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  1. go to C:\Users\YourName\Documents\WWIIOnline\ and delete whatever inside before you install anything just after downloading the patch and client closed to open the installer, works for me/on windows.
  2. Congrats lads
  3. @Quincannonit was HC fms from oost that was still up and moveable, regarding heavy EWS, Server had Maintenance that day and we had 1:30min until server reboot so all of axis spawned in sandwich before even radios are hot.
  4. Q-3 was the most annoying one for me tbh == " to be honest", what attract me in this game was how much it can take at one time, I mean what's the point of "Dividing the playerbase between different servers (max 100 players per server)", if this happen I will just play COD or Battlefield 5, this game is special because of its main idea or the concept of it, you will never find a game like this that can combine air, land and naval at one go and enjoy playing it. I'm not one of the legends who have been around the game since it began or 5<or more but the idea of moving to UE4 and reduce it's world size and number of players it will kill the game "in my opinion".
  5. cool, thx for the update and fast reply !S
  6. Ok, I haven't been around the game since months "mainly because the game is so addictive that I start to lose grasp on my studies" and I know this is an old post regarding the UI, however I always wanted to point out that UI is what attract new players to the game, the current players and also for Veterans who don't play the game anymore, UI is important , as for me it was hard to understand the UI when I started playing the game but I forced myself to understand it, Im sorry if this was already pointed out in other post and btw I can't wait for 1.36. Good luck everyone !S
  7. well there is a something you could type that shows you the status of FB ".own", i do it all the time, this how axis defend their FBs !S.