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  1. Can you give us hint?
  2. So what are the new tiers and equipment schedules?
  3. Agree. Also need an ATG/AAA visual damage model.
  4. Infantry weapons only? Or other weapons included?
  5. I like Xoom’s proposal. I think rotation while firing should be severely limited to a 20-30 degree arc, simulating swinging the gun without moving your feet. Rotation could even disabled while firing if that is easier to implement.
  6. Rats, can you change the profile page so that past warnings are not displayed forever? I got a warning 6 months ago (never knew for what, but that is not relevent here) and currently have zero restrictions, but that warning paragraph is displayed at the top of my profile every time I look at it: really irritating! Suggest that the warning text goes away after a set amount of time, like 30 days.
  7. Yes. I deserve to be continually punished. One warning in 14.5 years. I am a sinner.
  8. How can I tell if it will ever expire?
  9. Just an observation: the destroyed roof state shown above looks like it defies physics. The roof beams seems disconnected to the bottom of the building and often to each other. It looks like it is floating: pretty strange. A few more stratecically placed beams would help out immersion immensely.
  10. Awesome! When? Will the tall grass disappear at range so you can see in the infantry that think they in cover?
  11. Maintenance?! Maintenance?!! We don't need no stinkin' 'Maintenance'!!!
  12. Prayers for his family.
  13. .@HATCH Any update you can give on inf DM model status/ETA?
  14. What’s the status of the HE/KE update? Is the infantry DM almost fixed? This is what I have been most forward to since it was announced by Scotsman.
  15. dp
  16. .... and disappointment, unfortunately. I know they are doing their best but this is pretty key, at least to me.
  17. Lol. I think they are only working on p1 atm.
  18. With respect to ATGs and AAAs, the damage model is superimposed on the visual model. They are supposed to be coincident, but, back in the day, for ATGs and AAAs this wasn’t always true. You generally had to hit them in the butt to get a kill - a shot to the head didn’t work at all because the damage model didn’t line up with the head like it was supposed to. So shooting an ATG from the front with an mg and getting a kill was difficult. I am not sure if this is still the case, but would not surprise me. That’s why, coupled with no ATG or AAA VDM, when I am in an AFV, I shoot the [censored] out of them and use a couple of rounds of HE for good measure.
  19. Is there a scout car pack? Pan, Vickers/DAC and 232 would be way more interesting and would sell better than the current light armour pack, IMO
  20. CPs should be RPOs (Rat Placed Objects).
  21. I see. Well, if it’s not too hard, it would be awesome. Especially in big cities.