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  1. you mean the way some squad leaders have control over their squad? until the squad members who don't like it leave? or how a good squad can control the momentum of how an attack goes? the way one player can totally control other players by blowing their fb? the same way mission leaders control where their fms is and thus where other players spawn? the way 4 players flying together take control of the air away from enemy pilots? the way some players, however grouped, take control over a city and kick other players out? yes initiative and leadership is definitely a failed concept. not only in this game, but in the world. because as we know, in the modern world we should all be able to do what we want, when we want, and get want we want, all the time, all by ourselves and win. for free too.
  2. best point. it actually is more of a ww2 hobby than a game by today's standards (both players and games), and trying to market it or even compare it or judge it as the Steam Community does, as a game - it will lose it as per Knuck's points above. but hobbyists do spend money and don't expect stuff for free. not sure how you can expand the market - but there would probably be more interest in the broader WW2 hobbyist collector model memorabilia wargame groups than online gaming communities. its how a lot of napoleonic niche war games survive actually (ie. histwar, etc).
  3. +10/ maybe it will happen one day. for the nonce, squads, big or small can help fill the role of teaching awareness skills. even mission leaders if they yell enough.
  4. No. We're just working on some OT Policy Updates and needed to 'research' what the shunts in other forums are doing. Other than the 'Harbour' that is - awaiting the spelling fix for that in 1.36. For more you can get all the details by visiting OT here:
  5. I think the issue has more to do with shunts than coffee, colonels or generals. There can be major issues if you are too much of a shunt. The 'no privates' comment seems to apply here.
  6. Yes. And actual private label beer.
  7. Interesting ideas. Complexity of layers here though for gameplay. 1. Capturable FBs is cool idea - but would need to sort out walls/buildings/tents or as is that would be captured - hexagon wall? a depot and cp in the middle of nowhere? 2. AOs/DOs & EWS on FBs: like bridges - also cool (though bridge AO/DOs not viz to other side at this time). EWS would relieve the current boredom of FB % watchers on each side (which % watching along with the upped satchel charge #s to blow, has made actually standing and guarding a FB almost not necessary. (unless 9 engineers show up at once with a truck). 3. PPO FBS: probably best for game play but would need some consideration of #1 or #2 along with this, unless they were blowable just like now - only you'd have to find them - basically a bigger/better FMS - with similar range from/to origin & target parameters - to build a FB could take X number of engineers/engineer tools - not dissimilar to blowing/fixing bridges or even, currently, to blow a FB (minimum 26 charges). 4. Semiotics of FB Grammar: is it 'a' FB or 'an FB'? - Brought to you by the Society of FB Engineers, The Koran FB Facts Bureau and the BlowUP Film Festival
  8. A lawyer's letter and a threat of a defamation suit would make them STFU. You should either contact Lob12 (about to become a lawyer) or even better -offer the case on a commission basis to Stormy Daniel's lawyer. He'll get you money and PR. For more information on how to contact Stormy, just check out her visit to Off-Topic and the NDA Silky signed with her - only cost OT $136K.
  9. He may prefer cricket but he's only made the amateur leagues so far.
  10. Darth is busy during the playoffs.
  11. There is even more than ever in OT worth subscribing for now including: Stickies! Multiple Zealot Threads Trump, Drumpf & Ivan Threads The 42 Reasons Hillary Lost Controversy The Famous Stormy Daniels Visits OT Adventure & NDA Thread Mike Goes On A Break Thread Lower Off-Topic Murder Mysteries Chinese Train Threads Eva Green vs Charlize Theron Duel No Spawn Delay, No Patch Notes, No Invisible Posters AutoDespawn Applied to Padding Threads Only Subscribe to the game that comes with OT! Leave your regrets behind, or just bring them with you to Off-Topic.
  12. excellent recommendation, my friend. than you so much. 'I' have resubscribed just because of this helpful post!!! you can see the 'Tiger VIE' custom speakers attached here in this photo, disguised as flowers and shrubbery. the extra 12 batteries are covered in the back from snow and rain.
  13. lot of 'I's around here . I hope you get want you want mate, in game and in life. I personally am waiting for a full audio mix suite attached to the game so I can play different music on both accounts, lower it as needed to hear ingame sfx plus have different music on both channels to suit my different character's mood or role (say hendrix for a sapper, but some miles davis jazz for a sniper) and be able to fold phone calls and app audio into the suite on either channel. for that matter, it could also be a multi-channel audio setup with custom mute buttons for each channel. 'I' also would like the ability to cross-over to 3rd party game audio output so my opel can play tiger engine sounds to scare away annoying truck-killers. would be really cool. and so until 'I" get my own personal audio helpful in game changes I too would be tempted to unsubscribe and then, well, just listen to music I guess. or just use the available workarounds. meanwhile I've hired a personal sound engineer hacker/coder working on my setup. here's the tiger audio output speakers he's attaching to my ingame opel.
  14. +10
  15. thank you. its seems to happen somewhat less often. however, in general, as much as the original issue (invis ei etc) was caused by and the autodespawns triggered by isp/speed/ping issues it also seemed like auto-despawns were most prevalent with: > areas of high player count > big cities > most notably when riding on/in a truck or tank when player speeds seemed to go out of sync not a tech guy so no idea if these are all the same and/or it all has just to do with what people would call 'lag'. all I know is that autodespawns no matter ping or settings or isp or computer rig happen way less if, ever, when you're walking alone in the countryside or there are only two players in view - you and the ei defending the FB for example.