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  1. Longer would be better (8-12 hours). I was only able to play for a short while due to other obligations so I was bummed. High player population is what makes this game so fun!
  2. What I suggest are French and Belgium partisans and the Germans using a lot of captured allied equipment, lol.
  3. I think the 'US Factories' should be large receiving warehouses/oil tanks farms at a couple of ports (one in England and one in France) and an interior staging base at in France.
  4. AWESOME!!!!
  5. Best of luck Doc!
  6. Just make FB footprints areas where PPOs can’t be placed like other terrain areas.
  7. 4/2/4 would be more realistic if the French has stopped the Germans.
  8. With the map expansion, are there any plans to add additional factory towns? I think having a couple of factory town always on the edges of the map would be great for gameplay.
  9. I think any progress the Rats can make isn’t lame, lol.
  10. I would pay $5-20 dollars for various types of skins.
  11. Lol, what defines a ‘side’? equipment, colors, names, starting position? If you switch equipment, is the axis really axis anymore?
  12. Assess, Adjust, Conquer is better than Assume, Complain, Quit. imo
  13. Shouldn’t be too hard to put torpedoes on a HE111 and make torpedo bombers part of the standard kit. Or this in teir 3.
  14. I just liked the game play with few AFV’s in the inf brigades. I always play the losing side when that becomes clear.
  15. Too many tanks in inf brigades for me.