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  1. Ya that happened with me and a Stuka the other day... no fun
  2. Well haven't ordered anything yet... Wanted to do a solid 2-3 weeks of research on everything that is needed to get the best bang for my buck. This Friday is when I'm going to order everything at once. $1600 total
  3. All good advice, thanks guys
  4. So right now my build is .... CPU: i7 7700k (@lipton Now not sure if i should get the i7 7700k or i5 6600k... Ill have to do more research on that) CPU Cooler: Auraflow 240 GPU: GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid liquid cooled Motherboard: Asus STRIX Z270-E Gaming Memory: G.Skill Trident Z RGB (2x8 gb) Hardrive: Samsung - 850 EVO 250GB SSD M.2 (this computer is strictly need for bigger harddrive) PCU: Corsair - RMz 650W 80+ Gold Case: DIYPC Vanguard RGB....Has 3 intake fans and 1 exhaust fan already installed OS: Windows 10 Home Edition - 64 bit I'm pretty sure this is more than enough to run this game with no problems.
  5. Thanks for the reply guys. I figured there was only so much I can do on my end to get best performance. Hopefully the game servers will be updated soon, especially with the amount of people Steam brought in.
  6. Does anyone know the path that this game is going to take with the way the code is written. Not sure if that question makes sense. I'm currently building a new computer STRICTLY FOR WWIIONLINE. I know this game as of now only uses 1 or 2 cores and is more CPU dependent than GPU dependent. I am currently looking at the i7 7700k 4.2ghz overclocked to 5ghz 4 core/8 thread and the new Ryzen 7 1700 3.0ghz overclocked to 3.9ghz 8 core/ 16 thread CPU. Can anyone foresee this game using more than 4 cores to operate? I know the i7 is far superior when it comes to gaming. But I also know that newer games will start using more cores. Again this PC is not for multitasking or streaming, the only reason I would go with Ryzen having more cores is if WWIIONLINE will someday require more than 4 cores. Again, its strictly for WWIIONLINE. I also have a 144hz monitor and will be using the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 hybrid AIO card. Any input is appreciated. Thanks! -Skyhawk
  7. What do you mean virtual resolution across all three? (not super tech savvy)
  8. Has anyone hooked up 3 monitors so you get peripherals in this game? Does this game even support that? If so, please elaborate a little more as I am trying to do this. Thanks,