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  1. cant even get beta to finish setup
  2. Maybe you should then consider a payed account to help with funds to get this in game, or do you want your cake and eat it
  3. game patched ok, but now when trying to launch the game , splash screen appears, game starts to load, progress bar gets to loading sounds ,then crash to desktop. no error code, nada. Anyone else have this?
  4. i too now have this error, was playing earlier today and went to log in there now, got this error message
  5. Edited for signal:noise ratio.
  6. glad to see someones on their toes, yep i asked him and he said it only shows windows as sys requirements on back of game . Doh will have to put bootcamp or similar on imac to let him play all these now, not looking forward to that ,lol
  7. Hi guys, My son has an imac and yesterday it started to misbehave. When he tries to load a cd game (age of empires) it wont auto run, it tries to open it with itunes because ther is a music file in the folder, all the folders are visible and you can click on them but nothing happens, lots of data files etc. Thanks in advance David Ps. thought it might be like windows and tried to change file assoc. when a dvd/cd is inserted but cant seem to get anywhere
  8. Thanks Gophur, i have the gtx 460 so that may well be the cause David
  9. 3rd time today , has robbed some poor luftie of a kill not that im complaining...but would really (*&& me off if it happened to me Has generated a report to send to microsoft?? can i save this somehow to send to crs? Noticed that in the report it says i have an amd cpu?? i have an intell i7920?? had an amd up untill a year ago
  10. redpadlocks beside all your personas when you log back in to the game after ctd
  11. been getting the old padlock bug past few days along with ctd's. All it says is that ww2ol has encountered a problem ,blah ,blah, blah:mad:. seems to happen only when i blow up?? David
  12. I keep ctd at antwerp , no problems anywhere else just when i go to land?
  13. Asus Rampage 1 or 2 are good. I have rampage 2 with i7 920 and 2 old gtx 7800's.. get well into the hundred fps full detail CHZACC