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  1. Given the success, I hope you think about how to keep this aspect of the game going. Perhaps make all permanent flags infantry brigades and all mobile flags armoured brigades.
  2. They tried it and it didn’t work. What part of that is difficult?
  3. Lol, hope springs eternal. Good to here it’s past the planning stage and implementation has started, although who knows what gremlins you will uncover.
  4. When do half tiers get introduced?
  5. I am most looking forward to the UI remembering your last selection for spawning, lol.
  6. Infantry being able to shoot while seated in/on a vehicle.
  7. M10 invisible turret cover: can't land grenades inside turret.
  8. Shields only for bofors. Need a look around/lean action key for 88 crew to see ahead of them.
  9. Are you up and running?
  10. Do a full install of the latest version. Best and fastest way to go. Remember to save your cfml file.
  11. Awesome job, Rats!
  12. PPO airfields, in my mind, would be a rather short, narrow, single runway with a small building at one end that could only spawn 6-10 fighters only. It could possibly overlay on a road,
  13. Wow! Very nice indeed! Thx Rats.
  14. I suggested some time ago that each side should have a specialized engineer battalion that could do unique things like repair factories, build PPO airfields, place many standard PPOs quickly to build effective sandbag walls and antitank traps, and build pontoon bridges. Each side would only get one of these brigades and it’s use would be strategic. It would be heavy on engineers and trucks with little else, so very vulnerable to attack. I think this would be a great addition to the game.
  15. Can you give us hint?
  16. So what are the new tiers and equipment schedules?
  17. Agree. Also need an ATG/AAA visual damage model.
  18. Infantry weapons only? Or other weapons included?
  19. I like Xoom’s proposal. I think rotation while firing should be severely limited to a 20-30 degree arc, simulating swinging the gun without moving your feet. Rotation could even disabled while firing if that is easier to implement.
  20. Yes! The next few months will be epic for WWII Online, I think.
  21. Overpressure effects would be awesome, too, but I don't expect those until Christmas 2021!
  22. The infantry damage model so it will work correctly with the new HE/KE implementation.
  23. Maybe we will get the DM fixed for Christmas, but I doubt it.