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  1. XOOM said, "Making the Fortified Mobile Spawn even stronger may be an option..." 

    This, but nothing too elaborate, though.  Just make it twice as large and include man-able ATG guns, one facing in each direction, along with 4 man-able LMGs, a thick barbed wire and mine field surrounding the FMS 30m out, and several war dogs.   It should be made with reinforced concrete and  have several hidden escape tunnels.   Just whip this up for the next patch.  Thanks! :D

  2. The front page with the subscription totals looks a bit wonky.  The Premium Subscription bar is partially colored in but the number reads '0'.

    Also, suggest there be a continuing emphasis on the Drive in the forums and elsewhere.  Saw the rollout but not much since.  Perhaps put a reminder on the game login screen and pin it for a while.  That way everyone who logs in sees it before playing. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, Kilemall said:

    Actually had a huge discussion on this point.


    I'd suggest three primary things-

    1) untying rank to vehicle access, or at least auto access at X rank.  Instead you spend the current rank points to be able to spawn X item.  So inf guys can work their way up and get all the good stuff if that's their thing, tankers can really focus on getting tanks, and our service personas really do take on personal characteristics and abilities.


    2) take the individualization thing a step further and instead of selecting/spending for a new weapon, spend for a new ability.  I would never want abilities like 'take twice as much damage' or 'invisibility' or any aimbot/advantage at shooting accuracy/damage sort of thing, leave the sim bits alone.  Rather, it would be things like translator ability and so enemy chat is now readable, decouple ground marks from air maps unless the persona has a Forward Observer/Recon ability, camo specialist can spawn new PPOs to hide tanks/guns/trucks/FMS, maybe not allow swimming across rivers unless the swimming ability is taken, etc.


    3) points can be put into admission into HC.  This means that candidates would have a minimum of experience and buy-in to join.

    No.  I want my MTV!