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  1. I have total respect for OJ as a player and a leader. I don't respect the condescension and nattering negativity of his finger-pointing 'i told y'all' attitude. There's lots of people and ideas in this thread putting forward and debating solutions to the problem which everyone recognizes. He's still talking about 2004. Time to move on.
  2. well deserved
  3. my my. the game's still around and so are you? fixate much Mr OJ? you time travel to 2017 to whine about something you said in 2004? guess you predicted the Flames would win the Stanley Cup then too. laughable. here's your Squad Leader uniform back in case you need it for whatever 'dream mechanics' game you play.
  4. It is very well written and observant post. But at the risk of being indelicate mate, the post was a comparison of AOs, brigade based supply and town based supply and the perils of the game as it is now - with too much supply and not enough players. Nothing to do with HC and nothing to do with players in charge of their own fate. Which of course, we all are anyway. You can listen to your squad leader, listen to the MOIC or listen to HC. Or not. Conflating over supply and under population for the whole game with player fate is something younger, newer players (especially those from steam) will laugh at. They'll try the game and like it or not like it - and it won't be about HC, tweaks in RDP timers, mega squads or player fate. It will be about good or bad graphics, cool or not cool equipment and the joint everlasting difficulties of: seeing something to shoot at not seeing what just killed you getting pissed off when one's favourite thing is out of supply (no matter where the supply is, or where it came from and no matter who moves it where or not - they'll be angry with the game, or CRS, or HC, or their squad leader, or the player who took the last smg/lmg/spit/109/tiger/sherman or anyone who seems to be in charge of anything. )
  5. armed robbery with a squad or solo? come back soon Moz.
  6. We like Big Macs. And we like CRS, Axis, Allies, Mega-Squads, HC, TOEs, Town Supply, Tiers 0,1,2,& 3 and RDP Timers. Its just that we like them at different times on different days. Depending on who's winning.
  7. 5 Paths to Glory is very good analysis and solution. And/but: "To really capture players, there's got to be more to the game than spawn in, run around a bit, then die to an enemy you don't see, didn't know was there, before you've even fired a shot" > the above is a new player's game experience for the first month at least. we could cut it down to a week if a player joins a squad that has time to teach and guide new players (but most hardcore pvp guilds/clans/squads don't accept raw, new players - they have to learn themselves or figure stuff out with a less structured squad or - as in many other pvp games - watch youtube or twitch or esport videos of how its done ) > so back to the broader point - this game is very very hard and difficult on the personal 'I want to win and kill stuff and not die all the time' pvp level - for a new player and even for a squad/clan experienced in other pvp games. this difficulty is both the attraction and the flaw. > beyond that, its capture the flag. and further down the dungeon, capture the bunker. and at the end of the dungeon, the big boss - capture the factories. > and everything else y'all are discussing is just chrome - brigades, hc, toes, town supply, rear area resupply, ao's, fbs, fms, blow a bridge, cut a road, whatever. and younger players don't care much about that chrome but they might care about the shinier chrome which we don't have much of - cool planes, tanks and guns, pop up screens on achievements, meaningless but cool auto in-game medals for achievements, stat leaderboards for players and squads, etc. etc. etc. > and guess what? it never gets easier because there's no way to buy stuff, steal stuff, get stuff or grind stuff like in every other game. the grind here is in just learning how to play well. alone and with others. > none of this means don't fix the mechanics and town supply etc. it just means we and CRS are in for a wild ride and harsh reality come Steam. and yeah, it might be wiser if Xoom and Co could figure out a way to slow-hand the release in phases to get 1.36 done sooner than later. because a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the game only comes over time playing and we may not get that time from the new players if we ain't really ready.
  8. If this were OT we'd be discussing climate change, abortion AND trains and girls all at the same time in the same thread. Agree on the passion here - but personal perspectives warp the discussion a bit. The rather egocentric claims about HC, Mega Squads, WHIPS, Potthead, OJ and Capco etc etc ignore the bulk of regular, subscribing players back when and now (however meaningless you think we may be to the game) and other big and small squads who have come and gone plus other leaders on both sides including those from Fenir to Karellean to Dfadd who have won their fair share of map-moving victories pre and post TOEs, and no matter who switched sides. Plus it doesn't bode well if Mosizlak is pissed off. Some new, young outside-the-game mega squads have already come here over the last five years to try the game (including two of mine, a Korean squad from ARMA and a Russian PVP game guild) mostly for a campaign or less - all have left - citing one of two reasons: 1. bad graphics 2. its too hard as a pvp game None of them cared about HC, TOEs, AOs, Mega Squads or any other squad. Lets see what happens with the young people and Steam. Whatever it is, it will be weird and they'll be a whole lot of new voices who either love or hate the game. Lets hope some of the passion for the game sticks with some of them. As you say, long live the game and long live the Queen.
  9. I think there should be a name purge so I can get a new account using 'imded' or 'b4dazz1990'. and maybe 'aitorbk'.
  10. Here is the new HC Uniform under discussion in Off-Topic.
  11. astute, clear and hard-headed observations about population, tiers and how newer younger players may react.
  12. look this is real simple. a game that paid players or rewarded players or allowed regular players to tip/pay for: > leaders who are good/smart > squads who accomplish stuff > good players who get stuff done > achievements by a player/squad/leader/side would: > become famous real fast > attract more players (more $$$) > break new ground > be an extension of what is happening in e-sports already plus you could (eventually) get a bank, games company, bitcoin and other corporations who want to talk to young (?) games people to sponsor and/or provide funding.
  13. Campaign 139 has been a roller-coaster from its start about 30 hours ago on Sunday. Fluid, exciting, weirdest opening to a campaign ever. Or at least since Badger, Fenir, Karellean and some of the old time map movers on both sides. Kudos to both HCs for trying something different and the playerbase's responses thereto, especially with the changes introduced this campaign. So far, looks like the Allies have countered well pocketing the Axis in the North and moving East. (server currently down for maintenance Monday 5 cst)
  14. 5:53 est / 19.06.17 > server is now available but in maintenance mode: