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  1. only shows up as hurricane in aar, if you go and look in your player sorties, then it is listed correctly there, just a minor bug but still needs fixed
  2. just ctd'd was at fb threw a smoke grenade , win10 64bit
  3. ty, 2pdr nosing over would be good to get rid of
  4. Maybe all thats sorted you can focus on getting game to run without going down everyday and maybe, just maybe fix some of the old bugs
  5. just open your chat bar ingame and type it
  6. mine crashes when i open map up not always , but most times when i start to scroll across it when i open it, also noticed that frame rate drops to 5 - 10 when map open, never did this before, i have framerate locked at 60fps normally in game
  7. you dont need to do it on training server, just spawn in on main server
  8. it's training on main server not the training server, type .graduatetrue, however training only takes 10-15 minutes and will shake the rust off
  9. after installing new client am unable to take out ai towers /pits with 2 pdr, it killed me though
  10. to be fair your GIF does suggest that you have a problem with bugs
  11. Would be nice if we could hear some feedback on how the recent booth at the airshow went ?
  12. dont worry Andy, if you work hard and be diligent, you get the next award......THE ROBERT BRUCE award for persistance
  13. im happy with this, seems fair on all sides, this addresses only problem i had with the running around hip shooting, dont mind it if not moving
  14. would rather see 'events' run during intermission and not while campaign is live, simply as numbers are low at times and pulling away players to do an event can mean even lower defense/attack . Personal opinion. maybe add a 'during intermission 'option?
  15. cant even get beta to finish setup
  16. game patched ok, but now when trying to launch the game , splash screen appears, game starts to load, progress bar gets to loading sounds ,then crash to desktop. no error code, nada. Anyone else have this?
  17. i too now have this error, was playing earlier today and went to log in there now, got this error message
  18. Edited for signal:noise ratio.
  19. been getting the old padlock bug past few days along with ctd's. All it says is that ww2ol has encountered a problem ,blah ,blah, blah:mad:. seems to happen only when i blow up?? David
  20. Thanks Gophur, i have the gtx 460 so that may well be the cause David
  21. 3rd time today , has robbed some poor luftie of a kill not that im complaining...but would really (*&& me off if it happened to me Has generated a report to send to microsoft?? can i save this somehow to send to crs? Noticed that in the report it says i have an amd cpu?? i have an intell i7920?? had an amd up untill a year ago
  22. redpadlocks beside all your personas when you log back in to the game after ctd