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  1. very smart and hopefully do-able. thank you for the very specific, positive recco and examples.
  2. Over my many years, I feel I've become an expert at blowing up trucks in game: its easiest to do on the wooden gates at AB exits; quite easy on lampposts; do-able, but takes practice, on the various roadsigns and that stupid ruined wagon along some of the roads; fairly rare but not impossible when crashing into buildings (especially damaged-state buildings) but you have to get the angle just right; but impossible when crashing into trees, berms, logs or stone walls (but all of those will kill the passengers, so we got that going for us)
  3. snapshots of your nurses will be fine.
  4. agree fully. especially on the hype/marketing/join or support the alpha/beta testing of wwii 2.0 online bit. (a la shroud of the avatar for example) the only split energy option (as per JWilly's post) if CRS has the resources, might be to position 2.0 as a 'new 2.0 theatre expansion' of the current version with the aim of backfilling/upgrading/recreating the current map/theatre once the 'new theatre' is launched. the only reason to consider this method of 2.0ing is that / is if a smaller/easier new theatre (africa? western russia? normandy?) could get to market sooner, faster easier cheaper than a fuller western europe 2.0 replication.
  5. yes. and now available for you. but only in Canada.
  6. As Yogi Berra said when asked - what time is it - : "You mean now? "? Or is 03/12/2018 at 6:30 pm sever time like 04/12/2018 ? Like not now, but tomorrow now?
  7. Its an unwritten rule, that perhaps should be written (or coded), that one does not blow FBs during intermission. Used to be that one didn't fully cap towns to bounce brigades (via bunker cap) either during intermission.
  8. ML's can already place waypoints including custom waypoints with specific text (ie. spawn, AI, capme, diehere, etc) anywhere around an objective/AO/DO. These ML waypoints however can only be seen by players on that specific mission. It would be good /better/different if an AO/DO OIC (though fairly rare these days to see an active OIC linked to an AO/DO) could place waypoints/info markers/sub-objectives around an AO/DO visible for any mission to or from that target. Or if a squadleader or squad could place waypoints across/around an AO/DO visible to the squad and/or any MLs/FMS participating in the squad AO/DO and/or any players spawning in on squad missions/squad objective fms. In effect, this might simply mean a squad leader or squad as a group acting as OIC for a specific objective.
  9. Great post. Fresh, clear insight. 'Time to Contact' or 'Time to Action' are what matters to newer, younger players, or anyone with a short time to play in a game session or a short attention span. This has been partially recognized before and the (then/current) solution was the 'Active Battles' tab. Active Battles may work, but not that well, given the post above. Perhaps it gets lost without more context. And/or perhaps what is needed is a separate, simple, short; 'Fast Action' or 'Instant Contact' tutorial that leaves some of the more complex game layers out. Plus the emphasis on missions with an FMS (i.e most new players first advice other than 'join a squad' is 'get on a mission with an FMS checkmark') can be confusing. AOs/DOs: often missing is the basic understanding that Attack Objectives and Defense Objectives are the main focus of action or enemy contact and almost NOWHERE ELSE: so look for the red or green flashing boxes around city names on the map Missions: no clear understanding (or tutorial) about missions, <origin> <target> of missions, way for new player to understand a 'spawnable in town' mission on an AO (very instant action) - many new players still leap on a big bar/fms checkmark mission outside of town when there is a spawnable in town; or a dfms mission outside of town when they are needed in an ab/depot mission inside of town on a DO (also instant or faster contact) FMS: most players leap on a mission with a checkmark (FMS (though the mission screen still calls them 'MS') and/or the biggest/longest population bar, yet: > fms can be far from the action or camped; there is no way to know ahead of time - could be a 2k+ out ZOC fms; an about to die FMS; a leftover FMS from some old mission not linked to an AO/DO; a distant /no current action Defensive FMS; a no action FB bust >fms rarely have mission orders written out or if so, no one reads them and/or no one realizes Mission Orders (if written by ML) can be read before actually spawning on an FMS or mission > perhaps a new UI is needed to allow basic mission orders to be clicked instead of written, ie. rather than the current attack/defend/supply missions (basically useless, old mission definitions from years ago) there needs to be a bunch of clickable buttons to at least get the basic goal of a mission clarified; ie > defend depot x, attack depotx, AO spawnable missions, DO spawn depot defense mission; fb bust, defend ab/town; attack ab/ general town attack; AO mission/direction (ie. n/e sw, whatever) ; armour/tank mission, atg mission, out of town DFMS/direction etc. Current Anomalies > weirdness in finding Naval missions which don't show up on Active Battles and require an actual 'switching persona' mechanic to find/join > same for Air missions > and often for Para missions seems many new players either play without chat bar up or don't read it (or read anything) hence new missions, join missions, spawnable up, para mission etc. info gets lost or hard to communicate other than by voice lack of understanding/comprehension/explanation in tutorials of simplicity of 'join' function for missions lack of understanding/comprehension/explanation in tutorials of fast switching to new missions on an AO or DO (spawn up or down, whatever) and general reluctance of new players to hit escape/RTB/switch fast from old dead missions to new action missions quickly lack of basic understanding of trucks (often called 'cars' by new players) and their role in setting FMS rather than driving people to action or around rather than waiting for or looking for missions with an FMS already up Often wonder in talking to new players if the very notion of 'missions' is weird in the broader context of all gaming (ie missions = quests) since missions in WWIIOL aren't actually missions per se; but groupings or mechanics to achieve a broader mission or goal since given the actual game structure, the only 'real' missions that move the campaign needle are: cap a depot/defend a depot; capture a town/defend a town. One could add blow up or defend a FB or CAP/CAS or RDP bombing or on a personal level - kill xx ei or blow up xx ets; or mission: find and kill enemy FMS or look for/suppress enemy trucks/movement from a > b; or suppress enemy airfield/airplanes but that would require either a tutorial explanation or different/simpler UI or another different layer to the concept of 'mission'.
  10. Great player. But aren't you supposed to say: "Thank you. Thank you very much"?
  11. +10 / New AOs would simulate both the old 'area of operations' and the broader 'area capture' concepts both much discussed.
  12. Well deserved. Although I would give a higher award to his friend and alter-ego Volke11.
  13. +10 // great ideas. someone also mentioned somewhere the idea of Paras for both side having a slightly faster cap timer to encourage more para drops. not too realistic but new players (as we all did) love para drops.
  14. need trains to go on train tracks. tracks can be bombed. civilian ticket sellers and passengers too.