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  1. With the map expansion, are there any plans to add additional factory towns? I think having a couple of factory town always on the edges of the map would be great for gameplay.
  2. I think any progress the Rats can make isn’t lame, lol.
  3. I would pay $5-20 dollars for various types of skins.
  4. Lol, what defines a ‘side’? equipment, colors, names, starting position? If you switch equipment, is the axis really axis anymore?
  5. Assess, Adjust, Conquer is better than Assume, Complain, Quit. imo
  6. Shouldn’t be too hard to put torpedoes on a HE111 and make torpedo bombers part of the standard kit. Or this in teir 3.
  7. I just liked the game play with few AFV’s in the inf brigades. I always play the losing side when that becomes clear.
  8. Too many tanks in inf brigades for me.
  9. So the Mobile spawn check box on the UI will stay always stay in the same state as the last time you spawned in?
  10. New UI?!? Hallelujah! The current UI is a real PITA! I hope (and pray) this effort is more successful than the last one we have been stuck with for years!
  11. We had the concussion effects once - it totally sucked and drove me to log off - suppression in its worst form. Others did the same do the rats got rid of most of it. The remaining effects are pretty annoying still, to me.
  12. My idea of fun is killing stuff to achieve a mission objective, plain and simple.
  13. This!
  14. Many more inf vs. inf battles this map. I like the new brigade content. I also like the 50mm atg class in tier 0. The new lists are making for fun game play.
  15. Given the success, I hope you think about how to keep this aspect of the game going. Perhaps make all permanent flags infantry brigades and all mobile flags armoured brigades.
  16. They tried it and it didn’t work. What part of that is difficult?
  17. Lol, hope springs eternal. Good to here it’s past the planning stage and implementation has started, although who knows what gremlins you will uncover.
  18. When do half tiers get introduced?
  19. I am most looking forward to the UI remembering your last selection for spawning, lol.
  20. Infantry being able to shoot while seated in/on a vehicle.
  21. M10 invisible turret cover: can't land grenades inside turret.
  22. Shields only for bofors. Need a look around/lean action key for 88 crew to see ahead of them.
  23. Are you up and running?
  24. Do a full install of the latest version. Best and fastest way to go. Remember to save your cfml file.