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  1. It's coming back up now, most if not all should have access.
  2. Submit a support ticket describing your request at please.
  3. Forwarded to appropiate staff member.
  4. Should work now.
  5. Added to master sticky
  6. Dotsie had some similar issues, so try to read up on the thread he created that is a sticky in this forum aswell.
  7. Your display driver is around a year old; Try downloading the latest one found here:
  8. Provide the information stated in the second post of this (sticky) thread please:
  9. Only people in certain usergroups may have an custom avatar. Included but not limited to moderators, HC, ad-fund, builders..
  10. That's pretty weird, all of your subscription info seems fine. Try to clear your cache and then log out and in again on the forums please. A shot in the dark but who knows, it might help. If not I'll have to dig deeper into it.
  11. The link was broken (AMD doing mainteinance). But yes, the AMD dual core patch / optimizer should fix this problem.
  12. Everyone is able to record their own screen (including the game) and distribute at will (aslong it is not commercial, so Youtube should be fine). See if you could use this program that is free with trial:
  13. To get your full system information including driver details use this method:
  14. Sounds good, I'll wait for your reply later before continuing the support. And ofcourse I remember you, who could forget all the bomber raids with you, lloyd and the boys?
  15. In the settings (you can use the settings outside of the game for this) have you changed your audio source from default "primary sound card" to "your soundcard"? If so and problem still persists it would be helpful if you could copy - past your dxdiag.txt (with only the first sections that includes driver versions etc).