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  1. Yeah. Keep on, Doc. Cochlear implants as mentioned can do wonders - helped a friend of mine a lot in the new world of his recovery. And I have to say I thought Stanky's words were 'hang in and fight the food fight' - which may be exactly what you need. Prayers as always.
  2. Welcome back. A campaign is on right now, though near the end - make sure you log into the campaign server to get in the fight where the missions are.
  3. amazing. thx for your time in doing this.
  4. forums and OT back to so-called normal now. but think trilobyte is right about steam purchasers/forums. they have WWIIOL Steam Forums but to use the premium forums here they'd need a direct sub with CRS. Odd. And tragic too - think how many Steam players are missing out on OT. We suggested to CRS that they create a custom 'OT DLC' over at Steam, say for one or two thousand dollars - the wisdom is worth it - but no go.
  5. Apologies. We got carried away because we're allied now. And they're out of moustaches in OT.
  6. Don't like squads getting compliments much do you, Moz? We feel privileged you keep count. Here's our stats: QOR FBS Blown 3,242 > Moz FBS Defended > 0. That's just the last 5 campaigns in which we're 5-0. So I guess we do win. Each to his own stats. We love you and you should cheer up. Maybe consider joining StatsGruppen - they are the cool ones.
  7. never run out of satchel charges Moz, do you? even easier now with air bombs on veh tents. get your bofors out.
  8. its for real. we learned it all from C5.
  9. steam has no stats?
  10. Off-Topic, since its much-heralded move to become a sub-forum of the Hybrid Supply Forums has now officially been granted the right to reward all players who post in OT 1000 free kills on their CSR page. So now visiting OT will not only greatly improve your politics to humour ratio it will help with your K/D as well. We welcome this bold step into the future of the CSR/OT/Player Relationship Cycle.
  11. 4 great names.
  12. Minimum Risk. Maximum Stats.