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  1. Beware the Myth of the Blitzkrieg. There is a very good reason German Copper resources where so low: so much had been used on shells that had been stockpiled. As BMBM says the High Command where expecting fight a WWI esque fight, where the armour kept up with the infantry. The Germans where ready to fight the last war, where as the British where fighting the next and had heavily motorised themselves. Yes the BEF was the most Mechanised force in the BoF. The new theory therefore is "intelligent disobedience" won the BoF not any high level plan to do what Rommel did for example. Was their "Bitzkrieg" in Poland? That campaign was geographically loaded in the Germans favour so not a fair sample. Edit: Oh crud im getting into history debates again. I like the premise of the original post a lot. Good luck out there all!
  2. ^ Very valid point. We actually now have attrition working as the game is populated to a degree. However, of course, if population goes again we are back at square one. It is a complex one to resolve forward though. People say "give the game back to the Squads!" but then I think, who is in the HC? Squad members! I guess it is a.) the system is complex (tools would help to make it easier and less predicated with people with the right brain for the commands and map management) b.) Human nature - who wants to do what someone else says right? With regards to B.) I think there needs to be a way to tie squads (if they want it..if they will all come flooding back) to the map and positive progress in game. Pep points for acheiving certain map objectives, bragging rights for example as you need to get control of the human condition and direct it.
  3. What do you feel could be done differently David?
  4. Mind boggling numbers!
  5. Re run it. Give others a chance to take part.
  6. Played the game last night. It was awesome with the numbers which is where we all know it shines...
  7. Whilst TOE's did not necersarilybring new players, it stabalised the games population. It became a true wargame, not an FPS of take town rinse repeat without any higher functioning. The question to ask is why did it stabalise the population rather than destroy it?
  8. STEAM has huge numbers doesnt it. Say only 10% of 1 Million of its 14 million players try WWIIOL thats what, 100K players?. Say 1% only of them stick around. That is 1000 new players......
  9. Specialised rounds meant in 1944 that any tank was dead meat.
  10. Can we get rid of the ahistorical tiger turret speed?
  11. I once as an ML rifleman placed a new FRU I found behind an enemy tank. I despawned and spawned back in as a sapper. Say no more.
  12. Basically the drug pusher reference. Makes me always wonder if it's another nickname underneath...
  13. Oh that old reference.