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  1. I have done that on occasion when the FMS is camped and the call to the mission leader goes unheeded.  I always try to reach the ML several times and then take lead.  If they are on, I usually know it pretty quickly.  If they are not then the situation needs rectifying.


    The last time was a few days ago when the FMS was on the road to the attacking fire base (!) and we lost about 12-15 troops over a 5 min period.  Nothing worse to spawn at an FMS and instantly die, especially for new players.


    Other than camped FMS, others should not take lead and delete the FMS.


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  2. Gold Builder and Monthly Hero Builder here.

    I don't understand anyone why would unsub and then play for free as 'a protest'.  To me it seems that they like the game well enough and just didn't want to pay.  No reason they can't buy starter account IMO.  $5/month is extremely reasonable to grab a rifle in this game.

    I support the two week free sub then no free play; perhaps with the clock resetting every 6 months so folks can have a second look.

    The only free play I support are vets on hard times.  To that end, I would donate my Monthly Hero account, which I never use, to the Rats to distribute to a vet who needs help as they see fit. @XOOM, let me know if that is possible.




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