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  1. lol what a crock write up. Not blameing u bacon. See in 1986 I was in the M1-E1 in germany. We were the frontline tanks at Folder Gap. There was no M1-A1 yet in service because the M1-E1 was the M1-A1 proto type.
  2. ya in 1985 there was the M1 and the M1-E1. it does have a look like them tho.
  3. it was last weekend.
  4. KGW has a con every year. This year it's in prog.
  5. trying to broker a load to dallas or FTW area. There just might be a doosh in the area
  6. hey hans i will say your right when it comes down to a defensive stand. I've seen thoses in action to. I was very impressed.
  7. Well I can say this, I serve the army back in the early 80's. I was the first ever tank division to be given the M1. I was in 2/5 Cav. I was in a corhart unit done by the military for armor. Over 700 hundred started 530 finished. I was in the M1,M1E1, and the M1A1. Who here remembers the E1. The M1 far down beats all here. I drove and fired the Leapold-II to me it was a peice of junk. There isn't much I don't know about the M1's. Except the newest and latest one's.
  8. Ok I'll be the Tucker DD-374 Destroyer