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  1. Is this like in the movie, it was like: "I love the smell of ice-cream in the morning.... its smells like...?"
  2. another caption on the same photo puts Noak in the 2./Pz.Jag.abt 46 . So Knights Cross 1940, abt 46 - then Oak Leaves Jan 42 as leader of abt 137 as above from ndcfs. He later went on to command Panzerjäger-Abteilung 654 (later part of II./Panzerjäger-Regiment 656) first equipped with Ferdinands in late 43 then JagdPanthers. So 137th Infantry Division - as your original photo must be 42-43 it seems. Division disbanded November 1943. Component units below: Order of battle (1940) Infanterie-Regiment 447 Infanterie-Regiment 448 Infanterie-Regiment 449 Artillerie-Regiment 137 Divisionseinheiten 137 Order of battle (1943) Grenadier-Regiment 447 Grenadier-Regiment 448 Divisions-Bataillon 137
  3. thank you.
  4. great work CRS and team. but yes, trains, please.
  5. Thank you, as always, for the detailed explanation. And yes, players might like and even pay for shurzen (as cosmetic micro-transactions or in game currency if we ever get there). But most all - my first, and basic WWII knowledge came from Sgt Rock and Big Al, Little Al and Charlie Cigar of Easy Company.
  6. force a box click from mission leaders by revising the current (useless and mostly meaningless ) selectable mission descriptors on the create mission screen (you know: resupply, point attack, point defense, area defense etc in left bar) so they become useful and COLOUR CODED (by tick in box colour like current FMS green tick or mission text colour in active battles tab, or any tab for that matter) > Attack Missions (ie. linked to active A0 with FMS) : green > Defense Missions (linked to active DO) : red > FB Missions (defend, blow, check) : yellow > Other Missions (whatever they may be including defaulting to this when an AO mission FMS goes down) : blue
  7. You can use the ingame 'hammer' to build a capital letter. But it might crush that 'L' to an 'i' if you're not careful.
  8. its a cult game. there are small cults around stat/weapons players (czeska, hathcock, catfive, squidrd <your favourite here>); other cults around HC mapmovers (dfadd, fenir, potthead, ce, henning, dcoy, dinker, loonie <your name here>); and other cults around squads; KGW, 23rd, Schwartz Trucking, <all your squad names here>). I think there are even cults waiting for the return of stairways to rooftops, 2D buildings, climbable trees and 'hard' forests. my personal cult favourite was Bud4U of 23rd who flew C-47s by so calculated and exact long/lat, ground height and air speed that he could drop 10 paras from 300m into the little high-walled porch leading into the old white concrete bunkers beside the air raid siren.
  9. wow. whoever said earlier that the people who got tired of trying to whine the game to death have given up and moved on to whine the forums and website to death is right. why not go all the way, folks, and try to convince the world that WWII itself was a gigantic russian hoax?
  10. At 4 billion lines of code we could have almost 173 REAL F-35s in game. That would help the allies a lot.
  11. Agree. All forums should be FTP except OT which should become Pay-To-Win.
  12. This question has already been answered numerous times in OT.