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  1. did the uninstall old game , installed new game, choose to keep files, everything worked last night, today logged in and now keymapper fcuked up , shows that it is fine in keymapper and i have choosen joystick/all the bindings are as they should be , but cant use for atg/tanks/air. have used detect controllers etc still not working, joystick is working ok . Looked at cfml files and have replaced just in case....nada
  2. Thanks John, seems to have corrected itself, although i did replace the cfml file which seemed to be the same , but heyho, who nows what wonderful workings of the digital gremlins ;-)
  3. panic over, done another install and seems to work now? although didnt ask if i wanted to use old files?
  4. im happy with this, seems fair on all sides, this addresses only problem i had with the running around hip shooting, dont mind it if not moving
  5. would rather see 'events' run during intermission and not while campaign is live, simply as numbers are low at times and pulling away players to do an event can mean even lower defense/attack . Personal opinion. maybe add a 'during intermission 'option?
  6. Thanks Milo, Yes windows 10 and nvidia, i'll give it a go
  7. ww2 will load ok, but after loading screen, it shuts down and error box pops up saying ww2.exe encountered a problem and needs to shut down, i get a notifacation saying 'application WW2.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware' Have reinstalled game but same thing happens ? any thoughts greatly appreciated David
  8. Maybe you should then consider a payed account to help with funds to get this in game, or do you want your cake and eat it
  9. Hi guys, My son has an imac and yesterday it started to misbehave. When he tries to load a cd game (age of empires) it wont auto run, it tries to open it with itunes because ther is a music file in the folder, all the folders are visible and you can click on them but nothing happens, lots of data files etc. Thanks in advance David Ps. thought it might be like windows and tried to change file assoc. when a dvd/cd is inserted but cant seem to get anywhere
  10. glad to see someones on their toes, yep i asked him and he said it only shows windows as sys requirements on back of game . Doh will have to put bootcamp or similar on imac to let him play all these now, not looking forward to that ,lol
  11. I keep ctd at antwerp , no problems anywhere else just when i go to land?
  12. Asus Rampage 1 or 2 are good. I have rampage 2 with i7 920 and 2 old gtx 7800's.. get well into the hundred fps full detail CHZACC
  13. She has one every year for pete's sake...this doesnt happen that often