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  1. http://www.topotijdreis.nl/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nimhimages https://www.flickr.com/photos/nimhimages/albums/with/72157681932494625
  2. *wakes up* Did we had another famous "ardennen offensive" ? Last one I remembered was in 2006 PS: the toughest part during that time, was to motivate axis players to login again, but that was managed by updating on the forums every 10 minutes or so People got so curious they started to slowly login again and kept playing. I guess that happened maybe here as well.
  3. Well, gonna try a full download then. see if that works.
  4. Is the patch server down or so? It keeps hanging on connecting to patch server, after it says it found an update. Turned my firewall and all kinds of stuff off and tried then, but it keeps hanging, no matter what I do.
  5. Well, Willem "Bill" met the dutch king today and was honored at the dutch national veteran day.
  6. Just posting some stories. This person is 92 and now returned for a visit to Rotterdam, as one of his last wishes, he wanted to go back for a bit, where he fought as one of the few marine troops in rotterdam, defending the bridges vs the german advance from the south. They barely were in the army yet, they barely had resources, but they fought like crazy, so the germans called them"black devils", since they had black coats. Here are some articles about him, first one, that made me post this: http://www.lfpress.com/2014/05/06/willem-ramakers-is-off-to-meet-the-king Some other links, that also give some background information: http://www.ww2-landmarkscout.com/2013/04/rotterdam-blitz-city-on-fire-netherlands.html http://lars-van-lier.blogspot.nl/2010/12/almost-forgotten-story-behind-lion-from.html Animation movie: dK6XbSZD0So A dutch site with information about the Southern front, maybe you can use google to translate the site. http://www.zuidfront-holland1940.nl/index.php?page=maasbruggen-rotterdam
  7. I had long ago a second account, which is inactive for several years now. To my supprise I am getting an email in my box, with text like this: Our records indicate that your subscription billing has failed due to unsubscription or invalid/incorrect billing data. This *may* cause your account to be deactivated. -------------------------------------- Now in my case, you could luckily not bill that account, since the creditcard is no longer valid, but I really wonder are you trying to bill every inactive account now automatically?? I would advise to look into it, because you might now bill people by accident, the ones, who still have a valid card connected? I just checked the account management, under plan: CURRENT SUBSCRIPTION CURRENT STATUS CURRENT PLAN NEXT PLAN CURRENT BILLING METHOD Premium Subscription Inactive WBS Vets Day 2013 Monthly Master Card - expires Aug, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------- Now it might be smart, to change the NEXT PLAN, because I do not think anyone of the inactive account owners, gave you permission to change the next plan from inactive to monthly. I just see you moved it, but it was more a warning for players
  8. Lot of people fight in the game around this town, although the landscape isnt designed well there. Here is a little documentary about a battle in the early days of the war: VJOLDhoOg6o
  9. Ok, last week, 150k of photo's of historical material was placed online by the dutch institute for militaric history was placed online. They will add new photo's to the digital collection every week. Its not just old photo's there is also rather modern photo material to search for. There is no english portal, but still, if you know the search terms, you can see really interesting pictures. Otherwise, maybe you can use the google site translation tool. It might be advised to know the dutch terms for the months for it. For example: interesting keywords is mei 1940 (mai 1940) I did a search for example for : g-1 , which shows cool pictures of the fokker g-1 plane. http://nimh-beeldbank.defensie.nl/nl/alle-afbeeldingen The above is the link to all the pictures. Below is the search link to g-1: http://nimh-beeldbank.defensie.nl/nl/alle-afbeeldingen/weergave/search/layout/result/indeling/gallery/start/112/q/zoekveld/g%5E1 PS: some old link to another site, this one has english portal: http://www.waroverholland.nl/
  10. Nice document with photo's of surviving panzers, sitting in all kinds of museums: http://the.shadock.free.fr/Surviving_Panthers.pdf
  11. http://www.pararesearchteam.com/ Pretty interesting site.
  12. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/391/velo2jpgln6.jpg/ Thats a picture from some forum. Check this site, its in dutch, sorry, use google site translation otherwise. http://fliegerhorst.come2me.nl/ Another side with pictures: http://www.nederlandseluchtvaart.nl/forums/f34-vliegvelden-infrastructuur-airfields-infrastructure/fliegerhorst-venlo-16553/
  13. On this side they have roughly 110k photos of RAF/USAF aerial photo's listed http://www.dotkadata.com/en Big part of the side is in dutch, but still its really cool to see.
  14. You can also steer turrets with it, if you really want, but its tricky. Flying and walking track-ir rocks.