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  1. You get out of this game what you put into it. When you experience hunting down a tank as a sapper, crawling through bushes and sprinting when you think it's clear and then finally smacking that satchel on the tank (heart pounding) you get hooked. The more effort it takes the more exhillerating it is to succeed. It takes time to take a protected depot. If you get shot three or four times before suceeding you are already angry and hell bent on making sure it remains your personal castle. When you take off as a group of bombers and support fighters and climb as teams for a factory bombing run it feels awesome. Add comms, 40 minutes of concentration mixed in with the knowledge that enemy fighters are hunting you and trying to destroy your 40+ minutes of hard'll understand how we get hooked. Working with 3 or 4 experienced players to take down a forward base that no one thought could be taken can be a crazy adrenaline rush. As much as 30 minutes of driving and sneaking culminating in 20 seconds of all out mayhem...woot!!!. There are very few moments like that in a shoebox game. Getting a big congrats from your side is extremely satisfying. The list of fun goes on and on. When you work for it the payback is worth the wait. Get on teamspeak. Type questions on the help channel. Look for an in-game trainer by typing .tr . Hook up with a squad like the weasels. chkicker
  2. Atgs to weaken or shake the aim at least of the defensive lines. maybe a couple of eggs. smoke of course. Possibly set a defensive line near woods so that offensive line can get much closer before showing up in the open. Best 3 out of 5? Sounds like fun!!
  3. Does not work for me MM.
  4. lol. Yeah. I'm visiting my folks. I had my fill for the night so I've locked myself in their office and am praying to the internet gods that I'll be able to get meh laptop running.
  5. XOOM was just told about it. He is looking into it. Fingers x'd.
  6. trying to get my laptop up and running. download still not working. is there a link to the full pc download?
  7. Are you running teamspeak as an administrator? On another note, I run 3 systems. My audigy2zs soundcard is hit or miss since last patch when it comes to mic. I need to adjust it daily. What is your soundcard. I assume you've updated the drivers.
  8. Yes. I've had Trackir 5 running for months in this game. I've only been able to try this latest version in today's new download in the offline training. I've checked for software updates and I've tried detecting the controller in-game. Hopefully it's just temporary.
  9. Anyone get Trakir5 working with 1.31? I've updated the ir5 but it still won't work.
  10. the only ugly was my wing as i was meticulously torn apart by some good boforing!
  11. "A pure BLAST!" It was great getting on Teamspeak with a large formation of bombers and hearing the hoops, hollers and congratulations whenever we knocked down a bridge. Good job AAA. You pushed it right to the last few minutes. Hats off to whoever suggested the aaa sweep on the last rush as the minutes ticked down. I didn't catch who it was on TS. I can't wait for the next one!