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  1. About $600 or so. With a less expensive hard drive (7200 rpm) I can hit this mark at TigerDirect. Anyone have a similar system? If so what kind of perfprmance do you get? My old del was a 3.0 Gh P3 with 1 gig Ram and the 6800gt. I got low teens in heavy town fights to 60's in the air with know one around, with setting lat med-high (a mix of stuff high or med).
  2. I have a recurring problem with my keyborad while playing WWIIOL (and only WWIIOL). After what seems to be random intervals (like 10-20 minutes) of playing, the game will not except keyoard input (although the joystick works) until I hit a any key 10-20 times, then the keyboard works again. Switched keyboards and have same problem. I think this started sometime after 1.23. Any ideas what this might be????
  3. The effect seems to be a pentium chip issue. If you have AMD, I think you will be OK.
  4. How can you tell where a system is bottlenecking? I would like to increase my system performance but would like to know what needs to be upgraded. Any suggestions?
  5. I got it occasionalyly before the patch. After 1.24 about 50% of the time. Second try always works, so it is not a big deal. I am using SSE2 (although I thought that was unchecked...hmm...) and I have high Visual Player Limit. I have QoS uninstalled and windows firewall on.
  6. I think it is a pretty good idea. I would give the recruit the option of opting out of the squad log-in. Also you might want the newb to to know if the squad is playing ground, air, or sea.
  7. How do I reinstall? FPS was only slightly worse but never CTD'd w/QoS on. Any help wpuld be appreciated!
  8. Thx. That worked. Anyone else have this problem.
  9. How about Belkin equipment?
  10. Game is much better now when u can play . Camping has been significantly reduced: the best part of brigades IMHO......