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  1. Whilst TOE's did not necersarilybring new players, it stabalised the games population. It became a true wargame, not an FPS of take town rinse repeat without any higher functioning. The question to ask is why did it stabalise the population rather than destroy it?
  2. STEAM has huge numbers doesnt it. Say only 10% of 1 Million of its 14 million players try WWIIOL thats what, 100K players?. Say 1% only of them stick around. That is 1000 new players......
  3. Specialised rounds meant in 1944 that any tank was dead meat.
  4. Can we get rid of the ahistorical tiger turret speed?
  5. I once as an ML rifleman placed a new FRU I found behind an enemy tank. I despawned and spawned back in as a sapper. Say no more.
  6. Basically the drug pusher reference. Makes me always wonder if it's another nickname underneath...
  7. Oh that old reference.
  8. I like a bit of Beevor. Who doesn't?
  9. ""Blitzkrieg" in 1940's France, as a planned way of war, is a myth. Discuss."
  10. If squads want the kit they can build it up like they did in the past. Seems a good idea to me...if they have the hours to do it and don't have kids/work/family etc.
  11. I am extremely concerned that you will pander to the History Channel version.
  12. move with the body and make fine adjustments..
  13. The ATG game needs to mature again and old skills need relearning. Hopefully KGW will show how it is done
  14. RDP targets need to moved forward - towns behind the lines representing supply chokepoints to reduce the time factor. MANY players are now family laden and cant put in 3+ hrs regularily unless lucky