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  1. NM. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it seems to be working...
  2. Put together my first computer and I have a problem. When I turn the power on the cpu and cooling fans come on for a fraction of a second and then stops. It seems as if there is some interrupting the power. I checked all the wiring and it looks OK. The one question I had here is with respect to the power switch and reset connectors: I can't tell which side is ground. These two wire connectors have a small triangle on one side. Is that ground? Any help/advice would be appreciated!
  3. yes the monitor was connected.
  4. Ok I think I found the problem. The system fires up when I remove the graphics card. It was from my previous computer that died when the the power supply and motherboard blew. It must have taken out he graphics card too. So now I need a new video card :/ ......
  5. Thanks for the tips. As to isolation, the motherboard is separated from the case by 9 brass standoffs, maybe a 1/4 inch long. They only gave me 5 washers for the 9 screws, so perhaps it is a short. I will try isolating the board by unscrewing oi and physically isolating it. BTW the little green LED light on the motherboard light when I switch the power on and stays on for about 10 sec after I switch the power of. Any ideas on whether the triangle on the connector means 'ground' otr 'power'? Thanks again.
  6. My Dell died (power supply and motherboard are fried) and I need to get a new system, primarily to play WWIIonline. This is what I am thinking of. I'll use the 6800 pci-e video card from my dell. Any suggestions? Asus A8N5X NVIDIA Socket 939 ATX Motherboard / RoHS / Audio / PCI Express / Gigabit LAN / S/PDIF / USB 2.0 / Serial ATA / RAID (3.25 lbs) Ultra 2048MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory (2 x 1024MB) (0.5 lbs) AMD Athlon 64 4000+ / 1MB Cache / 2000MHz FSB / Socket 939 / San Diego Core / Processor with Fan (1 lbs) Power Up Black 2559 ATX Mid-Tower case with Front USB and Audio Ports and 250mm Side Fan (10 lbs) Western Digital / Raptor / 74GB / 10K / 16MB / SATA-150 / OEM / Hard Drive (1 lbs) Xion / 500-Watt / ATX Ver. 2.20 / 80mm Fan / SATA-Ready / SLI-Ready / 20/24-Pin / Power Supply (5 lbs) Lite-on SHM-160P6S / 16x8x16x DVD+RW / 16x6x16x DVD-RW / 8x DVD+R DL / 4x DVD-R DL / 48x24x48x CD-RW / Black/Beige Faceplates / Internal / DVD Writer - Retail (3 lbs)
  7. About $600 or so. With a less expensive hard drive (7200 rpm) I can hit this mark at TigerDirect. Anyone have a similar system? If so what kind of perfprmance do you get? My old del was a 3.0 Gh P3 with 1 gig Ram and the 6800gt. I got low teens in heavy town fights to 60's in the air with know one around, with setting lat med-high (a mix of stuff high or med).
  8. I have a recurring problem with my keyborad while playing WWIIOL (and only WWIIOL). After what seems to be random intervals (like 10-20 minutes) of playing, the game will not except keyoard input (although the joystick works) until I hit a any key 10-20 times, then the keyboard works again. Switched keyboards and have same problem. I think this started sometime after 1.23. Any ideas what this might be????
  9. The effect seems to be a pentium chip issue. If you have AMD, I think you will be OK.
  10. How can you tell where a system is bottlenecking? I would like to increase my system performance but would like to know what needs to be upgraded. Any suggestions?
  11. I got it occasionalyly before the patch. After 1.24 about 50% of the time. Second try always works, so it is not a big deal. I am using SSE2 (although I thought that was unchecked...hmm...) and I have high Visual Player Limit. I have QoS uninstalled and windows firewall on.
  12. I think it is a pretty good idea. I would give the recruit the option of opting out of the squad log-in. Also you might want the newb to to know if the squad is playing ground, air, or sea.
  13. How do I reinstall? FPS was only slightly worse but never CTD'd w/QoS on. Any help wpuld be appreciated!
  14. Thx. That worked. Anyone else have this problem.
  15. How about Belkin equipment?
  16. Game is much better now when u can play . Camping has been significantly reduced: the best part of brigades IMHO......