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  1. I understand the problems of updating and fixing legacy spaghetti code. But periodic updates on big developments would be helpful to the community.
  2. This is good to hear as it was not made very clear in the announcement. It would have also been helpful to provide, at the same time, an update on the HE/KE/infantry penetration fix in conjunction with this change. That is a huge deal and the community has not heard anything on this for a while.
  3. Link is nor working for me.
  4. Realistic ballistics and damage models, a 100+ vehicles and units to choose from, and a vast and ever-changing battleground: it never gets old!
  5. - Kill rings for tanks/tags/aaa, kill flags for planes, and kill medals for infantry - Indigenous partisans, both male and female, that can randomly spawn into unoccupied CPs (or some other random place that would be easy to implement) in enemy towns that have a flag. Dressed in civilian clothes and armed with rifles, pistols, grenades and 1 HE charge. Limited to 10-20 for each AB in a town.
  6. How about giving kill rings on tanks, kill flags on planes, and kill medals on their uniforms, zeroed out each campaign. Very cool perk that doesn’t effect gameplay.
  7. I see very few questions on the help channel these days. It needs to be utilized more.
  8. Lol. I didn’t have any key map changes as I have key mapped most infantry movement and views to the top hat and surrounding keys on my joystick. It works well and doesn’t give me hand cramps, haha.
  9. I was being sarcastic. From my POV the last thing I would want to do, if I were trying this game for the first time, wouldto try and figure the keymapper. I find it very clunky and somewhat difficult to configure. The game has enough annoying idiosyncrasies to deal with for basic game play already (e.g., UI), and directing a new player to the key mapper utility is not, IMO, a good way to start the WWIIOL experience. Best to make the default keycap as standard as possible.
  10. Good idea! Take them directly to the keymapper right off the bat, and have them use this pita utility as their first introduction to the game. I am sure this will increase subscriptions.
  11. Keep up the good work, rats. How is it going?
  12. Ugh! Have to remap several keys.
  13. Do you even know about 1.36? It’s been in the works for at least six months and will take another 3-6 to implement. If the rats majically decided to implement what you want it would probably take a year or so. And most of the rats are volunteers. The quickest change will be 1.36 and that is a major move in the right direction. BTW, these rats are not the old rats. They listen and change pretty well.
  14. You know, the rats have already decided on a solution, explained what it is in detail, and are well into implementation. There are no other paths that is the works. Now the system in development might be tweaked, and those discussions in the forums might be useful. But this discussion of radically changing paths at this point is not worth much if anything, especially from persons unwilling to identify themselves. If you really want to make the game successful, help with the path forward as best you can.
  15. lol. You want to have the freedom to take any town but restrict a players choice of side to play. That would eliminate a good of the remaining player population.
  16. I started playing in 2004. My first squad was the 31st Wrecking Crew, which I joined in either 2005 or 2006.
  17. And either find no one, no battles, or be camped most of the time.
  18. Hey nugitx, what game names did you use previously?
  19. Yes. They should be a special type of brigade, much smaller than a regular one, that can be moved around separately from other brigades. Other special PPOs activities might be: they have reduced PPO timers than regular engineers in combat brigades, they can build high sand bag walls, and can make steep anti-tank berms, and make pontoon bridges. This would be the first 'support' brigade of the game!
  20. It would be somewhat useful as the front line approaches and enemy flight times are shorter and factories are more likely to be destroyed. I think it would be useful to for each side have a special construction brigade that consisted inly of trucks, engineers and a few combat troops that could be deployed as needed. The construction brigade could have a few unique abilities, like bridge repair, factory repair, or a PPO frontline airfield.
  21. Then this game is not for you.
  22. Turn off auto repair althogether. Turn on factory repair by engineers!
  23. I played pre-AO days in the mornings and evenings Eastern time. Some great battles in the evening, struggling for hours to take a few towns (at best). Then in the am the 'Breakfast Club' would roll 5-15 towns that were undefended or defended by a vastly underpopped side. Really frustrating to see towns lost in a 20 minutes that took hours to win over the day before. I just about quit this game beciuase of it, and I think many did. Yeah, the AOs were not the be-all solution, but pre-AO the population was going down fast and moling with bum-rushes were killing the game. Other CRSv1 decisions and factors did not help much imo, but those are other stories. Some type of AO is necessary, and I think 1.36 appears to be a better system. We will see.
  24. Limit radar to 4-5 squares from the nearest freindly cities and above 100m.