power switch and reset connectors: I can't tell which side is ground. These two wire connectors have a small triangle on one side. Is that ground? Any help/advice would be appreciated!
  23. yes the monitor was connected.
  24. Ok I think I found the problem. The system fires up when I remove the graphics card. It was from my previous computer that died when the the power supply and motherboard blew. It must have taken out he graphics card too. So now I need a new video card :/ ......