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  1. this is too complicated for me. but I thank all those who are working on this/thinking about this stuff. no matter what the decision on FBs (including remaining flexible and/or testing live in campaign different options) we will be sure to blow them up. (until at some other future point they become either fixed/permanent or, better, ppos).
  2. and civilians. we need civilians on trains. girls kissing soldiers good bye and all that.
  3. +10/ we need trains and RR supply ingame.
  4. 5000. still not as good as an OT Medal though.
  5. sorry to hear this; he was a fighter all the way. RIP
  6. +10 / its a good idea and worth the achievement and in game tag for some players. should try it out as a Steam option for players who so choose unless its a big coding problem.
  7. very funny. the OP's suggestion is also a very good idea. 10/12 hours no respawn might drive some players to try. whether it is locked from the persona overall, the unit type overall (tank/inf/plane) or specific unit (sherman/tiger/lmg). its not just the emotion, fear and adrenaline - its also the achievement or badge or ingame tag >>>> lemkeh.HM <<<<< new games/new players/young ppl are often driven by these type of micro-achievements (steam even makes up a separate set for many games ex of the game itself). its often this 'additional content' that ppl pay for. could even be DLC option. why not try it?
  8. thank you. now more people will want to find out how to get an OT Medal and join the Order of Mike.
  9. Y'alls missing out on the unique medals in OT.
  10. By the power invested in Off-Topic, by no one in particular, we have hereby nominated - for the advice & consent of the OT Senate - MikeAZ for the first-ever medal for Distinguished Conceptual Thread Bravery (DCTB) in the line of fire; to wit: The Supreme OT Order of Mike, 1st Class, with Flaming Hearts & Stars
  11. same. those were the instructions on the CD of the original boxed version.
  12. visit OT
  13. didn't delems just have a post here (that disappeared for some reason?) that measured that since campaign 100 till now the victories have been split evenly like 27-27-2 ties/truces/reboots? there are somewhere here other exhaustive threads on win data and theoretical reasons for most shifts to balance or unbalance - usually topical and/or time-localized - relating to MS intro, FB intro, AO intro, end of division between Brit/Fr town ownership, HC intro, Tiger maps, TOE intro, various patches, US intro, SD intro, switch to inf-placed UMS and back to truck FMS etc. ie. somewhat fundamental game or game mechanic changes. don't know how or if one strips those things out to re-assess balance over time - but shouldn't one use a longer time frame (ie. since Camp 100 or since intro of US troops, or whatever) - ie. years rather than months, to assess overall gameplay balance? and won't we be entering a new era and uncharted territory with the start of 1.36?
  14. good post. thank you. > agree on the stone age advantage and warning on UE4 > disagree somewhat on your campaign comment > giant map, endless towns, varied landscape, "*feel* of a real virtual world" as you put it, seeing the armour column and so on do make this game different - but all of those differences you mention also/only happen in the context of a player-driven, (and potentially endless) giant campaign that only ends when the players of one side end it - which make the game even more different. even if, for the average inf player, the campaign doesn't matter, the campaign does matter - because it usually determines where one is fighting and why one is fighting and in which sequence one is fighting in a certain one of the endless towns or varied landscapes, rivers, airfields, and so on. and each of these localized battles, won or lost, in turn influences the campaign.