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  1. wait. is this why there are so many FMS next to AB Barracks recently?
  2. thx for the comment and directness. don't let your heads explode at CRS. take the time and analysis required to gather more data and feedback.
  3. ty. squad played a bigger role than me > QOR.
  4. 1. this is a military simulation: soldiers gripe about everything - always have, always will. 2. this is a game: gamers complain about everything - always have, always will. 3. listen to reasonable suggestions to improve the game and respond when/if you have time 4. keep communicating with the PB (not necessarily or always on the forums) and continue to make roadmap, planning and timing as clear as possible 5. visit OT - its more fun than the forums
  5. thank you for finding and posting this. been looking for it for years!
  6. sort of. they'd be able to cap a cp or two before defenders show. not really moving the map - just moving cappers/defenders from one place to another. aren't you looking for a bigger effect?
  7. hey why not log into game right now (low pop tz3) and run a 1 man AO with an fms? the actual only difference is: 1. with AO enemy knows someone may attack - with surprise open-front AO they dont (unless... 1a. there would be EWS showing at a current style AO - would there be EWS on towns in your open front/suprise AO scenario? 2. either way, whether a defender might be in town under current AO (usually would be spawn guard) or no one under the open front surprise AO - as soon as something, anything is/was capped in a current AO or surprise AO - defenders will show up 3. so really the advantage of the surprise AO /open front AO tactic might be: a. a multi cap (assuming more than 1 surprise attacker) or b. a single cap (even a spawn) c. in either of which cases one or more defenders would immediately show up and we're back to roughly where we are now - unless the surprise AO was a cap in a non-garrisoned town. not much difference really. especially under 1.36 where there will garrison/organic units in each town, so even under a surprise/open front AO defenders would be able to spawn.
  8. yeah. game tradition. new unique marks as Kareca suggests would be good. the issue with Rally Point or Attack Point marks w/text is that only ppl on the mission see them.
  9. +10 also: OT DLC > one month access to the wit and wisdom of OT with unlimited posts: $5
  10. blame the allies for winning. they need to practice the military art of sandbagging.
  11. welcome back here's something whilst you're waiting for that panther.
  12. agree. great points. looks like CRS is looking at something like ews triggered AOs: I know one of the plans being talked about is for the system to look at the population near a town to set the AO. THus taking it out of HC hands and putting it into the player bases. Which will also help when an AO goes stale it will come down. These are things all being looked at for the 1.36 revolution -BLKHWK8 from this thread:
  13. thank you. recognizing why 'you cannot compare it with any other' game is good advice for not comparing it to other games.
  14. we're old. but we're still foxes as you say and should be able to remap our own stuff to put up with the young 'uns. just be thankful the game doesn't come with obligatory rap/trance/techno/drone music.
  15. had the same unresponsiveness/slow > don't use same key for primary/secondary maps, especially if non-default key > normal responsiveness in fact try to avoid all/any duplicates anywhere for all various inf unit functions