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  1. Nice.....
  2. Farewell! Thanks for all the good times that you have given your fellow soldiers. Salute!!!
  3. The patch is a fresh install??
  4. XOOM said, "Making the Fortified Mobile Spawn even stronger may be an option..." This, but nothing too elaborate, though. Just make it twice as large and include man-able ATG guns, one facing in each direction, along with 4 man-able LMGs, a thick barbed wire and mine field surrounding the FMS 30m out, and several war dogs. It should be made with reinforced concrete and have several hidden escape tunnels. Just whip this up for the next patch. Thanks!
  5. I didn't even know there were walkable FRUs anymore. Get rid of them i say, and give HC something that isn't so gamey, like cool unifoems or a capital letter on their on screen name.
  6. Change the layout of the depot cp. It's design makes it frustrating to defend.
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. How many bombs to take down spawn and tents?
  9. Tanks and bofors should not be able to destroys anti-tank obstacles.
  10. They are noobs, more likely.
  11. The 'Goal Meter' on the web page seems inaccurate. The Premium Subscription bar shows some blue but the number is zero. Is something bugged?
  12. Err... need to update the poll, lol.
  13. Sell capital letters for your forum name: one cap letter = $50.
  14. The front page with the subscription totals looks a bit wonky. The Premium Subscription bar is partially colored in but the number reads '0'. Also, suggest there be a continuing emphasis on the Drive in the forums and elsewhere. Saw the rollout but not much since. Perhaps put a reminder on the game login screen and pin it for a while. That way everyone who logs in sees it before playing.
  15. It was on for a few days, I recall. Pretty much like a bad dream. Absolutely no to FF.