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  1. +10. treat the game like its in beta development - especially with the launch on steam and new player potential. try stuff to test live and learn, analyze and adapt on the way to a revised strat layer, new/cleaner ui, and maybe even 2.0
  2. thank you for the update. lot of work. appreciate it.
  3. yeah, I'm an old timer and dont like to agree with some of this new stuff, but I agree. double xp weekends (not just thanksgiving, but all the time); drive any tank you want week, etc. are all good things to try for new players - especially if the subscription model stays the same.
  4. Be interested to know why you think this and what the comparisons are.
  5. thanks for the clear and honest information. looking forward to how it all works out and please never be afraid of trying something as a beta test in a live campaign or intermission.
  6. Agree. Steam Launch wasn't a home run - but its exposure to tons of gamers (400K+ downloads) and the gaming business brought in some new blood and most importantly new perspectives and new issues - from chatbar lock to screen resolution, camping, need for better tutorials, lack of ui intuitiveness by modern standards etc etc etc - lot of stuff rarely if ever discussed here cuz it wasn't a clear issue until Steam. Take a long view - and this game deserves a long view since its still going after 16+ years - its another big phase in the long beta of the game's dev. Hopefully there's enough learning and enough money to keep going and fix stuff one step at a time.
  7. from the other side. Mook2 is very good player. Still waiting to meet Mook1 and Mook.
  8. sort of agree. someone said elsewhere (vas duten maybe) that when he first saw the description of the game and the game box he was sold. many steam players seeing/reading air/navy/inf/huge map/ brit/french/german etc. are attracted to the concept - but turned off in the first instance - not by mechanics or tactical details but by the broader clunky graphics, tech bugs and ui, cost and mostly (as evidenced by all the simple questions asked by steamers) the non- intuitiveness of it all as ingrained in most modern games by convention. game design can evolve, change and react over time just as the current game has had changes with fbs, mobile truck spawns, AOs, HC, Toes, (for better or worse) over time. wwii ol can, should and must continue to try/test/do these type of changes. but you've read the reviews - specific immediate actions (like FMS build time, or warping brigades) has NOTHING AT ALL to do with why so many new steam players are either turned off, disappointed or delete the download.
  9. I accept your sarcasm but you're missing the ordered subtlety of change - it doesn't have to be COD:WWII - but its clear there need to be evolutionary changes at the higher level of graphics, subscription model, tech bugs, modern in game voice + on screen comms and streamlined, cleaner & simpler intuitive UI in order to have a chance to get and retain bigger numbers of new players - before getting to where's my tiger, audit HE, kill TOEs and what's an FMS and why can't I get out of my truck (or car as the young steamers call it).
  10. agree. if one were to take a broader, non-game-related-specifics view of the steam launch - its a game in beta and 400k+ downloads and opinions/reactions - including the new bugs, the bad reviews, the range of complaints from tech issues, to no action, to walking simulator, to I don't like this game, to it costs too much, etc - are a better, broader more realistic, albeit negative source of new info than the same bunch of us old vets debating the same bunch of old issues we (only) perceive compared to new players - including the many thousands who loaded the game and bailed at the first view of the old graphics, the clunky tutorial or first 15 minutes of walking, standing, looking, or dying by campers, or 'why would I pay that much for this?'. perhaps now, broader, more realistic (or cynical) options open up: (rather than focusing on fms, toes, specific equipment) > kill the game, let it die, noble experiment > having been exposed to a broader gaming world via steam, attract investors/gamecos who might see the possibilities and drop the dough for 2.0 > rethink and adapt the game with the new info including changing or revising core game concepts - capture the flag/castle vs area cap, add instanced 'missions' or town/field battles the results of which flip the strat map, conceptually different spawn mechanics > go big for more $$$ on a 1.5 type kickstarter makeover (having introduced the game to a horde of new players, whether they love it or hate it) from the current game as beta along the lines of Shroud of the Avatar and let the players, old and new, share in, invest in and actually affect new game dev over a longer period of time (say 2-3 year makeover, the way SotA is currently in its 3rd year of beta) the one good thing I've taken from the steam launch is that a lot of players actually like the idea of a giant, big map, multi-side, strat-layered WWII sim. maybe this is just the start of our game growing into that game in a new age of gaming and gamers.
  11. so you mean we need Axis Dwarves in game?
  12. I was on a mission with 'angrybacon'
  13. create a mission: (the mission creation UI is unweildy and non remotely intuitive, but ) 1. open map / right click + hold on a town your side owns and has units in (flag above the town name and one or more dots (indicating brigades) left of the flag 1a. you will get a drop down/popup mini screen; mouse to 'join brigade' from the brigade list, left click on the brigade you wish to join (or just pick one if there is more than one) 2. you will then go to a mission list screen for that brigade in that town showing existing missions (or none, if there are none) ; this is where you would choose (or not) to join an existing mission; but to create your own : 2a. upper left tabs of mission list screen click THEATRE MAP TAB (no idea why this is so, makes no sense) which pops the map up bigger again (why?) 2b. left side screen is a sidebar of icons, the 6th of which is a target/reticule icon (mouse over says 'mission creation') - CLICK MISSION CREATION ICON 3. new left mini screen pops on with MISSION ORIGIN > so zoom map on right and pick a depot or AB or FB or AF for your mission origin (clicking on map will populate the line below MISSION ORIGIN 3a. MISSION TARGET > populate same way, scroll/zoom map to click on your target ( a depot, a town, a fb that you wish as your target 3b. MISSION TYPE > there are some selections there but ignore them for now or your head will explode and this post will be 2 pages long 3c. MISSION ORDERS > you could type in orders here (which players will see both when they check the mission before joining on the mission page, and/or at the top of their screen when they spawn on the mission) (like > recap XX Depot >> or > blow up fb >> or don't smoke the fms, noob) 3d. once you do the above (at least Target + Origin) the CREATE MISSION button at bottom of panel will go green > click it 4. congrats you've created a mission and the left panel on screen will pop to 'Available Forces' list of what units are available for the mission. pick one click and spawn in; you're a mission leader and will appear on the map in pink to other on your mission. you can then make waypoints, etc on the map man; just typing this out makes it clear it needs to be simpler. I probably forgot stuff and others may respond with more info/better knowledge/other tips. OR JUST LOOK AT OLD ZEKE's VIDEO ABOVE BECAUSE HE IS SMARTER AND QUICKER THAN ME.
  14. no big guild or online gaming PVP Game offers the paradoxical open flexibility (player created content / decisions on huge map, 3 wings, go where you want, strategic overlay) and system rigidity (cap the flag, AOs, etc) of wwiiol - that's the fundamental issue in the game - and thats why before HC and Aos the big squads of a certain character thrived somewhat. big guilds are also pawns in other games - preset maps, preset missions, preset dungeons, linear progression, get the gear, level up, kill the boss. the challenge here was and is to find the most playable satisfying balance for the biggest number of players as John Stuart Mills might have put it.