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  1. +10/ this topic does not deserve the rage. it should be in OT. We have 8 or 9 different Side Channels there, depending on your side.
  2. taberwit d'hostie! Check-toi donc les agasses pissettes a' Vaudreuil. allez les glorieux.
  3. I don't mean to be indelicate - but you guyz in this thread (and many others) are bunch of whining, no-memory, no-perspective, self-absorbed, my-one-experience-today-is-the-whole-experience nattering nabobs of negativity. The map is static for 3/4 days whaaah. It was static for 3 weeks solid during the massively overpop steam launch time (and it was fun - remember Henning's Great Wall of Ciney - remember Pville changing hands 3 times in the same day? ) And it was totally static when I first logged in in 2002 for a month except someone capped Hellevoetius. Allies win in 7 days. Whaaa. Fenir's 4 Day War. Whaaa. Axis roll 3 towns in TZ2 whaaa. There's Tootsie Rolls and there's Turtles back & forth all the time. Always were. We all know the game has some issues - who doesn't? We all know the game needs to change and evolve, backwards and forwards. But mostly everyone already knows the game simply needs more players. Get online, and make something happen or at least spawn at one those under-utilized spawnables referenced above. Drop the gloves and fight.
  4. Time to drop the gloves?
  5. good event. the most enjoyable, by far, was seeing so many players on each side. 3 AOs. High pop is when the game truly shines and a lot of regular whines just disappear or seem trivial compared to the overall action. cant help but think that any new/ftp players might have seen the game at its best and might think about subbing. so perhaps longer events and/or events more often to get a pop spike is actually the best way to market the game, show-off the game and get a few more subs at whatever level.
  6. Since the breakup of Antwerp and Brussels into sectors there have been multi-day ongoing battles back and forth, this recent campaign. All that was really required was for either - or in a few cases BOTH - HCs to drop the AOs. At one point there were 2 Axis and 1 Allied AOs up on 3 of the 4 sectors in Brux at the same time. No set up, no fbs required, no fms really needed (though helpful). Just a simple big city mostly inf and light tank battle lasting for hours and eventually 2-3 days overall in Brux. Understand that some people dislike the sectors, other people dislike fighting in big cities - but for some of the newer players I spoke with, they liked it. Just pick a cp/mission, spawn in and there was the fight. Some of them just liked wandering around the city and finding weird places to hide/snipe from. Whatever, there was continuous action. I'm not sure if its good or bad or if anything can be learned from this quite different 'spawn in and fight' example of these two cities, compared with the somewhat more lugubrious current requirements for a 'normal' AO: discussion of AO, driving of trucks, setting of FMS, staking out a ZOC, grouping up to cap, calling for armour, etc. (or in lowpop, driving a truck and dying before setting fms, or setting fms and its camped in 30secs). But these recent big city sector fights felt different to me than the last 15 years and were somewhat reminiscent of the old highpop squad-controlled map sector days, even without big numbers.
  7. Those aren't F2P players mate, those are NOOBs. New players, paying or not, did every single thing you mention since Day1. Take a moment out of your self-absorbed angst and message a noob to teach him/her something or get them in your squad for a session and teach them a lot.
  8. +10 / PPO FBs would be a wonderful thing. check out piska250's thread (here in this forum) for a thought-starter on that, what it and other larger ppos could look like and how it could be built.
  9. this game was designed and created before there were any laws, golden or otherwise, in game design. take a look at any, as you call them, FPS/Combat Sims designed and launched 1999/2001. Oh right, sorry, you can't, they didn't survive.
  10. the best from Propa, as always
  11. +10 / an evolving game should always allow for different changes from the designers/owners and for those changes to be tested live by real players who then feedback to the designers who then drop, adapt or tweak the changes. just stick a big LIVE BETA banner on the website and leave it up for the next few years. young people might think its cool.
  12. yeah, especially woodsnz. good players all.
  13. great design and thinking. as long as CRS is able to add PPOs to game as it has - your idea or variants of the idea of a PPO Bunker + FMS would be great. Players in game now build giant/complex 'forts' and even full 'walls' around towns out of the available PPOs - especially the small atg/bunker entrenchment that is exactly like the FMS without the flag or firing slits. Some spend hours doing this and enjoy it, especially fortifying/blockading around an already placed FMS. Your design of bunker with fms would simply be an extension of what happens, be more realistic or 'immersive' in terms of WW2 and even if it took 10/15/20 minutes to 'build' with a truck and x engineers - why not? Players try to accomplish this already with what is available in game now. Your design or idea could also lead to player built FBs. Cheers. Great work. And as someone pointed out in some thread somewhere - there are (and were) players in the game who are as much 'builders' (or truckers/fms ppl) as 'soldiers'. Lets have more cool stuff to build!
  14. Yes. And/but combined arms is genericallly and inherently baked in now, was then and will be in whatever new spawnlists come next (except tactically no armour from frus/fms) and it was and will be still up to the players/squads to actually combine the arms in proper proportion to get the job at hand (attack, defend, suppress, counter) done. Players and gamers do this combined armed thing in a weird combination of common sense (atgs vs tanks, smoke to cover), game learning and practicality (smgs/lmgs to cap/clear cps+bunkers, armour to suppress depots, light tanks to search fms) and min/maxing ('they only have 4 shermans left, we've killed 51' or 'use the rifle to kill the 232'). Our squad has played both sides for years at a time and is inured to the 'allied shermageddon' or 'axis lmg rambo' side-culture myths. Neither has much to do with WW2 and more to do with gamers of all types. Players use what is at hand to do what they feel either should be done or what the hell they feel like doing anyway. It's part of the fun. TLDR: spawnlist fixation is an endless rabbithole and God bless CRS for constantly trying to listen to everyone and sort it out. Over and over again. Thank you.
  15. It varied by year but roughly 53 shermans and 17 stuarts in each tank battalion. 6/8 assault guns were added to a battalion in '44. A US Armored Division would normally have had 2 Armored Regiments of 2 Armored Battalions each but again, composition varied by exact division and year. But that would be, at full paper TOE strength, roughly 212 Shermans per division. However many tank battalions operated as separate stand-alone units rather than in a regiment or division - attached to a certain task, as part of a combat team or to support Infantry Divisions. So one might see, say 50+ Shermans at least in a specific action, even if just one armored battalion was involved.