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  1. these are cool ideas and pix. thank you. reminds one of the old Great Wall of Ciney which was built of the old gun emplacement ppos by Sgt Henning and friends which completely walled off the outskirts of Ciney from enemy (and friendly) vehicles. QUESTION: speaking of the old gun emplacement ppo > it seems neither engineer unit can build these standalone anymore - so they are no longer in game, other than as the truck created FMS?
  2. same
  3. it is already possible, given game mechanics now, if a/the Mission Leader chooses to write Orders describing (say) not only the mission orders, but FMS location. For example for the ? in your image above: > fms for west cp cap / 50m north of west road 750m out / cap in teams / mark everything you see or kill < These mission orders are visible BEFORE YOU SPAWN IN: (i) when you select a mission, in your chat bar in green on the weapons selection screen (Ready Room) (ii) when you select a mission on the right side of the screen, bottom, on the BRIEFING TAB screen And ONCE you spawn in: (iii) top of your hud in yellow assuming default hud and you play with hud on In the visual example above (Ready Room/ Weapon Selection) any orders would be visible in your chat bar. A further enhancement that could help would be for those/any orders to appear on the screen itself in a noticeable colour, say above or below the: Mobile Spawn // available toggle box line - say under CURRENT WEAPON - as MISSION ORDERS: <text>. Or something. Its a workaround. But it does work, if MLs want it to.
  4. +10/ nutshell.
  5. 3:1 plus yes - SD is there and boring but Gore is right - even at 2:1 lowpop if one side does not show up (morale, boredom, disgust) for alamo/slow down defense (as per parasit and pott for example) its a roll for as long as it, the underpop, lasts usually. on the crs side; until/unless some of the suggestions here are tried or tested and/or until/unless an underpop algorithm simply limits the number of towns cappable in a row during underpop or a specific tz or there is some sort of town cap SD (like 1 town an hour during 3-1+ overpop) instead of player/side SD - what is a single player or small squad to do? to wit: not log in during tz3 or a presumed 'regular' overpop time? adjust one's playing time to consider the other side and for the good of the game? switch sides mid campaign when rolls become obvious? not log in (either side) as campaigns grind usually obviously to an end? only, scout's honour, log in if the log in screen says 'balanced'? log in whenever you log in and play to do the best you can for the side you're on for the campaign and make stuff up to have fun dunno. last option is simplest, most natural and seems to make sense until the higher-ups see fit to figure out or test workarounds. once every 3-4 map wins in a row rolls some players and squads, including mine, switch sides for 1 or more maps - not sure if this is better or worse than all the crs mechanics and player attempts to micro-balance tzs. I do like the massive artillery availability to the underpop side as suggested by Jwilly.
  6. thx to Propa for all the great posters - not only for axis but the game as well. beautiful medal and ribbon too. Maximum Shag.
  7. many allied doors kicked down. well-done & well-deserved.
  8. welcome back. try the keymapper (hotkey p when spawned in) and rebind however you want including (I think) mouse clicks and joysticks.
  9. I must eat at different restaurants than you - and don't mind doing dishes. At all. Never thought of myself or other players as masochistic sychophants - or did you mean masquerading psycho-pants?
  10. +10 this. this thread is getting 'air arcane' like the 'barracks arcane sado-masochists' decried above who debate how many misfires in bullets there should be in smgs designed but not produced yet between August 12th 1940 and September 19th 1941 at a specific factory before it was partially bombed and the trains couldn't deliver the wooden stocks anyways cuz a forest was burnt down somewhere by partizans. having played as a useless, non-effective and no opinion ground guy for 20 years I can't even remember the 'old game' but as recently as last campaign - 172 - RDP bombing was massively and easily winning the campaign (ie. moving the map east) for allies for the first two-three weeks to the point that axis ground logging in had basically given up defending or attacking towns because there was no supply or resupply. none. then out of nowhere (I'd like to understand how that happened) tons of axis pilots showed up to counter Allied RDP. Slowly, defenses held, even more slowly, attack supply was there and even more slowly the map moved back west and even eventually, as airfields were flipped, Axis RDP became very effective to help end the map. some earlier campaign within the last 10 - maybe it was during a WBS time - an allied RDP squad lead the way in winning a campaign very very quickly. dkrmouse is right in that still, now, whatever and whyever stuff has changed - RDP can and does make a difference and CAS matters to ground guys particularly as to tanks/panzers - and defensive CAS can stop almost any attack at fbs by killing ets and etrucks and bombing down fbs in combined arms works with e-engineers. so yeah, ground guys love air guys. its makes you win or it makes it hell - but either way its a simulation like no other.
  11. I would also ask Kilswitch and new players: 6. Help Channel ingame Chat: is this used or useful anymore? squad used to monitor if from before Steam Launch till few months ago, but within a few months after Steam it was dead. Anyone, noob or vet still use it or know of activity? Is is a still a Chat Channel default? 7. Help (or Help, Tips & Tricks or New Player Help or There Are No Dumb Questions) Forum: a separate Help Forum for any/all new player questions - useful, useless or in-between? Speaking of which, good comments like Kilswitch's post and the answers thereto get buried in threads like this, sort of like in Off-Topic - which is a disservice to both the OP and Kil.
  12. thx for your post Kilswitch. always eye-opening to hear from new players on either side. hope your experience improves. maybe 'switching' tzs a bit might help in the next while.
  13. thank you for this.
  14. yeah. unfair this thread got so off-topic to side/comms stuff etc when what's required is a mechanic to better balance tz3 pop/rolls.
  15. to all these pilots - well done and well-deserved. Maximum Shag all the time.