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  1. Yeah, this happens to me, too. The games freezes for me and I need to kill the game process. Especially when I have two instances of the game running and I toggle back and forth. I just upgraded my computer and it happened before and after the upgrade (new RAM) so it’s not the RAM.
  2. 1) Return of the old bunkers 2) Increase infantry rendering to 1200m - so planes can see what hey are bombing 3) PPOs: Tall and interlocking sand bags, bushes/brush for camp, mines. Reduce timer on anti-tank PPO. 4) More variegated colors on destroyed buildings - so it is harder to see infantry (like the very old ruined buildings). 5) Darkened interiors of building - so infantry can't be as easily seen 6) Reduce the absurd amount roll for vehicles with their engines turned off 7) Climbable river banks 8) Infantry 'jump' ability over ground objects 9) Blast wave effects. Blast wave visual effect that used to be in the game. 10) Fill out American vehicle kit. 11) Roof access to most buildings. 12) ATG damage model 13) Torpedo planes (Blen, HE111)
  3. 1. Not being able stop stop directly from running - have to cycle through walking first. 2. Wonky despawn sequences - sometimes it takes 5-15 seconds after you die for the timer to start. 3. Some towed guns flip over too easily, such as the 88. 4. Cant undeploy bofors in FB tent without ending up vertical, lol.
  4. There was nothing more fun than defending those old bunkers. The hallways were long enough so attackers would not be able to kill you before you see them. Being killed defending a bunker or cp without having a fighting chance is the bane of this game, and the newer design stink in that regard (sorry Rats). The old bunkers did not have this problem nearly as badly as the new bunkers do. As for getting from the spawn point to the bunker, the AB layout then and now have the same issue, and that is not at all what I was taliking about.
  5. Theoretically that all may be true. But fighting battles in the old destroyed building was a lot more fun that fighting in the current set of destroyed buildings. What keeps people engaged is the level of fun and excitement they feel when they play. Current cities feel cold and sterile, not realistic. Add more smoke, city debris, etc - that would be great, but what we have now, although it may 'look' better, plays terribly. And it is all about gameplay that keeps players interested.
  6. Yep. Need to improve things that effect unrealistic game play.
  7. Ditto.
  8. How is the 64-bit game version coming along?
  9. Hmmmm..... seems odd that the numbers change so much. At some point a number of years ago the frag model was changed, so that may be a significant factor in the number of hits/kill increasing.
  10. Agree about the flag; it’s a dead giveaway. Get rid of it. Why is it needed anyway? I see no use for it. The original idea was to have the FMS look like an ATG emplacement so it can ‘hide’ more easily in the terrain. So taking the flag be away from the FMS makes perfect sense. Also I would suggest that FMSs and other all ATG emplacements (PPOs and permanent ATG pits be made taller so inf can stand up in them) so inf can spawn INSIDE and FMS. An alternative would be to keep the current height but have inf spawn INSIDE the FMS in a kneeling or prone position. The second option is better but whatever is easier should be implemented.
  11. This should never happen.
  12. No. I destroy them on purpose and camp the backside. Usually most players run across the opening until they get killed a few times, lol.
  13. A destroyed depot is easier to camp.
  14. I have complete faith in you guys. Keep up the good work. Idiots are everywhere, unfortunately.
  15. Personally I think the old floor plans play very well and should be kept. Just update the art.
  16. Well, at least it is better than the current design! Lol.
  17. FMS’s are more difficult to camp if the spawn point is placed in a bush. PPO bushes would really help. Think of it as engineers cutting brush for camo purposes. Not a total solution but would be helpful.
  18. The great thing about the old bunkers was the layout. The dimensions and placement of the rooms and halls made for great battles. Long halls made were key!! Can you provide a floor plan of the new 'old' bunkers'.
  19. Another option would be that once an FMS is set up by truck, the ML can move the FMS by foot once but only within a certain distance from the original FMS, say like 200m. This would allow a closer FMS to be placed without alerting the defense as easily, The original FMS would convert to a atg pit once the new FMS was built.
  20. Generally the FMS is better than it’s predecessor. It would help to add several more ppo’s to increase FMS survivabity (e.g.; tall interlocking sand bag walls, bushes, camp nets, ap and at mines). Reducing red zones would help. The sound problem is still a major problem. Sounds generally travel too far in this game, I think. Ambient noise as well terrain and foliage effects are totally missing making the sound environment unrealistic.
  21. I hope this game is around in ten years!
  22. Yes. That bunker, but I don't remember the sandbags. Is that the new 'old' bunker?
  23. I assume this means to type @XOOM in the topic title, correct?
  24. The first priority on the stretch list needs to be the bunkers! That is the best gameplay changes you can make from the overall list.