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  1. I respawn everytime I wake up. Especially after vivid dreams.
  2. +10 / We need a gallery and archive to preserve Propa's brilliant work. And maybe sell posters or collections of his work.
  3. Thx for the hard work. Here's the pizza to go with the Red Bull.
  4. yeah we know. it has 3 million more posts than any other forum but its all padding.
  5. I thank my honourable Kansan colleague from across the aisle for his comments and insights as always, but in representing my people from the esteemed state of Canada, might I, without being indelicate, put forward an amendment to the proposition, to wit: that non-subscribing, non-members be able to read the first post of every thread, or indeed, why not every post, but without the privilege and solemn responsibility of being able to comment or post themselves until and unless they become fully paid subscribers?
  6. +10/ this is a good idea. also fully supported by Off-Topic Senate.
  7. go DOC. bless you and all who channeled in your universe.
  8. Some of us still believe.
  9. услуга за услугу, Thanks to Russian collusion, Axis can now bomb FBs to 100% but only with Ukrainian javelin missiles fired from ME-109bs purchased at the Vulcan Online Casino.
  10. Use everything you've got Doc - you gotta lot of wingmen pulling for you
  11. map says 'allied victory imminent' for about 59 days now. maybe not enough loot boxes.
  12. Приветствую, мой друг - this seems like spam for the Vulcan online casino; unless you are pitching the idea of some kind of in-game casino or card-game where real money could change hands which idea has been pitched before - I think even a while ago CRS 1.0 had a link (from website, not game) to some kind of online poker site or ww2 card game thing. an ingame online casino building (or multiples in large cities) could be cool - where players could gamble during Spawn Delay with CRS taking a cut.
  13. lovely video, much needed. ty.
  14. What will the 42 axis players be chatting about? How will they 'vie'? And what if there aren't enough smgs or chardonnay for them?
  15. I play on a modified iPhone from Italy. But I'm useless compared to the great laggers of history like Bar, Mobius57, Pottheads, Bongoheads and all 250H and others who over the last 15+ years are always accused of hacking, lag-cheating, exploiting, blah. It's lag. Sometimes it happens, often not. And every poster in this thread, especially the OP, whether 1 account or 2, has been accused by some player on some side at some time of being 'that lazy lag-hacker unkillable ei bastage'. We should all move to Portland. But while we're waiting for that, I think we should follow-up on Tater's most excellent suggestion.