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  1. Your computer is not designed to play games. Sorry mate but your laptop is a work machine really. It does not have the ability to do what most GPU's "graphic processor unit" can do. My rule of thumb with any laptop, no graphics card, no play.
  2. Could you live stream this event for those of us in the down under.
  3. Got to love Indexing, one of the many bains of any IT existence.
  4. Best way is to disable your anti virus. Your protection must be set very high to Suspicious of the government type scanning. Disable the AV then look into turning your threat protection lower if you can.
  5. As a computer engineer of 10+ years it could be more than just the game. Run the following. 1. sfc /scannow To run the System File Checker in Windows 10/8/7, type cmd in start search box. In the result, which appear, right click on cmd and select Run As Administrator. In the black box type sfc /scannow This will check for system errors. 2. Chkdsk C: /r /f C= the hard disk you have the game installed on. This will ask if you want to schedule the check during reboot. type Y and enter and then you will reboot with a check disk. 3. Run awd cleaner, this program finds malware and removes them. I use it as a professional tool https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/ 4. run updates. Update your pc and reboot after. 5. If its still screwed up then check the rest of your programs for faults and see if its fully broken and reformat.
  6. Technically not, Some games set a registry setting to push the game to the primary monitor. Now if you run two of the same game they use the same registry key to push that game to the monitor. I dont know if this game has it but Star Trek Online's setting is in the file structure of the program itself. If you run both games you will need 2 install directories, one with the modified code and one with out. But this is all if they have a config file with in the folder structure. It maybe obscure code that =0 or =1. If you are very dedicated you might find it. If not then 3rd party programs must exist for this as its the world wide web and you can find anything on there. Or if you can start in windowed mode in the game you can drag the window elsewhere and it should stay.
  7. Hey guys I dont know if anyone else is having this problem but my FPS are very very very very low. Before I could play with no problem with 1.31 but now since the last few patches my computer is like its 10 years old. I dont know whats up but i can play games like Mafia 2 and settlers 7 and other new games. Arma 2 and arma 2 OA and Arma 2 british DLC works with no problems and i have some good detail. I have uninstalled the game and re installed it and even lowered graphics. is it just me?
  8. I even found with my logitech keyboard does nothing too. I can alt tab and hold that then click the welcome window and it moves around so i made it where the ok button is where the mouse would end up and i can left click. but to try and exit it does not present the window to exit when you hit esc. So even the keyboard does not have any input in the game. this is a keyboard and mouse issue in the current version.
  9. its not the g5 series its so far logitech is the issue. some how with my win 7 i can alt tab and bring the screen that shows what windows i have open and when i bring the mouse over the startup ok button or any of the answers to the poll they light up. but you cant click. Also during the alt tab you can click on the welcome screen and it moves with your mouse. I would say its the game's interaction to win 7 or to the windows vista family.
  10. I have noticed that if some users are using visa and are having problems with there downloads or network performance. Try using a old or new software for your nic card. when i re tryed vista i had hardly no download use or even internet use at all. so i updated my nic and now vista works on ww2ol. and downloads are faster. the only issue i seen with vista is the network icon on the top right and a blank loading screen when you spawn in. those are the only real issues i have seen. im using vista business. So if you have vista you may want give it a try again.
  11. if it was after lets say 9 10 at night cent time i could make it. its the holidays here in the states and as being a vet i do enjoy this holiday more then most. if i can i will be on the server.
  12. i have my old world war 2 online cd and cd key from 2001 now can i check somewhere what name is reg under that. because i dont know if i have registered or not. i think i did but is there a way to locate where that key is used and whos using it. i would really like to know. if so i would switch everything over to him.
  13. i have been trying to go of vista more and more and i have found you can play but also it is a major deal with drivers and other attachments on your system. if anyone has a cd key i can barrow to keep up my personal testing that would be great. im currently running on a time limited copy. if you have the uber copy that is what i prefure to test on.
  14. also make sure that all programs that might request internet access does not. IE automatic updates, automatic virus updates too. also try using a shealded crossover phone line. it will be high grade. but it might assist in better phone signal.
  15. can i use this on my forum for vista support http://www.phpbbserver.com/ww2olvistasuppo/