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  1. congrats to Allies, good fight Axis.
  2. I respawn everytime I wake up. Especially after vivid dreams.
  3. +10 / We need a gallery and archive to preserve Propa's brilliant work. And maybe sell posters or collections of his work.
  4. Thx for the hard work. Here's the pizza to go with the Red Bull.
  5. yeah we know. it has 3 million more posts than any other forum but its all padding.
  6. I thank my honourable Kansan colleague from across the aisle for his comments and insights as always, but in representing my people from the esteemed state of Canada, might I, without being indelicate, put forward an amendment to the proposition, to wit: that non-subscribing, non-members be able to read the first post of every thread, or indeed, why not every post, but without the privilege and solemn responsibility of being able to comment or post themselves until and unless they become fully paid subscribers?
  7. +10/ this is a good idea. also fully supported by Off-Topic Senate.
  8. go DOC. bless you and all who channeled in your universe.
  9. Some of us still believe.
  10. услуга за услугу, Thanks to Russian collusion, Axis can now bomb FBs to 100% but only with Ukrainian javelin missiles fired from ME-109bs purchased at the Vulcan Online Casino.
  11. Use everything you've got Doc - you gotta lot of wingmen pulling for you
  12. map says 'allied victory imminent' for about 59 days now. maybe not enough loot boxes.
  13. Приветствую, мой друг - this seems like spam for the Vulcan online casino; unless you are pitching the idea of some kind of in-game casino or card-game where real money could change hands which idea has been pitched before - I think even a while ago CRS 1.0 had a link (from website, not game) to some kind of online poker site or ww2 card game thing. an ingame online casino building (or multiples in large cities) could be cool - where players could gamble during Spawn Delay with CRS taking a cut.
  14. lovely video, much needed. ty.
  15. What will the 42 axis players be chatting about? How will they 'vie'? And what if there aren't enough smgs or chardonnay for them?
  16. I play on a modified iPhone from Italy. But I'm useless compared to the great laggers of history like Bar, Mobius57, Pottheads, Bongoheads and all 250H and others who over the last 15+ years are always accused of hacking, lag-cheating, exploiting, blah. It's lag. Sometimes it happens, often not. And every poster in this thread, especially the OP, whether 1 account or 2, has been accused by some player on some side at some time of being 'that lazy lag-hacker unkillable ei bastage'. We should all move to Portland. But while we're waiting for that, I think we should follow-up on Tater's most excellent suggestion.
  17. +10 The cheating hysteria is laughable. Most of the laggiest players in the game just lag - unintentionally - whether with 1 account or 10, whether with 1 computer or 2 or whether in Dallas, Portland, Australia, Italy or Abu Dhabi. Follow Tater's idea to its conclusion. Think - every tanker on both sides could autospawn an AI Auto-follow smg to cover the armour from sappers, shreks and zooks. Snipers could have an AI Autofollow Spotter with long-range hi-powered binocs. RDP Bombers could have an AI AutoFollow Fighter Escort.
  18. This actually would make sense for a few campaigns if supported by a lower price ($5/mo?) sub campaign and some marketing: > all equipment all the time.
  19. two explanations: 1. hc fms was set when the ab was owned by enemy or 2. the actual ab icon on the map was 250m from the hc fms same way you can set fms/ lms /hcfms close/beside any fb or facility - its the map icon/fb flag that the distance is measured from, not the facility building or fb tents themselves
  20. Players trashing other players in game is bad form. Many players (including me sometimes) think they know best how to 'play' the game and tell others how to play or what to do. Every one who pays, should play how they want. Don't let a bad apple (maybe a temporary bad-mood apple) push you away from WWII OL.
  21. +100/ great post and stream. thx.
  22. You are right of course. The only point being that with more players, there might be a fuller tz3 and less chance of rolls. Not sure this would always be true as 'breakfast club' issue has been around a long time. But remember that during the Steam Launch campaign, with tons of new players trying the game, there were no tz3 rolls - in fact there were no rolls in any tz - there was about 6 weeks of stasis with large long battles and few town caps at all - players even had time to build huge walls around Ciney and Dinant.
  23. Hey JW, by the way thanks for your post and comments here. Very insightful. My point would be only that getting some free subs (or ftp) in game somehow could make it much more than 3 v 6 hence more chance to cross the road and kill the cutter especially if a vet or two showed the newbs how to smoke the road. But if it sucks as an idea, then how about just giving away actual free sub sandwich coupons with each new $5 subscription? Bet Subway would be up for a cross-promotion with CRS involving hungry latenight gamers.
  24. Its seems, collectively, we are giving ourselves and CRS confusing, or at least circular opinions. 1. We all agree the game needs more/new players yes? BUT are the new players in the last 18 months, say from Steam on, not sticking to the game because of: 2. subscription / costs too much / seems pay to win OR 3. lack of action (and all the tactical permutations thereof : FMS, SD, TZ3, ZOCs etc etc) OR 4. no access to all the toys unless a new player subs From the posts here, from reading/scanning all the old steam posts, from chatting to new players in game and from Jwrona's post above it would seem that its in the first instance mostly a combination of #2 and #4 plus maybe the magic of hooking up in game via voice or the right vet mentor or the right squad to teach ie. get more players via some combination of ftp/lower price/all unit access, then get more action, then solve all the small stuff once we see what that small stuff actually does/is when there are, well, more players. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ or how about instead of more FMS/ZOC/TZ3/SD aggravating threads or another fundraiser we all just STFU and pony up $50 bucks each right now - thats 10x one month subs at $5 - and tell CRS to give-away, or reward, or establish a $5 sub lottery or give-away game codes for legitimate brand new players via marketing/steam/etc to WIN a FREE one month all-unit access sub, like right now, like tomorrow or next campaign start. if 100 of us did that would be like 1000 FREE ONE MONTH SUBS handed out - or giveaway 333 3-month free subs if we believe it might take longer to 'hook' a new continuing player. I'm in. Who else will send CRS 50 bucks to give away $5 subs to new players? Let's try it and then talk to those new FREE subs and listen to what they actually think of the game when its reasonably populated.
  25. +10/ Mates. This is going off-topic. Go to OT for that. Stop with the endless tactical problems/solutions - AOs, Sidelocks, Frus, bleh. Syd started with an insightful post on the game and its future. Xoom asked that we continue about bringing more/new players to the game. Jwrona (not a vet) wrote a great post above about 'getting hooked' on the game. Go back and read them - we must stop viewing the game, as much as we like it, through our own small, bitter lenses of small-minded issues - we know they exist, we've all discussed and debated them endlessly - its also pretty clear that number of AOs, SD, FMS style, no jumping, my favourite weapon isn't perfect stuff is NOT what keeps new players from staying and subscribing in the first instance. Nothing - nothing, will make this game better, greater, more fun, and more worth paying for than more new players. Time to think about how to get more of them, than always thinking about us. We've been around too long.