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  1. Filling out each countries kit. Higher fidelity terrain.
  2. Xoom, Sometime I would like to hear your thoughts on game development 1-3 years out: where do you see this going, what’s the work going forward, what’s the grand plan you are working to? Understand it will be a plan, and plans usually change, but would be great to know.
  3. This should help to limit spawn camping. One of my favorite things to do ,but bad forthe game.
  4. I think this will add a lot to game play, both offense and defense. Preparing for an attack or defense will be a battle changer. I hope they are in place before the summer. And I hope the the 'old' bunkers are in place before that!
  5. Mine went from 60 to 80. :/
  6. Just curious, Doc, what self determined treatment did you do that appearently worked?
  7. @ScotsmanAny update you can provide on new PPOs?
  8. Great idea! 1) Can it load faster? 2) Definitely needs to be smoother 3) Yes, include army and navy footage 4) Up the contrast a bit.
  9. I alt-tab but recently have had to click the mouse to activate the window. Annoying, but running 2 accounts works about 90% of the time without problems. The other 10% one of the instances will hang up.
  10. SP is ok for now. Anyone on top of the building dies pretty quickly. The First goal is to make the round white pill boxes useful (better design, blockable door, dark interior). More PPO fighting positions (via sandbags, logs, camo bushes) would also be great!
  11. This is what I had in mind when I started the other thread.
  12. Awesome stuff, Scotsman! I think have new fighting position options outdide of town and within buildings would be really great for gameplay. Constructing and manning a defensive line near a town or bridge would be a lot of fun add a new element to the game, especially for squads. Might significantly help low pop imbalance.