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  1. great videos. thank you.
  2. planetside doesn't have tanks or OT.
  3. yes, this is odd too, beyond the brigade supply issue being discussed. > do AHC/GHC still get to outline where they want brigades placed prior to a campaign start? how does this function work? and if it does still work this way (it used to in the old days) could not the same method be used to replace brit/fr bdes with americans - ie. let AHC tell CRS what goes where as replacement bdes? > wasn't there also way back in the old days an RDP quota system where the HCs on each side got to choose within parameters which specific units were to be researched and built and added in over time, like the tier system but allowing an over-weight of certain inf weapons, planes or tanks? where did this disappear to? could it help at all in the current situation?
  4. +10 maybe even once in two moons.
  5. yes, thanks to whole team and volunteers for great work, development and delivery.
  6. Newly introduced to OT and one more reason you should subscribe! Visit Off-Topic today for your F2P (free to post) Trial.
  7. We need more Doc insights.
  8. It was a great old game, one of the first to use hexagons for movement and was blue vs red (called Big Blue & Big Red in the game). Yes, out in '65 and pre-dated the other Avalon Hill classic, Kriegspiel by 4 or 5 years. Think both were out before Hasbro bought in.
  9. Mr. Old. Or is it Mr. Zeke? You have been nominated to have The Off-Topic Unintentional Peace Prize named after you. You might wish to take this down time to visit and have your say.
  10. thank you for info. look forward to seeing this and/or testing this.
  11. Preview of the new GHC Uniforms for Campaign 153.
  12. the steam release campaign last sept/october was 71 days long - think it was Campaign 140 - started July 19, 2017 and ended Sept 29th. steam launch came in middle of that campaign which had a lot of fluid to Amiens and back movement before the Allied win.
  13. +10/ I support this necromancy. all concerned should head to OT where there are no communists. that we know of. don't miss out on these and other total First Amendment off-topics.