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  1. you guyz over here need to get out more. like in OT.
  2. I thought our job was to post WU so mods could then intervene and correct us. Or is that just in OT? If so, I adhere fully to the title of this thread.
  3. NetCode: its a deep mystery, but one of these is true.
  4. Tell us the story again about how the axis are aliens, please?
  5. congrats to axis. we just had one of the best and longest back and forth campaigns ever in 141. 142/43 not so much. but to keep blaming everything on the same old stuff is a bit simplistic. good campaigns followed by rolls, or vice versa? it's been pretty much ever thus from the beginning.
  6. welcome ryman your videos are great. your ingame name or squad name should be JoJo.
  7. welcome back, mate and nice sigs.
  8. we lost our integrity when snipers got pistols.
  9. game wiki and numerous guides are linked to this game site and also on the WWII Online pages at Steam. or google.
  10. yes, easily towed on both sides by trucks and halftracks. there is even a subscription with which you get a free 'towing' 2nd account - so you can tow your own atg to good spots. the trucks/htracks also can resupply the atg. so some vet atg specialists make an atg mission, tow their gun to a spot, and either leave the truck to resupply, or set an ammo cache and fms from the truck and then spawn a 2nd acct engineer to build gun emplacements for the atg, or a rifle/smg/sniper/lmg to guard the atg. or all of the above in order. a good squad with enough players on can also set an atg gun line with emplacements, infantry cover and resupply in an offensive or defensive zone of control. don't see it too much recently, but perhaps will make a comeback with so many new players. there is also a (somewhat out of date) ATG Training Guide on the game wiki, which Wiki is linked both to these forums and the steam forums (under guides). some sapper/atr guides are also good for determining armour vulnerable spots for atgs as well. (see bazo's guides stickied above or look for parasit's guides to start)
  11. welcome gamevoin. your question is one that is oft-debated by the 'cool yet old' vets and owners/developers of the game. the game has survived and had current new dev, upgrades and updates due to the old subscription model rather than the newer microstransaction or dlc model. not sure what the right answer is, or if there is some middle ground, but CRS has elected to keep the sub model for now to keep the game evolving. hope you enjoy playing it and will stick around with us.
  12. .dot orders. they show up top of people's screens and also can be read on the mission briefing before anyone spawns in. not that anyone, vet or new, reads either. might be good when UI gets a look at to put orders in a more prominent obvious place on the pre-spawn mission selection screen. and in lieu of the ML/FMS setter taking the time to type orders, maybe also auto-orders text that could simply repeat > origin: <txt) target: <txt> loc: x metres to target. and eventually maybe a makeover of the types of mission (selectable when missions are made on left side menu) from the current rather lame/meaningless types to more tactical obvious types, like: defensive fms / fb bust / attack cp <select cp> etc etc.
  13. awesome para jump commentary.
  14. not familiar enough with Winnipeg but could maybe get some people from Toronto / Quebec (?) to show up.